7 Benefits of Nutritional Yeast

7 Benefits of Nutritional Yeast

7 Benefits of Nutritional Yeast

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so I’m going to talk about the seven benefits of nutritional yeast okay now first of all there’s some myths about nutritional yeast one is that if you actually consume nutritional yeast you’re going to end up with a yeast infection that’s not going to happen it is true that some people may have an allergy to yeast okay in which case they want to avoid it the other myth relates to nutritional yeast being a version of MSG or monosodium glutamate that is absolutely not true the other point I want to bring up about nutritional yeast is that a lot of times when you buy it it’s an enriched with synthetic B vitamins I would not recommend any nutritional yeast that is enriched or fortified because they fortify it with synthetics and if you want more information about an unfertilized and I put a link down below you can check it out alright number one let’s talk about the B vitamins there’s a lot of benefits by taking the B vitamins especially in their natural form b1 decreases stress it increases energy b2 it and b3 is good for the skin it’s good for digestion it’s good for your hair your nails b6 is essential for your your mitochondria to make energy the list goes on and on and on but mainly when you take the B vitamins you’re gonna have less stress and more energy and one less point about the B vitamins normally nutritional yeast does not contain b12 okay b12 is very very important to fortify your blood to help with energy metabolism and many other things so to differentiate between natural and synthetic you want to make sure this b12 is in the form of methyl Cibola mine not cyano Cibola mine okay just make mental note of that alright let’s go to number two minerals so there’s potassium there’s magnesium there’s calcium there’s all sorts of minerals that will actually help you in various ways number three trace minerals chromium selenium zinc and one of the purposes of trace minerals is to help as a cofactor in enzymes and enzymes do the work of the body so trace minerals are good for hair nails skin muscle any with protein okay number four amino acids there’s actually a complete profile of amino acids in nutritional yeast in fact by weight amino acids make up 50% of nutritional yeast that’s actually more than a lot of protein sources out there all right number five fiber which can then feed your microbes which then can make something called butyric acid which will then decrease insulin resistance and decrease your insulin and help you with your blood sugars alright number six glutathione which is a very powerful antioxidant so it helps prevent oxidation in the different parts of the body your body actually can make it or you can get it from certain foods so this actually helps in neutralizing free radical damage all right and lastly beta glucan which is not only good to help regulate cholesterol but it’s really good for your immune system and protect you against viruses and bacteria alright guys those are the benefits and also realize when you’re doing the keto plan I always recommend nutritional yeast as a really good source of your B vitamins all right thanks for watching hey I just wanted to mention something real quick a lot of you have questions about all sorts of things in the body chances are I have a video on that already so what I did is I created a document based on categories and you can click the link down below to get this document so it’ll help you find and understand the specific information that you’re looking for I think I have over 3500 videos so click the link down below so if you need it it’s there for you

This Post Was All About 7 Benefits of Nutritional Yeast.
7 Benefits of Nutritional Yeast

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the 7 benefits of nutritional yeast. It is not recommended to consume nutritional yeast that is enriched or fortified.
1. B-Vitamins – There is a lot of benefits by taking the B vitamins especially on their natural form.
B1 – Stress and Energy
B2 and B3 – Good for the skin, digestion, hair, nails
B6 – Essential for mitochondria to make energy.
2. Minerals – Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium
3. Trace Minerals – Chromium, Selenium, Zinc. One of its purpose is to help as a cofactor in enzymes.
It is also good for hair, nails, skin, muscle and anything with protein
4. Amino Acids
5. Fiber – can help decrease insulin or insulin resistance indirectly that could also help you with your blood sugar.
6. Glutathione – a very powerful antioxidant. Helps prevent oxidation in different parts of the body.
7. Beta Glucan – It is very good for the immune system and protects you from viruses and bacteria.

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