5 Weird Things That Trigger Excessive Sneezing

5 Weird Things That Trigger Excessive Sneezing

5 Weird Things That Trigger Excessive Sneezing

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More specifically, you want help with 5 Weird Things That Trigger Excessive Sneezing?

I wanted to mention five weird things that can trigger excessive sneezing so the first question is what is a sneeze well it’s interesting you have these little receptors and your sinuses that are on a circuit that go deep into the brainstem that trigger a reflex that then goes to your diaphragm and your lungs and your chest muscles which create a synchronized breath in and then an explosion of air out to clean out your sinuses okay that’s what this news is and so the first one on the list is birth control pills which is interesting can cause sneezing the second one is liver in gallbladder congestion so if there’s liver problems where gall bladder problems a person could actually start sneezing now birth control pills do have the ability to damage the liver and so that could be the link between these two right here now when some people look into the Sun they start sneezing now there is a photic sneeze reflex that’s involved and they don’t really know exactly why someone sneezes when they’re looking into the Sun it could be some neurological crossover and the circuitry or between the optic nerve and the olfactory nerve which isn’t back part of the sinuses but I would imagine there’s more of our survival mechanism I’m not sure exactly why but many people sneeze at least initially when they go outside but after the initial couple sneezes they don’t seem to keep sneezing okay so we don’t really know why that’s number three number four under active or hypothyroid condition can cause excessive sneezing and the number five overeating probably because it triggers the liver in gallbladder now have you ever walked in the aisle of a grocery store and just start sneezing especially the aisle that has all the perfumes I want to just mention that this is not weird it’s just very common there are many chemicals in perfumes which are very toxic got acetone benzaldehyde which is a known Kotik ethyl acetate phalates which are endocrine disrupters parabens styrene which is a human carcinogen methylene chloride which is banned by the FDA for a toxic substance but it’s not enforced by the FDA so what I would do if I were you is I would look at some of your perfumes if you have them in your house and and just see if that ingredient is in there then they put this other chemical called cinnamaldehyde and a lot of people are allergic to this right here well first of all it’s an insecticide for mosquito larvae okay and it’s really good to inhibit corrosion for steel but they for some reason they put it in your perfumes pretty crazy so the best thing is not to wear perfumes and if you are I would use some essential oils anyway there you have it the five weird things that can cause excessive sneezing so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications

This Post Was All About 5 Weird Things That Trigger Excessive Sneezing.
5 Weird Things That Trigger Excessive Sneezing

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Can’t stop sneezing? This might be why.

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0:06 What is sneezing?
0:34 What causes excessive sneezing?—Birth control pills
0:40 What causes excessive sneezing?—Liver/gallbladder
0:58 What causes excessive sneezing?—Sun—photic sneeze reflex
1:36 What causes excessive sneezing?—Underactive thyroid
1:46 What causes excessive sneezing?—Overeating
2:03 Sneezing and perfume

In this video, we’re going to talk about what causes excessive sneezing.

What is sneezing?
You have little receptors in your sinuses that are on a circuit that goes deep into the brain stem that triggers a reflex that then goes to your diaphragm, lungs, and chest muscles. This creates a synchronized breath in and then an explosion of air out to clean out the sinuses.

5 weird causes of excessive sneezing:

1. Birth control pills
2. Liver/gallbladder
3. Sun—photic sneeze reflex
4. Underactive thyroid
5. Overeating

A more common cause of excessive sneezing is perfume. Perfume can contain chemicals that are very toxic. You may want to avoid using perfume or try using essential oils instead.

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