6 Reasons People Quit Keto [Low Carb Mistakes]

6 Reasons People Quit Keto [Low Carb Mistakes]

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these are the top reasons that people quit the keto diet now I’m not telling you these reasons just to get you to stay on the keto diet telling you these reasons because it’s important to know if you did quit the keto diet you tried it and it wasn’t for you perhaps if you know the reasons why you won’t beat yourself up so much but if you are doing the keto diet you’re starting to find yourself getting a little bit sick of it and just ready to quit and throw in the towel then knowing these six things is going to make your life a little bit easier because if you can start to correct these things which by the way I’m going to give you solutions you’re going to be able to have a lifetime of success on the keto diet so before you throw in the towel and say the keto diet sucks let’s talk about the top six reasons that people quit the keto diet okay we’ve got new videos coming out almost every single day right now so at 7:30 a.m. Pacific time you are going to see new videos coming out so you need to make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then please hit that little bell icon and that’s going to I you to turn on notifications you’ll get push notifications whenever I go live or post a new video so you never miss a keto fasting or just general health beat so let’s go ahead and let’s get right into it now the number one reason in no particular order is a lack of energy people quit the ketogenic diet because they just don’t have energy and honestly it’s probably the one that I would hear the most and if you go around and you ask people that tried Atkins or any kind of low carb diet they’ll say I did good and I lost weight but the energy was just starting to get to me well the hard part is a lot of people will tell you that in order to get energy on a keto diet you should be increasing your fats now in theory that makes sense right okay we are creating energy from fat so more fat equals more energy well no I mean that makes sense but when you think about it food in general is energy does that just mean that more food creates more energy no a lot of times it can make us more lethargic you see fats aren’t the easiest things to digest and quite frankly when you get on a ketogenic diet your body is getting used to using fat for fuel and you generally have more than enough fat on your body to provide it with energy I’m a pretty lean person as is and I have more than enough fuel to probably last me for weeks if not even months without eating a bunch of fat okay so we don’t need to be cramming fats down throat what we do need to do if we’re low on energy is quite frankly get more protein in now this isn’t a push for animal products or anything and do whatever you want if you want to eat steak eat steak if you want to eat chicken eat chicken if you want to eat P protein eat P protein we just chances are need more protein simply because our recovery isn’t what it used to be see on the ketogenic diet you’re not getting that glycogen resynthesis after a workout or anything you’re not getting the typical carbohydrates that would have come into your body and help the recovery system so you’re relying on protein and a lot of times you’re just not getting enough protein either because you’re afraid that excess protein is going to kick you out of keto or you’re just concentrating too much on getting more fats in whereas I would back off the fats a little bit it increased protein a bit more so you have more recovery the other thing is that protein will convert to carbohydrates but not to kick you at Aikido it’ll convert the carbohydrates to help you with recovery if needed and it’s a demand driven process so what that means is that you’re only going to need carbohydrates created from protein if your body needs it and if you’re just drained and you’re trying to recover your body might need that so give it a little more protein and trust me it’ll make a difference the number two reason which is a very common one and quite frankly one of the reasons that I quit one time way back when was depression ketogenic diets can make you depressed they can actually affect your mood and it’s not some hogwash fairy tale weird nonsense witch doctor stuff no this is the real deal okay it has to do with tryptophan so tryptophan we all know of as just like the amino acid that makes you sleepy around Thanksgiving alright well sorta fans a lot more powerful than that you see tryptophan turns into niacin and niacin ultimately helps produce serotonin so without tryptophan we don’t produce a lot of serotonin which is what is the feel-good neurotransmitter what allows us to feel good now here’s what happens tryptophan requires insulin to do its job right and a lot of people will say that tryptophan needs insulin to get into the brain it’s actually kind of the opposite tryptophan requires insulin so that the insulin gets rid of the other amino acids so that it has no competition you see tryptophan is very interesting normally when you eat carbohydrates all the amino acids that are in your bloodstream get pulled into a cell carbohydrates spike insulin and that spike in insulin makes it so that the amino acids flow into the CEL well tryptophan needs that to happen because tryptophan is kind of selfish tryptophan only will go into the brain if it’s exclusively available so when we eat carbs we spike our insulin and the other amino acids go away leaving a nice clear path exclusively for tryptophan to get into the brain so trip the fans kind of a spoiled brat so if it doesn’t have its carbs then it doesn’t do its job so what that means is tryptophan isn’t going into your brain and it isn’t turning into serotonin so you’re not getting that uplifting neurotransmitter boost that you would normally get from serotonin how do you combat this because this is a real deal people get depressed on it and then they have a hard time sleeping right well if you allocate just a few grams of carbs towards the evening time it can make a big difference it doesn’t take much you need a little insulin spike like 15 20 grams of carbs will do it so just allocate your cars towards the evening times and you won’t get that depression as much and you’ll be able to sleep a little bit better well there’s some really cool science coming out that’s showing that specific fatty acids can actually allow tryptophan to go into the brain so a study that was published in the Journal of Neuroscience found that the fatty acids octa Noack and decanoic acid can increase tryptophan in the brain and the cool thing is these fatty acids are found in MCT oil so if you have a little bit of MCT oil you can increase tryptophan levels in your brain so a lot of times if you get depressed you start feeling that just go with some MCT oil in a small amount maybe 10 grams over the next 3-4 days and it should correct itself a little bit along with that insulin spike deal that I told you about with a little bit of carbohydrates you can combat the whole depression thing okay it’s it’s not the end of the world and you can get through it okay I got through it okay the third thing is going to be eating all the wrong fats for too long time okay it’s the omega-3 omega-6 imbalance I sound like a broken record I’m always touting Omega threes okay we need a better amount of Omega threes than we did and then we have Omega 6s we need more Omega threes now when we go on a keto diet we don’t really know what we’re doing we load up on a bunch of bacon we load up on a bunch of cheeses we load up on a bunch of lower quality fats and our omega-6 profiles go through the roof now at first this doesn’t cause much of a problem but then 30 days later 60 days later 90 days later it does because at that point then you have too much omega-6 is that have built up in your body and there’s to supersede the Omega threes now omega sixes are extremely inflammatory now hear me out on this omega sixes are not bad but when in abundance when there’s too much of them that’s and they become an issue you see generally speaking the most common Omega six is gonna be linoleic acid linoleic acid converts into a rakha donek acid and arachidonic acid creates Equis annoyed which ultimately are pro-inflammatory so they say trigger inflammation when it needs to be triggered but if we have too much it triggers inflammation all the time that’s why people say that omega-3s are anti-inflammatory because they counteract Omega 6s they’re actually not even anti-inflammatory they just counteract the pro-inflammatory side of Omega 6s so what the heck am I talking about all I’m trying to say is that if you have Omega 6s in the mix because you’re eating tons of grain fed meat you’re eating tons of bacon and tons of cheese you need to be taking omega-3 supplements like crazy okay you need to be taking like five or six grams of omega-3s per day or at least getting good quality meat in that can help you out if you’re starting to get depressed and feeling that just like the last tip I gave you omega-3s could be a big thing there so you do need to be paying attention get your Omega threes in this is a big huge reason why people quit okay now I actually wanted to add one more thing to the depression piece because it kind of ties in with the Omega threes in this whole piece too if you find yourself getting depressed or too inflamed if you just take a break and do some intermittent fasting for like one or two days per week but add carbs at the end of your fast it makes a big difference okay because you’re already in keto and then you’re gonna do a fast you’re gonna be at a net negative for your calories anyway so you can get away with having a couple of carbs when you break your fast like maybe 30 40 50 and at least get serotonin spike that you need to feel better without the damage of having the carbs at that point in time so that’s just kind of a more advanced trick but it does help a whole lot okay the number four reason that people quit the keto diet or say the keto diet sucks is because they can’t do it with their families okay they have a hard time getting the family to get on board with eating keto so maybe the husband is saying okay I want to do keto I’m gonna eat my bacon cheese and this and that and the wife is like well I’m eating kind of a like a more vegan diet like eating low fat and this just doesn’t work and what are we supposed to feed the kids okay that can be a big problem you know when my wife and I are on different diets its heck our house is crazy like what do we do cook separate dinners so that’s the thing is people make the mistake that they need to be eating these ridiculously high fat meals that are like grotesque for people that aren’t on the keto diet you can make things work for example if my wife’s not on keto and I am I can still have a chicken thigh with some broccoli and maybe some cauliflower rice and something that tastes good and I’m just having a fattier cut of meat maybe I put a dollop of coconut oil or something or a little bit of avocado on the side of my meal well she’s having the same kind of thing but without the added fats he doesn’t need to be I’m having juicy greasy ribs and you’re having a salad it does not need to be like that it’s a big deal and it will throw you off now one of the things I also recommend and one of the reasons I’m a big fan of kettle and Fire they’ve now come out with what they call keto soups and these keto soups are totally family friendly they’re not ridiculously high fat they’re just the right macronutrient profile for someone that’s on the ketogenic diet okay but it ends up making it so that your whole family could eat it okay it’s not something that’s so purely keto that someone that’s not keto wouldn’t want to eat it and it makes it so that family meals can happen again that is really really powerful because if we can bring the family back together no one’s feeling excluded plus they taste really good my personal favorite is the mushroom bisque honestly this stuff is so creamy it tastes like you’re getting cream of mushroom soup from like a five-star restaurant so this one utilizes button mushrooms which by the way have a really powerful effect when it comes down to estrogen modulation they up regulates what’s called mcf cells so mcf7 cells actually go out and scavenge excess or estrogen in the body so they stop the aromatization process so if you have excess estrogen that’s leading to like body fat accumulation in the hips and thighs and things like that upregulation of mcf-7 cells can help get rid of that issue so for men and women that are having issues with estrogen dominance this kind of soup is already perfect so after you finish up this video go ahead and check out the link down in the description you can get a special discount on the kettle of fire keto soups these guys are the world renowned leaders in bone broth and now they’re making soup so you can use code thomas keto it’s gonna save you 20% off anyway so cheaper than the grocery store cheaper than whole food sprouts anywhere else online all right so the next reason that people quit the keto diet or say the keto diet sucks is because they get bored I can only eat so much in the way of you know bacon and eggs I can only so much in the way of this I’m getting tired of making keto Pizza okay so you wouldn’t get tired of eating different variations of other foods but you’re allowing yourself to get tired of different foods on keto well first of all you can get creative and that’s not gonna be my solution because that would be the lamest solution ever get creative everyone says get creative no I’m gonna said get intentional with different things try and do some self experimentation if you’ve watched my channel for awhile then you probably know that I’ve done vegan keto experiments I’ve done different kinds of fasting experiments on myself I’ve done a carnivore diet experiment it’s not because I’m sitting here trying to find the next perfect thing it’s because I want to keep it fresh and I want to do different things with my body so get deliberate and intentional and try things try the keto diet with only me try the keto diet and a vegan style try the keto diet eating specific things try pescetarian try Mediterranean have fun with it and try different things just like you would have any other diet you say today oh I want to have Mexican food or tomorrow I want to have pizza in a regular diet why don’t you go just worldly and try a different ethnic cuisine with keto I mean just you can get creative and have a lot more fun with it but more so get deliberate and have fun with self-experimentation carnivore diet is great for inflammation so it might be fun to do that the vegan keto diet was great when it came down just for mental function for me I felt great doing that so you just want to try different things and studies have consistently shown that getting outside the box and doing something different improves neuroplasticity and improves memory retention and all kinds of things so little things like changing the route that you go to work etc that helps you out but the same kind of thing applies with your diet do different things but get deliberate now the last thing that I want to talk about is how to get through the social issues okay I’ve talked to many people that have quit the keto diet because I said it was too difficult when they were traveling too difficult when they would go into business luncheons or anything like that because they would feel weird or they’d feel judged well the only thing that I have for you is a bit of advice from my worldly travels right my advice on that would be people appreciate you more for the discipline that you harness with a specific diet deep down then whatever they show on the surface with their judgement okay so I’ll give you an example if I walked into a business meeting and someone was gonna judge me because I was eating clean or I was eating keto that judgment would purely be superficial because deep down they know this person’s discipline and this person is on their track and they’re doing what they want to do and it’s probably gonna reflect in their work so it’s a cop-out for yourself if you quit because of that you’re letting other people dictate what you do with your life because of some preconceived notion that you think they have and if they do have it’s their insecurity not yours deep down they know you’re gonna get the job done because at the end of the day they’re looking at the bottom line so if you’re gonna deliver then who the heck cares so the business side is not an excuse what about your friends okay you want to go out to the club you want to have some fun you want to go out to dinner and you want to have some fun you want to go to Vegas you want to go to New York you want I want to be able to eat I want to be able to enjoy it’s hard to socialize with my friends nothing says that you have to do keto forever if you want to take a couple days off and just enjoy it enjoy it and that’s where intermittent fasting comes in play take some time off with your hours of eating go 20 hours without eating so you get a little bit more flexibility that way you’re not getting totally kicked out of keto and then you go on a trip for a couple days and you come back at it okay it’s not the end of the world the keto police aren’t gonna throw you in Quito jail you can continue on and still have success and give yourself the mental break and probably the serotonin lift that quite frankly you needed so anyhow I know I went off a little tangent there and a little rant but that’s the way it goes so I don’t want people saying that keto diet sucks just because of their insecurities be strong do what you want to do and take the proper measures that you need to take to get the most success inside and out as always to keep it locked in here on my channel I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About 6 Reasons People Quit Keto [Low Carb Mistakes].
6 Reasons People Quit Keto [Low Carb Mistakes]

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6 Reasons People Quit Keto [Low Carb Mistakes] – Thomas DeLauer

1) Lack of Energy/Stiffness- How to fix – More Protein

Amino acids contribute to the development of protein within the body and are vital in promoting wound repair and encouraging healthy tissue in muscles, bones

They provide the mechanisms and stimulus for repair of injured or damaged musculoskeletal tissue


Methionine is a sulfur bearing amino acid that is necessary for cartilage formation.


Arginine is a crucial factor for bone creation as among other things, it supports the production of collagen


Taurine plays a role in combating joint inflammation – the antioxidant action of taurine produces taurine chloramine (TauCl) and bromamine (TauBr), which have anti-inflammatory properties

Hidistine & Glycine

Both possess anti-inflammatory benefits – both reduce levels of NF-κB and IL-6

Protein & Carbs

A study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that a piece of white bread paired with tuna (a great source of protein) led to a slower rise in blood sugar than white bread eaten alone or paired with oat cereal (fiber), butter (fat), or rice cereal (more carbohydrates) (reduced glucose AUC by 25%)

So it may be wise to pair the carbs you do consume with protein for this reason

2) Convenience of Making Family Dinner

3) Omega 3 Imbalance

Omega 3’s

Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) – main function is to produce signaling molecules called eicosanoids, which help reduce inflammation

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) – important for healthy brain development and function

Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) – the body mainly uses ALA for energy, but this omega-3 has also been found to reduce the risk of fractures, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes as well

Omega 6’s

They can help regulate immune system function by provoking inflammation at the right times and can Improve blood pressure levels, blood clotting capacity, and brain function

Some omega-6 fatty acids are Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)

The most common is linoleic acid (LA) – LA is either burned as energy or converted into longer omega-6 fats such as arachidonic acid (ARA)

ARA is used to produce eicosanoids (signaling molecules) that are more pro-inflammatory

4) Boredom/Repetition (go carnivore, go vegan, switch it up)


Our memory is associative, which means we connect various pieces of information based on their relationship to each other

The more “plastic” our brains become, the more creative thoughts and connections we’re able to have.

5) Social Issues – Implement fat-fasting days, carb-refeed fasting days

Days that you choose to do this gives you more leeway on days that you have social outings

6) Depression – Link with Tryptophan and Serotonin – Solution go off keto for a couple weeks with IF + Carbs

Carbs & Tryptophan

Keto & Depression

While it’s feasible that keto could, in some instances, cause depression, or at least reduce the amount of tryptophan delivered to the brain, a study from Neuroscience found that certain fatty acids, octanoic and decanoic fatty acids (FAs), the main components in the MCT, can increase brain levels of tryptophan


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