7 Cardinal Rules for Ordering Fast Food Healthy

7 Cardinal Rules for Ordering Fast Food Healthy

7 Cardinal Rules for Ordering Fast Food Healthy

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Barbies and jack-in-the-box those were my go twos all right all the way up to when I was weighing 285 pounds it’s just that was my go-to so a lot of the man that you see in front of you right now was built upon that now I’m not saying that it’s good I’m not saying that I’m proud of it but I am saying that I did learn the hard way what fast food does to your body now that being said if I had known what I know today I honestly do think that I would not have gained as much weight as I did my lifestyle wasn’t very good much like many of you are probably regularly hitting fast-food restaurants but I do feel confident that if you apply these seven cardinal rules you can get by with some fast food look at unhuman okay I go to fast food every now and then okay I try to avoid it like the plague and I try to make sure that I never ever ever even get remotely close to what I used to be in the past but we all run into these circumstances where we run into habit burger and we grab a burger or we run in somewhere just to grab something cuz we’re in a pinch so let’s go ahead and break down the seven cardinal rules of fast food all right first off please make sure you go ahead and hit that red subscribe button and hit that little Bell icon to turn on notifications that way you never ever miss a beat and after you watch this video go ahead and check out fast snacks I put a link down there in the description the reason that I put them there is every time you feel like you want to go through the drive-thru and get something sweet opt for something like a keto cookie from fat snacks okay they’ve done it right they’ve done keto cookies in a pretty clean way to make it so that you can still stay in ketosis and still get good clean ingredients in your body not stuff that you don’t know where it came from so check them out after you watch this video all right cardinal rule number one and these are no particular order opt for the beef instead of chicken at any fast food restaurant here’s the thing most people think that red meat is not going to be as good as white meat now there’s all kinds of different arguments that you could have there but when it comes down to fast food it’s a pretty clear winner when it comes to red meat why because most fast food chicken is not even really chicken okay it’s extruded chicken and what that means is they’ve taken chicken they have taken all parts of the chicken whether it’s going to be bones everything and they run it through this machine that grind it extrudes it and they have to soak it in ammonia and all kinds of other chemicals just to make it even palatable if you’ve ever looked at the white meat from a fast food place you see that it’s all nebulous and weird when you break it open it’s like cloudy and pocketed like there’s little pockets of air in it that’s because it’s literally just extruded now I’m not trying to gross you out I’m trying to say that you are much better off going for beef than you are going with chicken the same with fish it’s just so wild because we would normally think the opposite the beef is not going to be grass-fed it’s not going to be grass finished I know Carl’s jr. does have some options that are a little bit cleaner but you know at the end of the day at least you’re giving meat at least you’re getting beef you’re not getting some chicken by-product okay and the fish is a whole different story you’re looking at all kinds of farm raised fish that have so much in the way of antibiotics in them that you may as well just ask your doctor to put you on some penicillin because it’s that extreme all right so that’s the simple one eat the beef okay the second one is going to be one that’s really tricky okay that’s going to be you’re better off not having vegetables what what does that mean I don’t mean on your burger I mean with the salads okay how many times have you gone into a fast-food restaurant and you said well I’m getting this burger but I want to get a salad instead of the fries well here’s what it ends up happening that’s salad you’re not going to eat unless you have salad dressing because I can almost guarantee the salad that you’re getting from a fast-food restaurant is going to be really just plain iceberg lettuce that has practically no flavor some dry carrots and maybe a couple cherry tomatoes the only thing that’s even making that worth eating is some dressing well the bummer is the dressing usually has between two and four hundred calories in it and it’s made with these terrible terrible vegetable oils that are not expeller press first and read on all these soybeans they’re just really low quality high omega-6 oils that are going to load your body up with calories but also trigger an inflammatory response within the body okay now if you get anything that has any thicker consistency it’s going to be hydrogenated okay now hydrogenated is pure trans fat defeats the purpose of getting a salad right so you’re getting a pure trans fat salad dressing that is only going to take oh just a shy 51 day to breakdown in your body that’s how long it takes to break down the CIS bonds that are in hydrogenated fats not good stuff and I don’t need to go into a lot of detail what a hydrogenated fat is we just have to know they are not good now what’s funny is that people think they need to get their veggies in when they go to fast food well there’s an interesting study that was published with a Journal of Gastroenterology that found that fiber didn’t really play much of a role they took a group of different test subjects subjects that got rid of fiber out of their diet entirely subjects that limited their fiber and subjects that kept fiber in the diet these were all patients that had irritable bowel syndrome they had they had gastric issues right well guess what they found those that actually cut the fiber out of their diet entirely ended up having significant improvement and much more in the way of bowel movements now the group in the middle had a slightly better improvement and the group that kept the same amount of fiber in their diet well guess what they had no improvement this isn’t to say fiber is bad I’m not saying that what I’m saying is don’t concern yourself with trying to get fiber from the salad to counteract what you’re getting in the way of the burger okay it’s just it’s not gonna do you any good you’re not trying to get that little bit of fiber is not going to help you it’s a negligible amount and what you end up putting in your body in the way of those hydrogenated fats and non expeller pressed canola oil you’re gonna do way more damage okay so just skip the salad go for just the burger now it goes without saying as I’m talking about all this that you should be skipping the button almost every single fast-food restaurant Carl’s jr. when he’s in and out all of them will make it as a lettuce wrap now McDonald’s still has a little bit of trouble doing that but almost everything will make them with a lettuce wrap if you go to Taco Bell and you get a burrito get a burrito bowl and do it without the rice and beans point is is you can do this without the bun okay so that it is cardinal rule number three always skip the bun the gluten is what is going to cause an issue for you it’s not necessarily just the carbohydrates if your keto then absolutely the carbohydrates need to stay out of the equations that means no fries but in most cases it’s the gluten now I don’t want to just scare you from gluten because I want you to just make healthy decisions in general but gluten can definitely cause some issues with your thyroid through some basically it’s called molecular mimicry what ends up happening is your body takes the the food that you aid the glutton and you require a specific protein called Zhaan Yulin that gets released whenever you digest gluten so what ends up happening is as Zhaan Yulin triggers sort of a cross reaction where the body attacks its own thyroid because Zhaan Yulin looks so much like a particular antibody so long story short basically when you consume gluten your body triggers this cascade of wars on your thyroid this could or could not affect you depending on your genetic makeup it’s not really worth the risk because your thyroid is so critical to your metabolism so let’s just go ahead and just leave the bun out of the equation whether you are keto or not because they will all take care of you there Cardinal rule number four and this is a super cool one this is surrounding the world of cheese and mayo you’re gonna actually want to opt for the cheese instead of mayo in most cases only only if you know that the cheese is real cheese okay there are some fast food places that use real cheese okay you just have to look at the actual list of the ingredients you actually have to look at the menu a little bit chick-fil-a’s Colby cheese is real Wow I’m not gonna lie you’ll cheat real change Wendy’s has some real cheese options McDonald’s does not a lot of these if you just look around you’ll find them here’s a quick little tip if it says pasteurized cheese food it’s about 51% or slightly more real cheese and if it says pasteurized cheese product it’s less than 51% cheese okay so you just pay attention to that or its asked for a menu when you look at the ingredients okay because that’s the big thing a lot of times it’s tricky you don’t know whether it’s sneaky fake cheese or if it’s real cheese but if it’s a real cheese you’re better off to say hey hold the mayonnaise and get the real cheese because at least you’re getting a 100% real food product it may not be the best quality but at least it’s real okay if you go for the mayonnaise you’re looking at hydrogenated stuff but worst of all I have yet to find a fast food place that uses mayonnaise that is not made from soybean oil okay soybean oil or low-quality canola oil soybean oil is going to be the worst oil that you could probably put into your body I would much rather you see get the calories from the cheese then get the calories in the soybean oil in mayonnaise plus it’s just one of those just wasteful calories in terms of fast food don’t get me wrong I have done videos talking about the health benefits of mayonnaise I love mayonnaise okay but when you go to fast food you’re talking about an extra two to three hundred calories that’s coming in from mayonnaise that you barely even taste and then you’re going and you’re holding the cheese which is actually a decent fat so it’s wild but yes have them put the cheese on there as long as you can at least make sure it’s at least 51 percent real cheese if it’s less than 51 percent real cheese then either hold the cheese entirely and go for a little bit of mayo or hold the cheese and hold the Mayo because I really don’t want to see you goofing up and having that Mayo and having it just mess up your results long term because you’re feeling so inflamed and feeling so well estrogenic because the soy is such a powerful phytoestrogen now if you do have an option to get higher quality mayo or you do have an option to just go for a little mayo instead of cheese you at least do get some benefit because it is the eggs and the eggs are high in choline so I can give you a little bit of energy give you that neurotransmitter that you need for brain function okay I mean you get some good stuff there I mean for all intensive purposes Mayo is not a bad food it’s just all dependent on the oil that it’s made with all right cardinal rule number five especially if your keto double up on the mustard enjoy that mustard they’ll hold the ketchup mustard just because it’s a condiment isn’t bad okay in fact most mustard is just high in sodium and mustard seed and maybe they might put some processed preservatives in there but it’s really not all that bad when you look at ketchup and I mean any ketchup that’s gonna be at a fast-food restaurant is going to be with high fructose corn syrup and fYI fructose pretty much goes straight to storage okay glucose absorbs and it gets into the cells that’s bad enough fructose has to get metabolized by the liver and at the liver for any reason at all cannot process that fructose it’s going to do what it does next which is divert it over to body fat storage it’s also extremely high glycemic so if you are doing keto that’s gonna kick you at Aikido if you have a lot of it so just double up on the mustard and if you don’t like mustard I don’t know use hot sauce okay just the sauces are not great but the sauces are where the extra calories and extra impact in your body just comes into play then we tend to under think we don’t really think about it a lot right okay so when we look at ketchup it’s harmless it’s gonna meet 30 calories forty calories but then you load it up and you have a bunch of high fructose corn syrup you’ve got 10 12 grams of carbs most of which coming from sugar so it’s not good stuff okay so when you have mustard at least you’re not adding carbs they’re adding some sodium it’s not the end of the world okay and always try to go for a DeJohn mustard the number you can it’s just a little bit less processed a little bit more in the way of I guess you could call it aged and has more about vinegar taste at least then you get the vinegar we’re just going to give you an acetic acid effect which actually helps lower blood sugar so I’d take DeJohn mustard over regular mustard alright cardinal rule number six when it comes to the drinks this is a really interesting one I understand that you want to go for a diet coke because it’s lesser calories and I understand the reasoning behind all of it and I also understand the diet coke now and then isn’t going to kill you however I have a better solution that still can taste halfway decent remember I’m not here to tell you to just abstain from everything I’m trying to give you a practical solution and a substitution you were better off to have iced tea and go for one Splenda in your iced tea then you are to go for a diet coke why is that well sums down to picking your poison right aspartame and acesulfame potassium that are in diet coke are really bad Splenda is pretty darn bad but Splenda would be the lesser of the two evils in this case especially when it comes down to keto why is that because at least Splenda only has one or two bodies of evidence saying that it’s bad and mainly surrounding the world of gut bacteria Splenda has been shown to eliminate about 50% of our gut bacteria especially if we’re doing it regularly so definitely not good stuff but if you require that sweet fix and you can’t get around it for your fast-food trip there you go iced tea with a Splenda whereas diet coke first of all there are quite a few bodies of evidence showing that aspartame is not good for us and can cause some pretty serious serious issues within the body when it comes down to just our general just fitness and fat loss and low carb goals acesulfame potassium which is another sweetener acesulfame k on a label you’ll see it like that okay that has been shown to cause what is called a cephalic phase insulin response or CPI our meaning just the sweet taste of that of that acesulfame potassium triggers an insulin response whereas Splenda doesn’t seem to trigger an insulin response what that means is our body tastes that our tongue tastes it and it triggers the body to produce insulin just as if we were having carbohydrates so that means you spike your insulin along with consuming fats from your your burger without a bun so it’s still going to make it so that fat can store as storage right if that’s gonna come in the body and store we just have to be really careful with that again I’m not here to say that it’s gonna kill you but one or two times is one thing but if you’re gonna go frequently and you’re using this guide to help you get through you know just your work week I understand there’s people that need that you’re better off to go with tea and Splenda alright now let’s talk breakfast and let’s go on to cardinal rule number seven and this isn’t always going to be the case so some places have cleaner ones than others but opt for the eggs instead of the sausage if you’re going to get an Egg McMuffin just get the egg without the McMuffin don’t do the sausage McMuffin why is that eggs from fast-food are not good they’re nothing to write home about but sausage from fast-food is even worse when it comes down to what you could write home about alright so sausage the pork has so much in the way of antibiotics to come into it when it’s mass-produced pork is one of those heavily modified antibiotic ridden foods that you can consume when it comes to fast food here’s the interesting thing good clean pork is like really really good meat but poor quality pork is like really really bad my point saying that is there on complete opposite ends of the spectrum depending on the quality if you get bad pork it’s like the worst of all meats if you get good pork it’s like the best of all meats but there’s a very little in between that’s what’s hard so fast food I highly doubt they’re getting the best quality pork egg’s not much better in fact if you could just get chicken sausage or something like that it’d be better but you only have that option for breakfast so like Taco Bell has their their egg bowls that you can get in the morning with the eggs skillet Bowl if you’re not doing keto that’s probably a clean option just get it without the chorizo get it without the sausage okay and if your keto then get it without the beans and rice and just go ahead and have the eggs it’s really not that bad well you have to be careful with it sometimes they take those eggs and mix them with their processed cheese so you want to go for the one that are pure cheese you’re gonna have to do your research there I do have a video that breaks down all the fast food options for keto or shouldn’t say that but the top ten fast food options for keto so I highly recommend you do check that one out it’s down below in my description so after you’ve watched this video I think that one’s gonna be a lot of fun for you because I take you around like all the different restaurants and show you what you get what you couldn’t get what you shouldn’t get all this and that but this at least gives you a breakdown that you can share with people so that you can teach them hey if you’re doing keto or hey if you’re eating clean here’s at least the cardinal rules I can expand on this more but I need to get feedback from you so go ahead and put it down in the comment section below if you’d like me to go ahead and do more videos surrounding the world of fast food because it is part of life whether you live in America Europe India Asia whatever it’s still a part of a lot of people’s lives so as always keep it locked in here in my channel and I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About 7 Cardinal Rules for Ordering Fast Food Healthy.
7 Cardinal Rules for Ordering Fast Food Healthy

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7 Cardinal Rules for Ordering Fast Food Healthy – Thomas DeLauer

It can be tough to stay on your diet when ordering from a fast food joint, but if you follow these 7 cardinal rules, you’ll have no problem being able to maintain your health goals.

It can be tough; many fast foods tend to have a lot of sneaky ingredients hidden in them that you don’t realize are there. After watching this video you’ll be able to make the right choices next time you hit your favorite fast food place and feel much less guilty!

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