60 Day Weight Loss Challenge Ep.3 | It Seems Like I’m Gaining Weight & NOT LOSING IT?!

60 Day Weight Loss Challenge Ep.3 | It Seems Like I’m Gaining Weight & NOT LOSING IT?!

60 Day Weight Loss Challenge Ep.3 | It Seems Like I’m Gaining Weight & NOT LOSING IT?!

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before I start the day gotta do it the daily way having waited eight to ten point two so that’s actually the heaviest way in so far of the challenge and there’s two explanations for why today’s way was having number one I’m holding on to water because I had a lot of salt yesterday and I really didn’t drink enough water to really flush all the salt out so I’m probably holding on to some water and number two I ate most of my calories more than half my calories right before bed last night so there’s just probably still a lot of food in my belly coffees made time to start the day first up the day mustache fitness and barbell makes him sick lifting videos bra bras just waiting on Paul and Rachel to get here Rachel’s Paul’s girlfriend she’s probably actually stronger than Paul in the Wilkes score which is like where how they measure all the powerlifting strength of the world she’s got a higher Wilkes Square than Paul I’m pretty sure she’s also like the eighth ranked woman in her weight class Anna it’s a big deal she’s very strong I should probably get the gimbal together right now because the gimbal takes a while to balance and it’s a pain in the ass so I’m gonna I’m gonna go do that and the next thing you’re gonna see are hopefully some sick lifting edits bra [Music] [Music] [Music] Paul is ridiculously strong he benched over 300 squatted over 500 twice dead lifted 650 or something like that just ridiculous strength hopefully he does really well in Nationals because he just he’s just such a great guy and hopefully I got some good shots that I can make an awesome video for him sort of the lead-up to Nationals gonna think this is the last big lift before he heads off to Nationals anyways right now I’m headed back to the apartment I’m gonna eat some food and then I’m going to the gym it’s 2:40 I’m supposed to meet my friend Paul at the gym at 3 o’clock for leg day and I still haven’t eaten meal number one this is gonna be an uncomfortable leg day I prepped meal number one I just haven’t eaten it so start things off I got a drink that’s like 48 ounce maple walnut protein shake made up we’ve made that on the channel a while back then I’m also having half a loaf of this banana bread basically the banana bread is just the vanilla maple protein cake we made a while back on the channel but instead of applesauce I use three bananas instead of a cake tray I use a bread pan it’s delicious the banana bread actually might be more delicious than the cake my cake is pretty pretty pretty good but I’m gonna drink and eat this as fast as possible and then I’m gonna go to the gym and I’m probably gonna be late I’m sorry Paul I’m sorry it’s medium volume leg day today so that means all my reps seven rep day today it’s gonna be the same exercises that I did in my first leg today you guys saw except it’s seven reps so medium volume day today and I’m adding leg curls two sets of leg curls at the end of my lifts but overall legs feeling kind of sore kind of like I was talking about on my deadlift day not as sore as they were on deadlift day but still kind of hurt a little bit yeah [Music] Chanukah that workout short it’s 5 o’clock my dad’s getting inducted into the Chickenwing Hall of Fame Hall flame whatever it’s called that like 6 so I’ve got to go home I’ve got a shower up get out of these gym clothes get like some nice clothes on the only thing I didn’t do was regular deadlifts so what I’m gonna end up doing is just adding those into my pull day and it just being like a grueling grueling pull day in two days real very good inductive dude today ready man because it is my esteemed honor to invite the Duff family and the feta family up celebrate the 2017 and Dumpty’s into the national buffalo wing almond flavor Duff’s famous wins hey what’d you think yeah nice job I thought it was nice your Hall flamer yep he did have a good time Celina my macro is a second ago I slept eat 2,000 calories tonight so to start dinner just just my second meal today I’m gonna have this massive salad that I’m also having two pretty decent-sized sirloin steaks some mushrooms that’s not gonna be 2,000 calories I still feed a ton of carbs so we need a bunch of chex mix maybe some toast I some frozen fruit I don’t know the options are endless we’re gonna watch Game of Thrones here in a second but I want to wrap up today’s vlog right now eat some dinner hanging out with my wife see you guys in the next video

This Post Was All About 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge Ep.3 | It Seems Like I’m Gaining Weight & NOT LOSING IT?!.
60 Day Weight Loss Challenge Ep.3 | It Seems Like I'm Gaining Weight & NOT LOSING IT?!

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This series is dedicated to showing you how to lose weight, build muscle, and gain strength after a significant time away from the gym. “The Restart” is all about sharing my weight loss journey and weight loss transformation and hopefully it can give you some weight loss motivation, especially after seeing my weight loss before and after photos from this series. I also hope some of my weight loss tips and workouts in this series can help you with your own weight loss story and journey.

In today’s episode of my 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge I explain why I’ve gained weight, or why it appears like I’ve gained weight. I also go to one of the local powerlifting gyms and film an epic workout of my friend Paul – who is competing in raw powerlifting nationals next month. Also, I take you through almost a full day of eating for cutting and weight loss.
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