5 Easy Healthy Snack Ideas For School, Work, Traveling, or If You’re On The Go

5 Easy Healthy Snack Ideas For School, Work, Traveling, or If You’re On The Go

5 Easy Healthy Snack Ideas For School, Work, Traveling, or If You’re On The Go

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More specifically, you want help with 5 Easy Healthy Snack Ideas For School, Work, Traveling, or If You’re On The Go?

what’s happening guys tomorrow I’m gonna be traveling I’m going to Miami for my best friend Knicks bachelor party and pretty much every time I travel somewhere it’s like a ritual for me to pack a bag of snacks just to kind of help me hit my macro goals my calorie goals for the days that I’ll be traveling and it just makes it a lot easier to kind of stay on track with my diet and also gives me some flexibility and with things that I can eat while I’m traveling but I thought I’d be interesting and I thought something eyes would like it if I showed you the snacks that I’m typically bringing with me know I’m traveling somewhere so let’s put the stack bag together and do this guy’s all right so every time I travel guys I always bring with me protein powder and that’s because I can really always hit my fat and car back or new trinkles when I’m traveling because you know you’re eating out a bunch but getting enough protein in during the day seems to be a challenge when I’m traveling so just a super convenient way for me to get some added protein into my day help me hit my protein goal when I’m traveling and also a cheaper way because when you’re eating out if you’re eating out and eating a lot of protein it’s expensive guys plus when I find myself at the end of the day and I didn’t need enough protein I’m just slugged down a couple of protein shakes and boom I know I had my goal for the day and it’s super great now what I will say is you have to pack your protein powder super carefully when you’re flying because if you don’t protein powder ends up all over your suitcase and your clothes and I’m speaking from experience guys so what I like to do is I like to put my protein powder inside a large ziploc bag and I like to put that ziploc bag inside another large ziploc bag and then I put those two bags inside a grocery bag that’s kind super tight and following that system has pretty much ensured that protein powder stays inside the protein powder bag and not all over my stuff so the protein powder is actually a fantastic lead-in to the next thing I pretty much always bring with me and that is protein bars guys specifically the quest protein bars because like we said before eating all of your protein out at restaurants it’s super expensive so this is kind of a cheaper way to get protein into your day without having to eat out every meal but what I really really love about the quest bars in particular is how much fiber there isn’t these and typically when I’m traveling I’m not eating a ton of fiber because I’m just out of my routine so I’m not eating a ton of vegetables a ton of fruit a ton of fiber and he’s helped me stay regular guys so if you have a problem going to the bathroom when you’re traveling just at a couple of these in your day or one of these in your day and I guarantee you guys you will not have a problem that there’s been a total game changer for that with me and I’m pretty much eating one of these every single day when I’m traveling so I think you guys are starting to notice a pattern with things that I like to bring with me usually if they have protein them and this product is no different I love bringing beef jerky with me when I’m traveling anywhere you can eat this anywhere it’s great it adds protein into your day the macros on beef jerky are nice as well just the pro tip is don’t buy this at the airport don’t buy this at the gas station or Walgreens buy this at your grocery store and bring it with you ahead of time and you’ll save yourself a bunch of money I especially love eating this is the beach so it’s coming to Miami with me since we’re on salty stuff now guys the next thing I love to bring with me when I’m traveling is sunflower seeds and I know somebody’s writing in the comments right now I’m talking about how salty some of these things are but if you eat enough potassium and you drink enough water guys you’re gonna be totally okay that is of course if you don’t have a condition like high blood pressure something like that where you have to watch your salt intake but I don’t have anything like that and I always make sure I eat enough potassium and water especially when I’m consuming high salty foods anyways haters gonna hate guys a few reasons why I love sunflower seeds number one they’re cheap number two and probably my favorite reason they take forever forever to eat no take you like over an hour and a half to eat this entire bag and that is like continuously eating this bag which I don’t even recommend because I think if you eat this entire bag in one sitting your tongue turns to sandpaper and number three there’s just endless flavor options I recommend going to the barbecue because the barbecue tastes like barbecue potato chips at least I think it does and it is great guys that’s just a few reasons why I love sunflower seeds so much but like I said I’m always conscious of getting enough potassium and water into my day if I’m having high salty foods like this so that brings us to the fifth and final thing I love to bring with me when I’m traveling and the self flower seeds were actually a great lead-in to this and that is dry roasted edamame guys this like brings everything full circle what I love about this is that these actually have more potassium than a banana per 30 gram serving so from having salty stuff like those sunflower seeds this is a great balance to that super salty food that I’ll be consuming and also what I love about this tons of protein this bag was only $1 79 and you get almost 40 grams of protein guys which is just awesome per serving it’s 4 grams of fat 10 carbs 7 which is fiber and 13 grams of protein this is like my ultimate mindless snacking food but what are your snack ideas do you have any different snack ideas that you have as go-to s when you’re traveling let me know in the comments below if you liked today’s video it’d mean the world to me if you hit the like button the thumbs up button the video you want to pick up any of my snack ideas all the links are in the video description below to do that subscribe if you’re not subscribed yet and I will see you guys in the next video [Music]

This Post Was All About 5 Easy Healthy Snack Ideas For School, Work, Traveling, or If You’re On The Go.
5 Easy Healthy Snack Ideas For School, Work, Traveling, or If You're On The Go

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My BEST 5 easy healthy snack ideas for when I’m traveling! These healthy snacks are great for school, work, or if you’re on the go, and they’re great for weight loss too.

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