5 Reasons for Cold Feet

5 Reasons for Cold Feet

5 Reasons for Cold Feet

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so today we’re gonna talk about why you may have cold feet okay so the first one is a hypothyroid condition because the thyroid controls metabolism so with metabolism everything is slowed down even the temperature slow down and you’ll notice it in your feet in your hands and your whole whole body will be cold not even necessarily the feet but it could definitely be the feet so if this is the case you have to find the cause of it because if you have an autoimmune condition for the thyroid that it’s a different handling and I’m gonna put a link down below of the different types of thyroid issues and what you would do for each one but this is one of the causes all right number two low blood pressure why because there’s less blood flowing through your body and there’s less oxygen and less nutrients so if this is the case you may just need some salt okay especially if you notice you just started the keto program and you’re noticing wow my feet are cold well check your blood pressure if it’s low it could be the reason so you just add some salt that increases more volume because you have to also drink more water with that so you have more volume the fluid because when you do a keto diet you release a lot of fluid because all that carbohydrate retains fluid and sometimes you could end up with low blood pressure which is not a bad thing but you just need to add some salt and some fluids so you can then increase the volume of fluid going through your body and you’ll notice that a none improvement in the cold feet there’s other reasons for this too but it’s if it’s date coincidence with you doing keto then we know you just need more salt very simple number 3 diabetes poor circulation high levels of sugar start destroying your proteins and create all sorts of sticky proteins that block blood flow into the feet and the hands and that can start creating this symptom of course if you’re on keto and then fasting this should improve okay all right number four keto transition when you’re doing the keto and especially in a minute fasting you may have some cold feet for a short period of time why because you’re getting a metabolic shift and actually the thyroid is still trying to adapt to that so it may take a little bit of time for the thyroid to adapt to in a minute fasting and to the point where this cold goes away all right number five you’re anemic well there’s many different types of anemia two types one would be b12 deficiency and an iron deficiency but I never recommend just taking iron as a supplement you want to get it from food grass-fed liver would be a good thing to take to handle both the iron and b12 and but the point is you want to find out why you’re anemic in the first place because is it just that you’re not eating these foods or could you have a problem with your digestive system let’s say for example you don’t have enough stomach acid well that right there could be the reason why you can’t absorb iron or you have a problem with b12 or let’s say you’re menstruating and you’re losing blood well in that case you just need to have some you know grass-fed liver and that should handle it right there if you don’t like liver you can actually do rare meat that would actually handle it as well anyways I wanted to create a video of the five reasons why you may have cold feet thanks for watching so I want to thank you for being here and watching my videos if you haven’t already subscribed go ahead and do so so you can stay informed of future videos 

This Post Was All About 5 Reasons for Cold Feet.
5 Reasons for Cold Feet

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the possible reasons why you have cold feet.
1. Hypothyroid Condition – The thyroid controls metabolism.
2. Low Blood Pressure – There is less blood flow into the body which causes fewer nutrients and oxygen.
3. Diabetes (Poor Circulation) – The high levels of sugar start destroying the proteins and create a sticky protein that block blood flow into the feet and hands.
4. Keto Transition
It can occur for a short period of time because of the metabolic shift and the thyroid is still adapting to it.
5. Anemic

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