6 Signs of a Slowing Metabolism (not just weight gain)

6 Signs of a Slowing Metabolism (not just weight gain)

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if you have five out of the six things that I’m gonna talk about today you probably have a legitimate slowing metabolism I’m not talking about a slowed metabolism that you notice because you’re gaining weight you can gain weight for a number of reasons you could be eating too much you could not be exercising enough but are you gaining weight because your metabolism is legitimately slowing down so these six things are going to be a little bit different than things you’ve heard before and if you have five out of these six then there’s a good chance that you need to evaluate some things and I’ll do follow-up videos to talk about how to actually correct a slowed metabolism hey make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then also hit that little bell icon so you can turn on notifications and you know whenever I go live and after this video go ahead and check out Sunwarrior so if you’re interested in trying different kinds of protein powders that are plant-based whether you’re keto or not you may want to check them out their warrior blend is awesome a wide variety of P protein along with hemp protein to make sure that you’re getting everything that you need so I highly recommend you check them out special link down below in the description for after you watch this video all right so let’s break this down and make it simple and make it short for you number one your cold all the time there was a study that was published in chronobiology International that took a look at participants and they found that on average people that had a higher BMI over 30 had a core body temperature that was 0.6 3 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than others than those that had a lower BMI now this could mean a number of different things but basically their metabolism slowed down enough to equate to 4 to 5 pounds of fat gain per year doesn’t sound like much but that’s that creeping weight gain that we get as we get older so slowed metabolism is related with being cold and what happens is simply put your t3 your active thyroid hormone gets converted into active t3 inside the brown fat brown fat is our good fat tissue that generates Heat so as your metabolism slows you might have a difference in more white fat versus brown fat which means that you’re having less t3 actually getting converted t3 your thyroid hormone is what is responsible for keeping you warm and for keeping your metabolism elevated so if your t3 is low you’re cold and your metabolism is slow so that’s number one okay number two dry skin and dry hair all right what the heck am I talking about here what does this have to do with metabolism people metabolism and they just think their waistline they forget the metabolism is cellular respiration cellular energy creating energy now what happens is our hair and our skin has a high degree of cell turnover okay so it has a very fast turnover which means the cells replicate and die very very fast if our metabolism is slow it means that cellular regeneration is going to slow down which means that cells that have a fast turnover we’re gonna recognize the symptoms manifesting in those places faster so we can actually be a good indicator if you start noticing man I’m getting dry skin all the time my hair is getting brittle and I’m cold all the time well that might be a good early indicator for you that your metabolism slowing down you might need to add some Heinen’s the interval training or do a quick bout of a diet change to change stuff up it’s just something to pay attention to okay it makes a big difference the next one is going to be headaches what yeah you’re getting chronic headaches all the time there was a study that was published in the journal headaches that found took a look at 8400 participants over a span of twenty years and it found that those that had headaches that suffered from headaches were 41 percent more likely to suffer extreme weight gain and a slowed metabolism now correlation does not equal causation however we can dive in a little bit deeper when we start looking at the physiology you see what happens is something interesting when our body temperature gets cooler because our thyroid slows down we end up having leaky vessels and these leaky vessels end up triggering water retention fluid retention well guess what this fluid retention can happen out of the vessels near our brain so then we have inflammation and pressure and in the throbbing there you go there’s your throbbing headache so there is a correlation again just because you have a headache doesn’t mean you’re in tableaus and slowing down but we’re adding these up stacking them up one by one by one next one is another one that people forget about constipation what you thought you just weren’t eating enough fiber well guess what it all has to do with cellular activity if your metabolism is slowed down everything slowing down including your gut motility okay the thyroid is responsible for taking care of just everything staying alive and moving and the metabolism going and body temperature and that includes your intestinal cells if they are not activated and they are not moving fast neither is your well bowel movement the next one cravings who doesn’t have cravings okay but cravings stacked up with being plugged up with having a headache with feeling cold and having dry skin and nails okay well yeah now it’s starting to make some sense alright so what’s going on with the cravings what’s happening is you are developing insulin resistance because your metabolism is slowing down your cells have become so resistant they’ve seen so much blood sugar and they’ve seen so much insulin that they’re now just keeping the door shut so what happens you eat food and normally that food would nourish you it would nourish your cells but your cells are keeping the door shut because their insulin resistant so that food you ate isn’t doing you any good and you just your cells are like I’m still hungry they’re starving so they’re barking orders at your brain saying eat eat because your metabolism is slow and they’re barking orders telling you to eat more that’s what a craving is my friends and last but certainly not least is depression now which came first okay you get fat you get depressed you gain weight get depressed can’t get the weight off you get depressed but is there a physiological explanation between why you’re actually depressed and did you get depressed first or was it just a bi sign of your slowed metabolism you see it has to do with leptin leptin is the messaging from your fat cells to your brain tells your brain hey brain we got plenty of fat on hand we can start burning it go ahead and rev up the metabolism but if our leptin levels are low then guess what we don’t rev up the metabolism because the brain just assumes everything’s fine it was not getting the phone call from left in well it turns out there is a link between low levels of leptin and depression so when our Lefton levels are low we can get depressed we have a bunch of left and receptors in our brain and the amygdala and different areas that regulate emotion so if they’re not getting activated by leptin then they’re not regulating emotion properly so you get to press you get anxiety you get all this it can really be a bummer now obese people actually believe it or not have high levels of leptin which is weird right obese people you does that mean they’re just going to be fat and happy no that’s not what it means because they end up having what’s called leptin resistance they have so much the the fat has been calling the brain for so long saying hello hello we’ve got fat here turn on the metabolism because people are so overweight in this case that the brain is finding like I’m not answering that phone call anymore you’re calling me off the hook so what happens leptin stays elevated but it never actually hits its receptor in the brain therefore fall into the cascade of depression you’re cold you have a headache you have dry skin nails and hair you’re constipated you have cravings and now you’re depressed you have a slowed metabolism so make sure you keep it locked in here on my channel or have a bunch of other videos little breakdown how to correct some of these things and as always comment if you have ideas for future videos see ya 

This Post Was All About 6 Signs of a Slowing Metabolism (not just weight gain).
6 Signs of a Slowing Metabolism (not just weight gain)

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6 Signs of a Slowing Metabolism (not just weight gain) – Thomas Delauer

There are quite a few signs that your metabolism is slowing down ASIDE from simply gaining weight, and there could be a plethora of reasons for it…
But don’t worry, in this video, we’re going to cover the top 6 signs that might mean your metabolism is slowing down – and if you have 5 out of the 6 signs…it might be slowing down. Let’s dive into the science and I’ll see you in the comments!

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