7 Reasons for Bloating, Especially on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)

7 Reasons for Bloating, Especially on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)

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so today we’re gonna talk about these seven reasons for bloating especially when you’re on a ketogenic plan okay now the first point I’m going to bring up is this hormone called insulin and of course when you’re starting keto usually you’re gonna have high insulin and it’s gonna go low but I just wanted to include this because as you do keto insulin should go down if you do it correctly and healthily and you’re gonna have less of a bloated stomach but when insulin spikes you start developing a visceral fat and the first thing that happens is your liver starts getting fatty and it spills over into spaces around the organs and even in other organs okay and mainly it’s gonna go right in the midsection right here so if your belly is distended chances are you have high insulin okay also you have the top role so you see people with this fat roll right at the top okay that’s a fatty liver but it’s coming from insulin then you have people that have a distended stomach just just coming out like this they could have a sagging belly that’s insulin because there’s so much visceral fat deep underneath the layers that is just sticking the stomach out your stomach is a really good indicator to know what’s happening with insulin if the stomach is flat you have low insulin if it’s distended you have higher levels of insulin and by the way they rarely ever check insulin they check blood glucose levels a good test if you wanted to test your insulin is called Homa – i are you can get that test down and find out if your insulin is high it measures insulin resistance okay if you have love handles okay so if you have fat on the outside or back fat that’s coming from insulin also realize if you’re consuming a lot of fruit that can raise your insulin the fiber and the fruit buffers it a little bit but still even for myself when I was consuming apples I my insulin level is pretty high and apples like like 22 grams of sugar even for a medium Apple alright number two cortisol cortisol is a stress hormone and it’s made by the adrenal glands and what happens is that cortisol raises insulin and then causes the visceral fat cortisol turns protein into glucose but cortisol will raise insulin that is why one of the side effects of cortisol is diabetes okay because it raises the blood sugar it keeps raising insulin you developments and resistance and then you become a diabetic because you can’t control your blood Sugar’s because no longer is the insulin suppressing the blood sugar so it’s weakened and then the blood sugars go up despite your body producing a lot more insulin number three the liver if the liver is really damaged you can develop a condition called ascites and what that is is a situation where you have fluid that’s leaking from your liver into a sac around your midsection so you usually see this on men that are very thin but they had this potbelly it’s like a basketball in their stomach that’s a really bad liver and by the way as I go through these I’m gonna list down specific videos for each one if you want to get more information about it okay and before fiber now when you’re in keto there’s a lot of different fibers in keto of snacks and keto foods gar gum corn fiber chicory root inulin there’s a whole these different fibers and a lot of people get bloating from those fibers also if you’re consuming certain types of vegetables that you’re not used to that can also blow you out in which case you need to switch up your vegetables to some vegetables that you can digest then we have SIBO small intestinal bacterial overgrowth this is a situation where the bacteria that should be in the large intestine is in the small intestine so if you’re getting fermentation in the wrong place and so you’re gonna get a lot of gas you’re gonna go up you’re going to get a lot of bloating so what you don’t want to do is consume a probiotic why because you have too much bacteria in that area and or a prebiotic which is fiber I have an entire video on this specifically but this condition will probably blow you the most especially like after eating all right number six sugar alcohols okay you go on a keto plan you want to still consume sweet things and there’s all these sugar alcohols like a wreath wrote all salat all some people are really sensitive to them some people don’t realize when we recommend these sugar alcohols we always recommend a small amount not a lot and so you consume a lot of it and you start getting bloating because your digestive system handle these differently and it can really create gas diarrhea constipation so just realize that your bloating may be coming from these right here that’s why I always recommend read the ingredients and really in the beginning when you’re doing a keto plan track what you’re eating so you can go back and find out what caused the bloating and lastly frequent eating will cause bloating now normally the food that goes through your stomach takes between four to five hours to get through okay that’s a long time how often do people normally eat every three hours this is what we recommend when you dookied oh you also do intermittent fasting with it because of this right here it takes a long time for your your food to actually go through the system if you’re constantly cramming food when there’s incomplete digestion happening you’re gonna bloat and that’s basically just overwhelming your digestive system and then in the small intestine it could take between five and six hours to get through the large intestine could take between 10 and 40 hours depending on what you just ate so if you’re eating every three hours you’re gonna get bloated and this is why we recommend going to the two meals a day for most people and then some people one meal a day and that’s gonna really help your bloating because you will no longer be overwhelming your digestive tract with food you allow it to go through you’ll get more digestion you’ll take a huge stress off the digestive organs alright guys there you have it there’s seven reasons for bloating especially on a keto plan hey before you go would you mind putting a comment down below to tell me what you think about this video

This Post Was All About 7 Reasons for Bloating, Especially on Keto (Ketogenic Diet).
7 Reasons for Bloating, Especially on Keto (Ketogenic Diet)

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the 7 reasons for bloating while on ketogenic diet plan.
1. Insulin:
Doing the ketogenic diet correctly will lower insulin and you’ll have less bloated stomach. But when insulin spikes, it will start developing visceral fats – mainly in the midsection.

2. Cortisol:
It is a stress hormone made by the adrenal glands. It raises the insulin and causes the visceral fat.

3. Liver:
If the liver is damaged, it can develop into a condition called ascites.

4. Fiber:

5. SIBO – the bacteria that should be in the large intestine is in the small intestine.

6. Sugar Alcohol:

7. Frequent Eating

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