6 Supplements That Every Athlete Should Consider

6 Supplements That Every Athlete Should Consider

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now here’s a couple supplements so you might want to just open up the wallet and spend a couple bucks on alright the reason I say this is because it’s a common question right it is well what supplements should I take I think every single person that’s out there as a health expert gets asked that question because everyone wants a shortcut right everyone wants just that added supplement that’s gonna get them just that extra edge or get them to their goal faster truth be told there’s nothing magical and I think you know that but there are some basic things now very important disclaimer here this by no means constitutes the end-all be-all of what you should be taking in the way of supplements this is what I would consider the most baseline general platform for supplements right so basic things that are relatively inexpensive that you probably want to add to your mix if you’re just trying to get healthy whether it’s keto whether it’s fasting male/female things I would recommend lots of other videos going into detail in other spectrums okay please make sure you hit that red subscribe button then hit that little Bell icon so you’re never missing a beat okay the first one is an obvious one and that’s going to be fish oil all right yep I said it maybe I’m vanilla maybe I’m basic but fish oil is good alright good quality fish oil is going to be coming from a really small fish source okay so we’re looking the smaller the better anchovy oil usually that’s gonna be the best kind it’s gonna be a lower mercury count really just solid stuff the reason that fish oils on my list is because it is something that everyone can benefit from now if you’re vegan there’s algal oil forms but the point is is that getting your omega-3s in a DHA form is really powerful now studies show increases in cell fluidity so improving the membranes of a cell which means that cells can communicate with each other better which just like the name implies improves cell fluidity the cells are just flowing through the motions and everything moves a lot easier also immensely neuroprotective any scientific evidence that you look at regarding DHA or regarding fish oil is always going to point to the neuro protective benefits Alzheimers dementia fish oil plays a huge role but if you’re also just looking to just have more cognitive function then heck yeah fish oil is gonna be important okay there was a study that took a look at 12,000 pregnant women and this doesn’t necessarily apply to everybody but it’s just interesting to show how much it gets ingrained in our systems twelve thousand pregnant women and they monitored their diets they found that those that consume the least amount of fish oil the least amount of omega-3s ended up having a forty eight percent higher chance of having children that were in the lowest quartile of IQ so basically meaning they were giving birth to children that were lower IQ if they were deficient in omega-3s just shows it doesn’t just affect us it passes through as well which really means it gets ingrained now the fun stuff there’s a study that was published in the journal clinical science that took a look at subjects that hadn’t done any kind of resistance training okay for eight weeks they had them take in four grams of epa and DHA so XSI pentanoic and dhoka so hexanoic which are the fish oils right okay they found that they had a pretty significant increase in mTOR signaling and also the p70 s6k pathway which means that they had an increase in muscle protein synthesis when that omega-3 was combined with protein interesting though because what that really tells us is that if you take someone that isn’t having omega-3s and someone that is and you give them both the same amount of protein the people that have the omega-3s are gonna synthesize more of that protein and actually build muscle so case in point it’s just a simple obvious one to be adding to the mix but lastly when we look at fat loss there’s a study that was published in scientific reports that took a look at mice okay and these mice went on high-fat diets one was high omega-3 one was not okay same calories the omega-3 group ended up not gaining weight and the non omega-3 group gained weight even with the same amount of calories now the reason is is because it’s found that omega-3 activates uncoupling protein 1 which activates brown fat signaling so it activates more brown fat so basically it increases your core body temperature ok enough about fish oil you should be taking it you should be mega dosing it with at least 3 or 4 grams per day now let’s move into vitamin D vitamin D obviously get it from the Sun whenever you can but we need to be supplementing to get it in some way we need to be getting it through different forms the reason that I say vitamin D makes the list is because of one big glaring reason we can talk about other ones but the big leering one is the immune system we neglect our immune systems and then we sic and then it sets us back in our training it sets us back in our diets or our immune system is just overactive all the time and we’re running ragged we’re fatigued okay so our immune system has little signals that go out whenever it notices a threat and these signals go out and they literally seek out vitamin D and once they find vitamin D it activates the immune system to either turn an immune cell into a potential what’s called a killer cell or a helper cell the long story short is it takes t-cells and it makes them activate it we don’t have an immune system without vitamin D so in the wintertime when we already have a prevalence of cold and flu floating around and we’re not getting sunlight then we’re really just having a problem right okay the other thing we have to look at is the mood vitamin D is required to convert tryptophan into serotonin the neurotransmitter that helps us feel good okay so that’s just a fun one if you want to feel better take a little vitamin D and then lastly when it comes down to building muscle we’ve also found that vitamin D activates leucine a little bit better so basically it makes it so that mTOR is elevated because of the leucine I shouldn’t say it activates leucine it makes Luci more usable because it activates imp tor so long story short is you have an increase in potential muscle building because vitamin D makes leucine the amino acid and protein more usable by the body then we have to talk about the protein side of things I’m not gonna spend a whole lot of time here because honestly we could just go down a million rabbit holes a good-quality clean pea protein that doesn’t have other things in it in a good quality grass-fed whey protein isolate okay P protein and whey protein absorb about the same rate within the body some people will say that whey protein is utilized better in their body than P some people have a hard time digesting P so that’s why I give those two options but if you’re plant-based or you want to go plant base or kind of reduce the carbon footprint on your body a little bit then a clean P protein is good if you go for a whey protein you want one that’s clean and a whey protein isolate not a concentrate so that it spikes a little bit of insulin and allows you to kill absorbed if you’re looking for a recommendation on that one I recommend antler farms they have a really good New Zealand grass-fed grass-finished whey protein isolate I’ll put a link down below in the description that way you can check that out because it’s hard to come by a good way protein that’s actually clean the next one that makes my list is something called dim okay short for din dole methane sounds complicated all it is is a derivative of something from cruciferous vegetables I’d recommend just a small amount one to three hundred milligrams of dama what it does is it helps the liver metabolize and process excess estrogen in the body there’s some common myths out there that say that dim crushes your testosterone levels and dim will will hurt you because it crushes your estrogen levels too much no small amounts only help you metabolize excess estrogen which excess estrogen is a toxin to the body and gets stored back in our fat cells and causes havoc okay it causes a Roman taste activity it makes it so that the testosterone that is in a male’s body gets converted into estrogen and it makes it so that women can be in estrogen dominance which we don’t necessarily want so I highly recommend adding that into the mix as just sort of your core supplements then next up we have magnesium a world of different magnesiums that you can take but in the general sense i’ll recommend i magnesium male eight okay die magnesium male eight is a slower digesting kind of sustained release form of magnesium because magnesium has a tendency to get absorbed really quick and then can I go right through us if you know what I mean if you were to just take some magnesium citrate I probably wouldn’t be seeing you a whole lot in the next 30 or 60 minutes all right so die magnesium mailee is going to be really powerful we need magnesium simply for energy but also for a lot of things if you suffer from muscle cramps then it’s important but just for the regular person it should be in your arsenal because we oxidize through magnesium like crazy especially if we’re active so magnesium is required to bind to ATP whenever we’re making energy so when our cellular respiration is occurring we’re actually creating energy magnesium is required to bind to that energy that energy currency of ATP just very very important there lastly I think that everyone benefits from taking a little bit of turmeric okay adding turmeric into the mix is a good thing for everybody from all age groups all walks of life all activity levels because we could all stand to combat a little bit of inflammation okay inflammation in this case we’re talking about nuclear factor Kappa B and the inflammasome so it’s known as the nlrp3 inflammasome over 2,000 studies solid scientific literature proving that turmeric is powerful and modulating inflammation and some studies that show that it’s even more powerful than ibuprofen or aspirin without the stomach bleeding right ok so just add it into the mix it’s so inexpensive you can get turmeric that is bound to bio preen like black pepper so it actually absorbs better or you can get turmeric that’s in like a liposomal micellar form like that ends in one company called pura thrive ok so just do your due diligence when it comes down to the kind of turmeric that you’re getting but this is the basics of it right six simple supplements that you probably should have in your arsenal they’re not that expensive and you can rotate them out and add other things in when need be as always please keep it locked in here in my channel and I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About 6 Supplements That Every Athlete Should Consider.
6 Supplements That Every Athlete Should Consider

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6 Supplements That Every Athlete Should Consider – Thomas DeLauer

“Which supplements should I take?” is one of the most asked questions that I get. I get it. There are A LOT of supplements out there and trying to find the right ones to spend money on can be difficult.
In this video, I’m going to give you a relatively inexpensive list of supplements that you may want to add to your day-to-day intake. This isn’t a definitive list by any means, but a general that is applicable to MOST people. Enjoy the video and I’ll see you in the comment!

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