4 Ways to Lower Ammonia in the Brain

4 Ways to Lower Ammonia in the Brain

4 Ways to Lower Ammonia in the Brain

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now today we’re gonna talk about ammonia and the toxicity in the brain now I have done some videos on ammonia before especially if you have a strong odor in your urine and what that comes from this is mainly going to be the toxic effect in your brain it’s not a bad thing but when you’re fasting or you’re doing the ketogenic diet you’re generating a lot of ketones as your fuel ketones are acidic ammonia is basic so ammonia is generated to counter some of the acidity from the ketones it’s not a bad thing your body is just compensating for the acidic urine so if you’re fasting and your urine is very very strong like ammonia I would not worry about it and now if you’re consuming a lot of protein you may smell like an ammonia type odor that can be either some ammonia or just a really concentrated byproduct of ammonia which is called urea which is less toxic that is usually not a problem unless you have liver damage now if you have liver damage or kidney damage you may not break down ammonia Foley to urea and so it could actually build up and it could back up into the brain as well but ammonia is a byproduct of protein amino acids now the friendly bacteria in your gut also make proteins they make neurotransmitters so if there’s an imbalance with your microbes you could actually generate excessive amounts of ammonia and that’s one cause of ammonia in your brain as well it’s from the gut and one of the solutions medically is that they use an antibiotic to lower ammonia of course I have a different viewpoint on that but if your gut is not right that could affect what’s going on in the brain when ammonia elevates in the brain it can really be toxic to the neurons and affect your clarity of thinking your cognitive function your mood and you can actually even go into a coma from that now if you also over exercise that could produce a problem because your body is in this catabolic a breakdown Effect of amino acids so this ammonia could come from that potential now another interesting thing relates to this bacterium glyphosate from Ronda Peretti it’s an herbicide in GMO products really goes after your bacteria in your gut and one of the deficiencies that’s created is a manganese deficiency and manganese is essential in producing enzymes to break down ammonia so if you’re generating ammonia from your gut bacteria that could be the manganese deficiency from what you’re eating you’re just having too much glyphosate and that’s really the underlying cause which is in so many foods so as a natural remedy manganese can help detoxify ammonia another natural remedy to lessen the amount of ammonia in your body is sauerkraut why because you’re enhancing the friendly bacteria plus it’s a prebiotic or fiber which feeds the microbes so it’s a pre and a probiotic vegetables will give you the fiber to make more friendly bacteria as well as the phytonutrients to help the liver in the phase 1 phase 2 detoxification so vegetables do help the liver and the kidney detoxify waste also go on a moderate protein diet try not to do too much especially if you have a liver problem or a kidney issue because that can just generate too much ammonia alright so there you have it these are the four things that can help reduce ammonia in your body so if you want more knowledge on how to create a healthy body subscribe now and get daily notifications

This Post Was All About 4 Ways to Lower Ammonia in the Brain.
4 Ways to Lower Ammonia in the Brain

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Elevated ammonia in the brain can affect your mental clarity, cognitive function, and more. Here’s what to do.

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0:41 Protein and ammonia 
1:00 Liver damage/kidney damage and ammonia 
1:10 What is ammonia?
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1:48 Ammonia in the brain
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Today, we’re going to talk about ammonia and ammonia toxicity in the brain. 

When you’re fasting or doing the ketogenic diet, you’re generating a lot of ketones which are acidic. Ammonia is generated to counter some of the acidity of the ketones. This isn’t a bad thing.

If you consume a lot of protein, you may also smell ammonia, which is usually not a problem unless you have liver damage. 

If you have liver damage or kidney damage, you may not break down ammonia fully to urea. This can cause it to build up and back up into the brain. 

What is ammonia?
Ammonia is a by-product of protein. 

An imbalance of your microbes can also generate excessive amounts of ammonia, which is one cause of ammonia in your brain. 
Ammonia in the brain:
When ammonia elevates in the brain, it can be toxic to the neurons and affect your mental clarity, cognitive function, mood, and can even cause a coma. 

Over-exercising or glyphosate from GMO products can also cause too much ammonia. 

Natural remedies to lessen the amount of ammonia in your body:

1. Sauerkraut 
2. Veggies
3. Moderate protein 
4. Manganese

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