4 Week Keto Shred Challenge – Exactly What to Eat

4 Week Keto Shred Challenge – Exactly What to Eat

4 Week Keto Shred Challenge – Exactly What to Eat

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who wants to do a keto and intermittent fasting plan with me to get in the best shape of their life for summer okay this plan is all about getting lean in a relatively short amount of time but doing it the healthy way okay so we’re going to go over everything this whole challenge is going to go from may 1st to may 31st however full disclaimer if you’re visiting this video later on the plan still works in the live broadcast and everything is still going to be active this is just for the current subscribers that want to take part in this right now for may here you go otherwise it’s all good now this whole plan is modeled after a little experiment that i did back in february where i learned well if i fluctuate high fat with low fat days but still keep my calories relatively the same i had amazing results take a look at my three-week transformation picture right here all right so everyone wanted a challenge so let’s go and have some fun with this so what this is is it’s gonna be three different days we’re gonna have a standard keto day then we’re gonna have a high protein low fat day where the calories are still going to be about the same it’s just macronutrients are going to be skewed towards protein and then we have an intermittent fasting day that’s going to happen right after the high protein low fat day so we’ll explain this i know it sounds complicated but when it’s broken down it’s actually very very very simple i will be doing live broadcasts for coaching quick reminder this video was filmed before everything happened with the pandemic so originally this was going to go out for the summer but we had to bump everything back we wanted to do it a strategic time when people are ready to make a change of their life so this challenge now starts from october 1st through the end of october and there’s going to be live broadcasts every monday during the month of october so that way you can interact with me and ask me questions things like that so disregard the dates that are on the whiteboard okay this is real this is authentic hiccups happen craziness pandemics happen so anyhow enjoy the challenge i’m excited to do these live broadcasts with you and let’s rock and roll now full disclaimer i have my second kiddo being born in may so there’s a chance that we might have to just massage those dates a little bit but i’ll make sure i let everyone know if you’re watching this video later on then these live broadcasts are going to be posted down in the description below so you can still watch them butcher box is going to be offering a special discount for anyone that is taking part in this challenge that means you can get your grass-fed grass-finished meat you can get your chicken you can get your salmon you can get your scallops and all that stuff delivered right to your doorstep at a much better price than most grocery stores so they’re sponsoring this whole challenge so super big shout out to them and make sure you check them out there’s a link down below it’s going to save you some money and also get you some special add-ons so make sure you check them out after we go through everything here you’ll be able to provide all the meat for this whole whole challenge here i also linked out to a private facebook group that i’ve used for other challenges this way you can have some banter you can have some interaction i’ll hop in there from live to time so there’s a link to a facebook group i know not everyone has facebook but it makes it so it’s interactive and so we get a nice just group of people in here that we can all talk about we can all complain about what we’re suffering through and we can all talk about our wins so make sure you join that group too so you can be a part of it’s totally free it’s just so that we can engage together so what we have here just to give you before we get into the exact foods we have a standard keto day which is going to be relatively high fat moderate protein and a good amount of veggies okay then two days per week we’re gonna do a high protein low fat day i do not want these days consecutive okay so a good rule of thumb would be to do your high protein day on a monday and a thursday but you can juggle it i just don’t want them back to back i want your intermittent fasting day to immediately follow whatever high protein low fat day you do so for example if your high protein low fat day falls on monday your intermittent fasting day should fall on tuesday if it falls on thursday your intermittent fasting day should be on friday there’s a strategic reason for that to help you activate specific receptor proteins that can potentially help you utilize more fat this is what i discovered in my challenge myself all right so let’s just go through this pretty smoothly and quick standard keto day your breakfast is going to be coffee or tea with one tablespoon of ghee ghee is going to help support the gut that is what we want to feed those gut cells i love the taste of ghee and coffee and tea you can use coconut oil as an alternative i want you to eat two whole eggs okay now if you like smoked salmon if you like locks i would love for you to add two ounces of good quality locks not norwegian okay that stuff has a lot of uh contaminants in it okay so go for whatever you can go for the socket if you can you don’t have to it’s just optional and then half of a medium avocado so we get that oleic acid which activates again ppar alpha basically this downstream pathway to help your body utilize more fat via oil ethanolomine from oleic acid complicated jargon talk about it later lunch six ounces of lean ground beef okay that’s the nice thing about butcher box is their meat is pretty lean so you can go with that or go to the grocery store whatever you want to do six ounces of lean ground beef make a burger or you can substitute ground turkey if you want to go for that you’re just making a burger then i want one cup of either broccoli asparagus or brussels sprouts that’s one cup measured cooked okay i want it steamed if you can if you have to bake it grill it that’s fine too but i prefer it steamed then i want two tablespoons of olive oil drizzled on the veggies or two tablespoons of mayonnaise if you like mayonnaise put on top of the burger okay so you see we’re getting our fats in here and we’re trying to prime our body with a lot of fats and then when we go to the high protein low fat day we’re going to take the fats away so the body has no choice but to burn our stored fat tissue okay then i want one ounce of goat cheese or feta okay goat cheese and feta is just less impactful in your body from an inflammatory standpoint it’s more of what is called a2 casein proteins not gonna waste the time here it’s just a healthier cheese option you can go with regular cheese if you wish and if you’re used to it but i strongly prefer this then one tablespoon of coconut butter coconut butter is not coconut oil it’s like peanut butter almond butter sunflower butter except it’s made from coconuts and it is so dang good and this serves as your treat i want this one tablespoon of coconut butter to be like your dessert after lunch so good so high in fat the good lauric acid kind of fats then with dinner six ounces of shrimp or scallops or last option lean chicken i want shrimp or scallops but i know everyone isn’t going to always agree with me there very easy to digest okay it lacks some of the connective tissue that normally makes protein harder to physically digest so you assimilate potentially more of that protein so i highly recommend that otherwise a lean chicken breast would do okay very very good again you can get that through butcher box or just go from some organic chicken breast at your local grocery store then i want you to consume one of my most favorite things which is asparagus i want you to have anywhere from six to 15 stalks of asparagus and i want you to add a little bit of avocado oil just a tablespoon or two just to drizzle it on there and try adding nutritional yeast to this take a look at the little clip with my asparagus nutritional yeast it is delicious you put a little bit of salt on it really is something that satiates you and gets your b vitamins in two tablespoons of ghee on top of your protein so what i recommend with your shrimp or scallops is you’re almost making like a butter sauce you take that two tablespoons of ghee you can add some oregano you can add some salt pepper make a butter sauce with it and also get your good fats in and lastly one ounce of macadamia nuts full disclaimer all these numbers can be reduced or expanded depending on how much you normally eat i just wanted to set a basic baseline this is similar to what i would consume you can reduce or expand i just want the ratios to stay the same for example if you normally have six ounces of lean ground beef and you want to increase it to eight ounces that would be a 25 increase so i want you to just increase everything accordingly supplements fish oil good quality fish oil i can’t tell you how much because it’s gonna vary in the person but i recommend at least a few capsules uh probably about four to five hundred milligrams of good quality magnesium and about 300 milligrams of a good quality coenzyme q10 to help with energy metabolism in ketosis now let’s move in to the fun thing high protein low fat day this is where the calories ultimately stay close to the same but you will burn more fat and you will get in shape for summer because it is powerful powerful powerful so breakfast you’re going to seem like you’re eating a lot of food here six to ten ounces depending on the person the size of the person lean chicken either ground or breast i know that seems odd for breakfast but it’s just two days a week if i told you eating this two days a week would help you lose a lot of fat would you do it i’m sure you would optional if you want to reduce the amount of chicken you can do like a few ounces of chicken and some egg whites i normally don’t recommend egg whites however i understand i’d rather you do egg whites and chicken than just skip this all together one and a half cups of spinach wilted with apple cider vinegar you can just throw it in a saucepan with a little teeny teeny tiny bit of oil to wilt it and then add a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar just to mix it up it tastes really really good if you’re training if you’re doing a lot of weight draining feel free to add a scoop of protein powder with some almond milk or excuse me a half a scoop of protein powder with some almond milk just to get a little bit more protein and the goal is we’re reducing fat calories so we want to make sure we’re making them up with protein calories okay moving into lunch still a lot of protein here 10 to 12 ounces of lean meat or steak i would usually recommend here if you can fillet i know it’s a little bit more expensive but it is lean flank steak something like that or very lean ground beef lean burger but you’re going 10 to 12 ounces a good amount here two cups of veggies we’re increasing veggies dramatically to keep you full but also because the veggies inside your gut the fiber gets broken down into butyrate which is very very similar to the ketone that we’re trying to get beta hydroxy butyrate molecularly very similar i.e more veggies could potentially help us get more ketones which helps us burn more fat without having to add more fat in right two tablespoons of olive oil on the veggies just because it’s low fat doesn’t mean i don’t add some fat in okay i still want some fat in there and olive oil activates so many thermogenic properties we might as well do it if you enjoy them don’t close out this video simply because you don’t like this i had them in my experiment so why not throw them in one can of oysters and olive oil but i drained and rinsed them i like the oysters because of the zinc okay helps out the thyroid just good and quite honestly i enjoy them so by all means midday mid pm between lunch and dinner this is the only time i would ever recommend having a snack and it’s on this day 30 to 50 gram pea or whey isolate protein shake okay mix that up with almond milk so 30 to 50 grams of protein coming in there yes we’re keeping protein high but we have to do that to keep our calories where we want them so we’re not dropping them too much and then dinner time this is where we get to have some fun 10 to 12 ounces again of a filet flank steak or sockeye salmon which you think is a fatty fish and it is but it’s actually pretty lean okay you’re only talking a few grams of fat there and then or scallops okay now that’d be a lot of ounces worth of scallops so i understand if you don’t want to do that one tablespoon ghee to make a butter sauce but then also one tablespoon of heavy cream to make a butter sauce so you mix the ghee and the cream make yourself a butter sauce just melt it down even you can even use the microwave if you want and then add some spices add some garlic add some whatever you want in there to make like a butter sauce again we’re adding most of the fats at dinner time the rest of the day keeping it pretty lean asparagus or another prebiotic veggie okay so what i mean by that is asparagus artichoke even onions to be completely honest but you can look up what prebiotic veggie you want the most and then after dinner before bed optional you can do six ounces of yogurt plus a scoop of pea protein to get your protein up more totally optional if you feel like you need it supplements the same as your regular keto day except because you’re having so much protein i would recommend adding some enzymes or your favorite probiotic in there i’m not going to give you brand names or anything like that you just use your judgment there now the intermittent fasting day this is where you’re probably going to have the most fat burning so this column here primes you and gets you ready to burn fat this high protein low fat day kick starts the enzymatic and the actual cellular processes and this day burns the fat itself okay so for the morning in your intermittent fasting day you’re going to wake up and i prefer that you work out fasted but on this day no need to do heavy weight training if you don’t want to just do some cardio you’re already activating fat burning processes so just go do cardio and you’re good to go 20 30 40 50 whatever whatever you feel like doing and then just have some fun with that post workout you don’t need to have your food you stay fasted coffee and tea is okay as long as it’s black and no sweeteners and no creamers at all magnesium is okay if you’re feeling weak if you’re starting to feel like ah dang i don’t have energy take a couple hundred milligrams of magnesium uh melee or dye magnesium malate salt water simple water with a little bit of pink himalayan salt or redmond real salt in the morning it’s okay to have apple cider vinegar plus a little bit of lemon juice and a little bit of cayenne to kick start thermogenic processes and kick start the digestive system a little bit and i want you to practice lowering your cortisol before breaking a fast what that means is taking five minutes to do some deep breathing before breaking a fast that you bring hormone values down that would normally cause you to store the meal that you’re about to eat separate side note and i have a separate video for intermittent fasting and building muscle so i won’t spend a lot of time but if you’re working on building muscle try working out at the end of your fast first first thing in the morning okay work out at the end of your fast and then break your fast then when it comes time to break your fast eight ounces of bone broth would be ideal you don’t have to but it helps get the gut prepared then your first meal six to eight ounces of lean lean lean lean as lean as possible repeat as lean as possible fish chicken or worst case scenario a shake if you’re on the run i would prefer pea protein shake over whey protein shake at this point in time because your body’s sensitive and i don’t want the inflammatory compounds coming in from the whey optional you can do a five ounce red potato i know that’s not keto but what it’s going to do at the end of the fast is it is going to allow that protein to get into storage a little bit better and i promise it might kick you out of keto for like 30 minutes but then you’ll be back in it it’s something that i would typically do then one to four hours later depending on how long you fast i recommend fasting for 16 hours minimum okay so you’re to take the time that you’ve finished your last meal and go 16 hours and then break your fast but you can go all the way up to 20 or 22 if you wish then what you’re going to do is your dinner 5 to 8 ounces of a regular meat this is your time to enjoy a fattier cut of meat if you want to have a rib eye or if you want to have a new york steak or if you want to have a juicier burger this is your time that’s why the protein count is a little lower because we’re getting some more calories from the fats i normally don’t want fatty cuts of meat i normally want the fats coming in from other sources but in this case you’ve been fasting enjoy the good meat okay but i do want you to practice cooking it in some avocado oil or ghee if you’re pan searing or pan cooking it put some ghee or avocado oil in there and it will help protect you from the carcinogenic compounds that form when you heat meat to a high degree it makes a big difference especially with ghee then two ounces yes two ounces that’s a good amount of cheese i don’t care what cheese you use to be honest but again my recommendation is always going to be goat or feta try to go for good clean quality cheese not low quality fake cheddar okay one to two cups of veggies of your choice as long as they’re not high carb with a drizzle of toasted sesame oil this stuff is dirt cheap and it is a hidden gem okay recent science is finding that the polyunsaturated fats in sesame oil are protected by very unique compounds in the sesame oil itself okay they’re called sesame and sesamole and toasted sesame has another one called sesamolan explosion right okay but that nerd explosion yields some really cool results it makes it so that the good quality polyunsaturated fats remain stable anyhow i digress then before bed optional shake again if we want to get more protein this would be applicable if you’re doing a lot of weight training and then supplements the same as keto day except i want you to double the amount of fish oil you’re taking because i want to really quell inflammation levels okay then you just go right back into standard keto day and you get your nice little sequence going okay a nice little routine you could even go standard keto day high protein day intermittent fasting day in that order and just recycle okay really simple so i’ll see you on may 11th and if you’re watching this later make sure you check out the live broadcast down below so let’s go ahead and let’s have some fun with this and don’t forget to get your meat from butcher box so that you can save some money and also help support this channel and i will see you soon in live broadcast let’s do this

This Post Was All About 4 Week Keto Shred Challenge – Exactly What to Eat.
4 Week Keto Shred Challenge - Exactly What to Eat

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