5 Homemade Coffee Creamers That Will Change Your Morning Forever (& mobilize fat)

5 Homemade Coffee Creamers That Will Change Your Morning Forever (& mobilize fat)

5 Homemade Coffee Creamers That Will Change Your Morning Forever (& mobilize fat)

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More specifically, you want help with 5 Homemade Coffee Creamers That Will Change Your Morning Forever (& mobilize fat)?

let’s ditch the half-and-half for a while let’s ditch the heavy cream let’s go a different route let’s make our own creamer so this video is all about giving you options to cream your coffee okay ways that are gonna taste delicious but also have some added health benefit also have some added performance benefit if you want to go that route and if you’re following a low-carb protocol might even help you produce a little bit more in the way of ketones so let’s just dive into this and I think you’re gonna have a lot of fun with finding new ways to cream your coffee for different goals first I do want to make sure you hit that red subscribe button and then after you do that hit that little bell icon to turn on notifications that way you never miss our daily videos because we got them pumping out every single day these days alright let’s go ahead and jump in so the first thing that I want to talk about is combining ghee with vanilla now this is a really interesting way to cream your coffee and most people wouldn’t think of ghee as a delicious way to cream coffee but if you look at a lot of a different keto coffee and fat coffee recipes that are out there a lot of them do use ghee but most people focus on using coconut oil or MCT which is great I’m all for that but ghee is unique and I don’t want to throw it aside because it really does work well in coffee here’s the reason I like ghee and coffee okay first of all it’s a well-rounded taste that for whatever reason seems to cut the acidity but when it comes down to a health perspective ghee is a short chain fatty acid it’s high in what it’s called butyrate or butyric acid okay butyric acid feeds what are called epithelial cells they feed the cells that are in our gut so a short chain fatty acid is a fat that’s been broken down so much into its shortest form the reason that vegetables are so good the reason that we’re supposed to eat fiber is not just because it’s roughage but it gets broken down into short chain fatty acids that ultimately feed the lining of our gut they feed ourselves well butyric acid or butyrate is a short chain fatty acid and much like that I’m not saying that it’s gonna replace your vegetables but when it comes down to feeding the gut that could be very powerful now if we do take care of those epithelial cells and they survive we can fight off that potential of a leaky gut a little bit better where if we have a leaky gut we have what are called lipopolysaccharides that can leak into the bloodstream triggering all kinds of different issues point is it tastes tremendous but here’s what you do you take a couple tablespoons of ghee and you melt it down and you add some of these bad boys in it okay this is straight-up vanilla bean I don’t recommend you use vanilla extracts it’s a different ballgame use of Anila bean but in order to get the flavor of vanilla bean you have to kind of heat it so heat the ghee add the vanilla bean and then put that sucker in the fridge and use that as your creamer day in and day out so if you wanted to melt down a half a cup of ghee and use a half of a stick of vanilla bean and make it really vanilla you can you could and then you just would take a scoop of that because it’s going to consolidate when it’s in the fridge it’s gonna solidify and you add that to your coffee and voila you whip it up so we have the butyric acid but then we have the antioxidants coming from the vanilla cassada and from the vanillin this is in vanilla why do I want that so much well I love the reactive oxygen species fighting effect of vanilla specifically when it comes down to the gut again if we can control what is happening inside our body as far as antioxidants go as far as reactive oxygen species there’s a strong argument that you’ll be able to live a higher energy life right we’re because you’re not going to be fighting off free radicals all the time anyhow let’s move into the next one that one’s pretty simple and the next one’s going to be utilizing coconut cream so you can use coconut milk or coconut cream all coconut cream is is just a more consolidated coconut milk so you just get a regular can of coconut milk coconut cream and all we’re doing with that is mixing it with a little bit of cacao you can use cocoa or cacao but when it comes down to cacao I think you’re going to get a little bit more of a benefit as far as the flavanols go you see cacao is high in a specific flavanol known as epicatechin and that’s why I’m a big fan of it okay now it is what is called a myostatin inhibitors so when it comes down to building more muscle and things like that there’s actually a little bit of research and some evidence that shows that the epicatechin that’s in cacao could contribute to building more muscle because it inhibits myostatin myostatin is sort of your body’s natural no governor or limit a turd on how much muscle you can build now I’m not saying that if you have cacao you can build an endless amount of muscle but it’s just kind of a nice little benefit to have and we’re gonna add it to coffee but then when it comes down to the coconut cream I’m not necessarily in it for the MCTS I mean don’t get me wrong the medium trained triglycerides that are in coconut cream are pretty awesome right you’re going to get a huge benefit out of that when it comes down to a quick fuel when it comes down to keto in production but I’m a fan of the lauric acid let me explain a little bit about lauric acid that people don’t always talk about it’s a lauric acid is a unique saturated fat okay it’s a shorter chain to the fat and what that means in the world of saturated fats it absorbs and digests pretty darn quick but it also shows that since it absorbs and digests pretty quick that it’s going to create fuel faster now the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study that showed that lauric acid does metabolize faster and ultimately ends up creating fuel quicker so whether you’re doing a ketogenic diet or you’re just looking to have a higher fat alternative for your coffee you’re still getting a potential metabolic fuel benefit now the other piece that gets kind of done a nerdy route is lauric acid activates something known as PPAR alpha PPAR alpha is a protein as part of the part of our kind of our DNA transcription system so basically what happens is when PPAR alpha is activated our body is in essence mimicking almost a fasted state we’re mobilizing more lipids for example when you are fasting or when you are on a ketogenic diet your body does increase its level of PBA our alpha that is activated because this has to do with lipid mobilization so mono Lauren again lauric acid turning into mono Lauren triggers more PPAR alpha complicated and crazy stuff but basically all you’re doing is you’re taking a little bit of coconut cream taking a little bit of cacao and it’s that simple now what I would recommend doing is mixing this up separately before you put it in your coffee because what’s gonna happen is the cacao see how it kind of floats to the top you want to mix this up and probably even whip it up and then make a good amount of it put it in the fridge and then just add it to your coffee everyday because once again just like with the ghee when you add the coconut cream in the fridge it’s going to consolidate it’s gonna solidify which makes it so it doesn’t do this sort of floatation things so if you whip it up really good another thing that you can do is you can use a powdered creamer so Laird has this really cool and layered superfood creamer is an awesome brand by the way they’re also a huge supporter of this channel so big thank you to them but like this is pure coconut milk powder aqua min which is calcium that comes from marine algae and then extra virgin coconut oil so we’re still getting the Lord acid effect so if you want to have something that mixes a little bit easier you may want to use this stuff they also have a bunch of different flavors I’ll go ahead and I’ll put a link down hello they’ve got a superfood creamer that’s mixed with a cow they’ve got a superfood creamer that’s mixed with turmeric they’ve got a chocolate mint one they’ve got their unsweetened one so a whole world of different creamers highly highly highly recommend them you can use this stuff in place of coconut cream at any point so for example if I wanted to use a tablespoon of this powder I can mix that into a cup along with some cocoa cacao I can mix it up with ginger I can kind of make my own or you can use any of the ones that they have to offer so special link down below make sure you check them out after you watch this video we’ll talk a little bit more about them and some of the other ones that I do next one I want to talk about is utilizing hemp milk so people don’t usually think of hemp as a way to cream your coffee are usually looking at almond creamers usually looking at cashew nut creamers and things like that I’m not a big fan of using those and here’s why the phytic acid content especially first thing in the morning it’s not really what we want to do doing phytic acid is something that ki lates minerals and nutrients within the gut so for example if you were to have a bunch of almonds or a bunch of almond milk first thing in the morning there’s a high likelihood that you couldn’t be chelating some of the minerals in your body now if you’re doing a low carb diet or anything like that it’s not something you want to be having in the equation you don’t want to be accumulating the valuable minerals that you need because when you’re doing a low carb diet your kidneys are generally expelling extra water that means you’re expelling extra electrolytes or expelling sodium potassium things like that now if you have something coming in like almonds in excess well then your chelating what little minerals you do absorb which means that you’re inhibiting absorption even higher and the cool thing about the hemp milk is that hemp milk is going to be a complete protein so in addition and not having the phytic acid you’re also getting complete full spectrum of protein but let’s be real for a minute you’re probably not having coffee creamer to get protein in anyhow if you just mix up a little bit of hemp milk this one’s gonna be what I call a sweet and spicy one so we’re gonna add a little bit of cayenne now here’s the cool thing research actually does suggest that Cayenne does increase thermogenesis what that means is indirectly it can elevate your core body temperature which could play a role in your body overall burning fat not saying you’re magically going to burn fat by adding in cayenne but still pretty compelling evidence even a couple of percentage increase in your core body temperature could be pretty darn cool additionally it activates something called nuclear factor Kappa B which is a genetic transcription factor that has to do with inflammation within the body again I’m careful not to say that it’s going to totally get rid of inflammation or anything like that but indirectly if we can modulate inflammation a little bit more than the body can operate a little bit more efficiently but here’s where it gets a little bit fun if you combine Cayenne with cinnamon not only do you get an interesting kind of you know sugar and spice kind of taste but you actually get an effect that mimics insulin within the body so what cinnamon contains is something known as methyl hydroxy chalcone polymer what this does is it mimics insulin so when the body sees cinnamon coming in it acts as if there’s insulin which means that the cells open up and take up blood glucose they take up blood sugar without insulin so what you have to understand is that insulin triggers the body to be in absorptive phase there’s sort of this hormonal cascade that occurs when insulin levels are high when insulin levels are high our body just wants to store fat and that’s never a good thing but if insulin levels are low but the cells are operating as if there’s insulin that means the glucose that’s floating through the bloodstream can come into the cell lowering our blood sugar but still giving the cell the fuel that it needs so therefore first thing in the morning it’s a great way to potentially bring down your blood sugar and have a nice even keeled reaction throughout the rest of the day because one of the reasons that we end up craving food is because we go on this blood sugar roller coaster ride so that’s a great little combination there so again you’ve got cinnamon we’ve got some cayenne we’ve got the hemp and then you can add some stevia you can add some monk fruit to it and once again with the hemp it’s not gonna really solidify so no real need to put this in the fridge if you don’t want to you can just make this as something that’s good to go and again you can use like a layered creamer again you can use a powdered creamer to mix with the cinnamon to mix with the cayenne if you don’t want to do it with the hemp I just thought it was something different that you might want to experiment with okay now the next one that I want to talk about is one that’s really fascinating so same kind of thing again this one is a little bit more about digestion if you’re someone that wakes up with a little bit of acid reflux oh you’re someone that wakes up with a little bit of a sour stomach generally this might be a good one for you and it’s one that I tested out an experiment a little while ago so again we’re gonna use coconut cream and this way you can get it when it’s in its liquid form if it’s at room temperature or if it’s a little bit warmer okay and then we’re taking once again we’re taking a little bit of cacao if you want just a tiny bit here but in this case I’m adding some ginger ok what’s cool is that there’s these things called ginger rolls that are in ginger what’s cool about the ginger is that in different studies in culturing cells now we got a full disclaimer this is in cultured cells not in an active human body it’s been shown to increase glucose uptake but if you see that happening in cultured cells there’s a very good likelihood it’s going to happen in regular human cells as well so what that means is that it’s going to allow the utilization of glucose better so this is great but additionally we have an anti-inflammatory effect that happens at the digestive level so this could be really good just for overall feeling good within your digestive system and having that balance throughout the rest of the day and then the last piece of this one is going to be adding mint okay there’s two different ways that you can do this okay you can take coconut cream coconut milk whatever heat it up add a couple of mint leaves so that the mint oil gets into it and kind of infuses it with mint or you can actually take little chunks of mint that if you don’t really care end up getting in your coffee then you know so be it that’s the way that I would do it where I’d pulverize mint the best that I can so essentially you have a chocolate ginger mint creamer that tastes really really good in coffee and interesting enough whenever you add mint to coffee or anything like that you’re also getting that cut of acidity so if you’re normally using a coffee that feels very acidic then this tastes really good this is one of my favorite ones to add to cold brew cold brew is already smooth and not acidic but this one also you don’t have to heat it up so much so you can add it to something cool and it’s gonna work really well and once again you can use like a superfood creamer you can use layered let me kind of show you what that would look like a little bit more so in this case you could just use a little bit of powdered creamer you could combine it with a little bit of ginger this guy and in this case you’re just making sort of a powdered creamer so that stuff’s pretty Universal for that that’s what makes it kind of fun so the long and the short of it is no matter what your situation is there’s always going to be a little bit of a solution okay so in this case we have the coconut cream in the cacao which is going to be good just for a good tasting one we’ve got the ghee in the vanilla bean which is gonna be good for the epithelial cells be good for the gut be good for gut inflammation then we had the hint milk one we’re combining with cinnamon and cayenne going for that sugar and spice kind of effect which is good for overall glucose transport and then the last thing we have the chocolate mint variation which is good for a little bit more digestive health but all these are using some form of healthy fat okay whether it’s gonna be coming from the coconut cream the MCT is the lauric acid or coming from the butyric acid that you’re getting from the ghee that’s the common theme here we want to satiate we want to make sure the cells are getting the fuel that they need but we also want to help the body stimulate the production of ketones if you’re doing a low-carb diet so all these are different things that you can try and again I highly recommend that you check out layered superfoods that you can use they’re powdered creamer you can use or unsweetened kind or you can use some of the other ones like they’re chocolate mint or they’re one with turmeric or they’ve got one with cacao a whole world of different flavors they also have some different coffees that you can check out too so highly recommend you check them out down in the description below and as always keep it locked in here on my channel [Music] 

This Post Was All About 5 Homemade Coffee Creamers That Will Change Your Morning Forever (& mobilize fat).
5 Homemade Coffee Creamers That Will Change Your Morning Forever (& mobilize fat)

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Let’s make our OWN CREAMER! I’m talking tasty creamers to add to your morning coffee that have amazing health and PERFORMANCE benefits!! Let’s dive in and I’ll see you in the COMMENTS!!

1) Coconut Cream + Cacao

Coconut Cream

Coconut cream is basically the same thing as coconut milk, except the coconut meat-to-water ratio is about four-to-one

The exact antimicrobial compounds that coconut oil contains in coconut cream, too – contains lauric acid, which converts to monolaurin in the body

Additionally, lauric acid activates PPARα and PPARγ and increases fat metabolism.

Lauric acid itself is metabolized faster than other saturated fats and is burned as fuel more quickly than palmitic, stearic, oleic, elaidic, linoleic, or linolenic fatty acids. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2000

Lauric acid and monolaurin (lauric acid attached to glycerol backbone) have potent antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties, including against H. pylori, Candida, Clostridium, and E. Coli.

Microbes aren’t able to evolve resistance to lauric acid and monolaurin because they work through three mechanisms: (i) destruction of gram-positive bacterial cell membranes and lipid-coated viruses, (ii) interference with microbial signal transduction and transcription, and (iii) stabilization of human cell membranes.

Lauric acid/monolaurin is the strongest antimicrobial in human breastmilk. Furthermore, lauric acid levels are lower in sick mothers and infants. Nutrients 2017


Minerals: Rich in copper, iron, manganese, and magnesium – antioxidants: Rich in catechins, flavanols, and polyphenols that protect against oxidative stress and inflammation.

Improved blood pressure and flow

Myostatin restricts muscle growth to prevent hypertrophy – Epicatechin decreases the myostatin production in the body and it increases the production of another protein called follistatin

This protein promotes muscle growth and helps minimize the effect of myostatin in the body

2) Ghee + Vanilla Bean

Unlike butter, ghee and other types of clarified butter contain virtually no lactose and are very low in casein – also contains butyric acid

3) Laird Superfood Creamer + Turmeric

Laird Superfood Creamer

Coconut Milk Powder
Organic Coconut Sugar
Aquamin (calcium from marine algae)
Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Shelf stable
No artificial flavors, colors, or additives
No highly-refined sugar

4) Hemp Milk + Cinnamon + Cayenne + Stevia


Cinnamon has the ability to imitate the activity of insulin in the body


Increases thermogenesis + it’s been shown to inactivate NF-kB


Stevia increases insulin secretion by stimulating pancreatic cells and improves insulin sensitivity

Steviosides are used by lactobacilli and bifidobacteria as a nutrient source

5) Coconut Cream + Ginger + Mint


Blood glucose control: Gingerols, particularly (S)-[6]- and (S)-[8]- gingerol, promoted glucose uptake significantly in (cultured rat) skeletal muscle cells

Mint (peppermint has some cool benefits)

Peppermint helps with digestive issues is because it activates an anti-pain channel in the colon:

Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student:

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