5 Potential Coronavirus Herbal Remedies

5 Potential Coronavirus Herbal Remedies

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More specifically, you want help with 5 Potential Coronavirus Herbal Remedies?

let’s talk about the five herbal
remedies for the coronavirus now this data is based on the research that was
done on a previous coronavirus there is some interesting data on this current
virus COVID-19 which I’m gonna include down below and check it out but I think
it’s really important to know about this simply because these herbs really are
targeted to your lungs and the coronaviruses tend to attack the lung out of
all the tissues now a lot of this research was done in China using
traditional Chinese herbs and it was taken from one of the oldest textbooks
in China called the treatise on cold damaged disease written in 220 AD so I’m
just gonna mention five of the herbs some of the herbs you can’t get in the
U.S. like Mei hung and there’s a couple others so number one there’s a chemical
called glycyrrhizin from black licorice which appears to be a very powerful
inhibitor for SARS and related coronaviruses and the study that I got
this data from which I put a link down below was actually in a very highly
credible paper and Lancet and it revealed very positive outcomes on the
respiratory system generating healthy mucus and there is also some interesting
data on how it can hit the hepatitis C virus and even HIV but this
phytonutrient in black licorice can increase the t-cells it has antiviral
properties and it has the ability to decrease the penetration of that virus
inside the cell in vitro which means tests that were done outside the body
the next promising herb is the mayberry leaf and then we get skullcap baicalin
which is one of the main chemicals in skullcap has shown to have anti-SARS-CoV-2 benefits and i’ll put that link down below and it does it by inhibiting
the receptor that that virus uses to enter this cell and just as a disclaimer
I’m not telling you any of these herbs are going to cure any viruses at all
this is primarily just for educational purposes so you can do your own research
now if you haven’t seen my video on how to boost the immune system I put it
right here check it out 

This Post Was All About 5 Potential Coronavirus Herbal Remedies.
5 Potential Coronavirus Herbal Remedies

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Could herbal remedies help with COVID-19? Check out these potential coronavirus remedies.


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Today, let’s talk about the five potential coronavirus remedies. These herbal remedies for coronavirus are targeted at your lungs. The coronavirus tends to attack the lungs out of all of the tissues. 

Potential coronavirus herbal remedies:

1. Glycyrrhizin 
This is a chemical from black licorice that appears to be a very powerful inhibitor for SARS and related coronaviruses.

2. Mayberry leaf

3. Skullcap (baicalin) 
One of the main chemicals in skullcap has shown to have anti-SARS-CoV-2 benefits. 

4. Chinese Cedar 

5. Elderberry 

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