4 Ways to Increase Mental Performance | Cognitive Boost Routine | Life Optimization- Thomas DeLauer

4 Ways to Increase Mental Performance | Cognitive Boost Routine | Life Optimization- Thomas DeLauer

4 Ways to Increase Mental Performance | Cognitive Boost Routine | Life Optimization- Thomas DeLauer

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performing at an optimal level mentally requires a certain series of kind of events like for example on days when I’m filming a bunch of videos I know that I need to be super articulate I need to be on my game my vocabulary needs to be good I need to be able to retain information I need to be able to have the repository of information that I already have in my brain be readily accessible so what I’ve done is I’ve actually written down what I do on a day where I need to use my brain and I figured I’d share with you guys because you all have those situations where you’re gonna have a day where you need to use your brain more than another day maybe you have a really important meeting or maybe you’re gonna be on camera or maybe you’re meeting someone important so I’m gonna walk you through a four step routine that’s gonna be nutrition based exercise based some what supplement based and also lifestyle based so you can have four different things that you can do all within a different vertical to help make it so that you have the most optimized day and this is something that I’ve refined over the years so we’re gonna have a lot of fun with this so let’s go ahead and let’s dive right in but first you are tuned into the Internet’s leading performance nutrition and fat loss channel new videos every single Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time but why not we do them throughout the rest of the week as well also make sure you hit that little Bell button that will allow you to turn on notifications so you never miss a beat whenever I post an educational video but more importantly you’ll never miss when I do a live broadcast where it actually answer questions live so without further ado let’s get into my mental optimization routine alright so the first thing I want to talk about here is just the nutrition side of things and this is very basic it’s just a one-trick pony little thing that you can do I’m not gonna overwhelm your brain okay that is do whatever you possibly can to keep your blood sugar stable even if that means going to somewhat extreme measures you see the brain runs on glucose so if we have constant herbs and flows and glucose we’re gonna have surges in brain activity that are gonna make it so that different areas of our brain are receiving different electrical impulses so when you look at any kind of MRI of the brain or some of these other things you start noticing that different foods trigger different parts of the brain to light up we just want to keep it nice and even okay so whatever you do you either want a fast or you want to keep protein and carbs out of the equation because yes protein can still trigger a rise in your overall glucose level so we want to keep that out of the equation at least on these days first thing in the morning so I’m going into filming I am NOT gonna eat or if I do eat I’m literally just having like a tablespoon of coconut oil or something you see they’ve actually shown that having higher levels of blood glucose is associated not only chronically with a smaller hippocampus but even in the short term is associated with less blood flow to the hippocampus the hippocampus is very very important when it comes down to memory when it comes down to vocabulary when it comes down to just being able to be articulate and fluent at a specific point in time now another thing that people and researchers are starting to look at is we have a specific insulin degrading enzyme this insulin degrading enzyme helps carry out excess insulin and excess sugar away from the brain or away from other areas of the body now the hard part is is if this enzyme ends up getting elevated so much eventually we don’t produce it as much and that ends up leading to plaque so we end up with this amyloid plaque in the brain so now for the short term sure we want to keep glucose control but for the long term if we keep glucose controlled then we don’t develop that beta amyloid plaque that ends up leading to a chronic reduction in the size of the hippocampus so basically if you want to be smarter if you want to feel sharper keep the blood sugar stable okay so keep the carbs in the equation keep the fats nice and high or just fast all right now let’s head on over to the gym and let’s talk about the quick workout thing that you can do that truly is going to make a big difference in how you mentally perform so I used to think that when I needed to use my brain that I needed to keep my workouts to a minimum on that particular day it’s like I was trying to preserve my energy and trying to make it so that I just wasn’t exhausting all my resources on my workout so that I could be on top of my game but then I started to realize that it really wasn’t consistent I would have some days where I’d feel good some days when I wouldn’t so I started intertwining my workout into those days to always making sure that no matter what I would always go and get a workout in before I would have to be on camera but then I started to refine that process even more and I started doing more in the way of shorter but higher intensity workouts and I found that my mental performance was significantly better so now I always go in and do some kind of either 10 to 20 minute high-intensity interval training workout because it just gets me on my game but as I started looking into the research I realized that there is some serious concrete evidence as to why this is truly working for me and why it’s honestly gonna work for you too you see just like the heart adapts whenever we work out hard the brain actually adapts to we’re exposing our brain to stress so it ends up pumping out some specific proteins known as fdn c5 which therefore elevates what’s called brain-derived neurotropic factor there’s a lot of news surrounding the world of BDNF right now BDNF basically produces new neurons it makes it so that we can literally grow our brain but it has an immediate effect to when we push ourselves really really hard the brain has to adapt to stress so all these different systems and processes within the body tend to move a lot of neuro chemicals and a lot of blood flow over to the brain so I find that I end up having a good six or seven hours of high mental capacity after doing just a short bout of high-intensity interval training now the caveat here is don’t push it longer than like 20 or 30 minutes just go in get a short quick workout and it makes a really big difference so there’s actually even a study that was published in the journal PNAS that took a look at 120 middle-aged to older adults and it found that when they did some kind of higher intensity activity they were able to increase the size of their anterior hippocampus so basically preserving their overall mental function now this of course was long term but it’s also applied short-term we get more activity going to that anterior hippocampus which again is exactly what allows us to have a sharp vocabulary to be able to pull from our brain be able to pull from our memory stores a lot quicker it’s like being able to just pull a book right off the bookshelf and be able to open up straight to the page that you need to reference so when we increase the blood flow and the size of the hippocampus we make that possible now another study those published in the Journal of Medicine and science and sports and exercise took a look at exercise intensity and its relation to brain derived neurotrophic factor so this one’s fascinating it took a look at 15 test subjects so they have these test subjects work at either 10 percent more than their ventilator threshold or 20 percent less than their ventilator threshold and what they found at the end of the study is that those that worked at 10 percent more of their ventilator threshold basically pushing it harder from a respiratory standpoint ended up having a 13 percent increase in BDNF that’s a huge huge increase that is a lot of new neuron growth that’s a lot of new brain cell growth now the interesting thing is the group that worked at a lower intensity at 20 percent less than their ventilator threshold ended up having no change in BDNF so that’s the thing it’s like that’s exactly what I solved my own experience it was like working out seemed to kind of do something but it wasn’t until I actually pushed it to a higher intensity and was really pushing that respiratory rate and that ventilator threshold that I actually saw an increase and then of course getting in the habit of doing that you get a really powerful long-term effect as well so we’ve talked about nutrition we’ve talked about the exercise portion but now let’s talk about sort of the new trophic / almost supplement portion of what I would do so I’m always trying to find new ways to like get a little bit of an extra edge and sometimes that means messing around with supplements sometimes it means messing around with food timing but lately I’ve been into the world of adaptogens and if you’ve watched my videos then you know that I’m always talking about that so adaptogens are like usually mushroom blends or living organisms that actually help change our bodies and change our brains a little bit so the whole purpose of an adaptogen is to help your body find balance and modulate where it needs to ultimately go because the data Jin’s are essentially like they’re they’re not living creatures but they’re things that actually have intelligence right so mushrooms for instance have quote-unquote intelligence for lack of a better term so kinds of things that actually condition your brain to make changes in order to find balance so a good example of like adaptive jins’ and homeostasis in like the hormonal world would be things that help balance our hormones and help level off to Stas rone or level off estrogen but believe it or not we have the same effect that can happen in our brain when we utilize adaptogens so I’m really into like chaga mushroom okay so chaga mushroom for instance is really powerful because it helps balance acetylcholine in the brain our brain needs acetylcholine in order to produce energy and what ends up happening is when we’re under stress we end up having all this damage that occurs that makes it so acetylcholine doesn’t go into the brain the same way so we’re not getting the same brain energy without acetylcholine we don’t think clearly now here’s the issue like if you were to just take exogenous acetylcholine you would end up in a situation where you’re like totally just it just wouldn’t work right you can’t just do that but what you want to do is you want to balance your body’s ability to process and utilize and create acetylcholine and that’s how you’re gonna be able to ride the wave no matter if your stress so the purpose of me saying this is there’s times when you have to mentally perform or like time zone I have to be on camera when I have a lot of things going on in my personal life or in my business life that might be causing oxidative damage or oxidative stress and I wouldn’t ordinarily be able to think clearly but by utilizing chaga and by utilizing adaptogens I’m able to think properly so it’s very very important and then other things like reishi mushroom very powerful things when it comes down to nerve growth factor now this is something that’s swept under the rug a lot but the fact is nerve growth factor is very big you see when we have things like neurite outgrowth on neurite bearing cells that’s literally new nerve growth we are literally making our brain smarter we’re making our brain have a larger capacity to handle things and this is super important because it happens on a small scale immediately but it happens on a large scale over the long-term – now if you watch my channel you know I’m a big fan of for sig Matic but I’ve got something that’s even cooler in this case so for sig attic now actually has a label to make their mushroom coffee into a latte so everything that I talked about this video with keeping your blood sugar stable and everything would work with this because now they use a coconut powder in addition to a chaga power they also have maitake mushroom which is also going to help with nerve growth factor and all these things are literally in a packet that you can add to some almond milk or some water so now I’m sipping on lion’s mane or I’m sitting on chaga or I’m sipping on four stigmatic whenever I’m filming because I’m getting that nice constant flow of the adaptogens that I need to think nice and clear so we talk about nutrition we talk about exercise we talk about nootropic / supplements but the cool thing is down in the description you can get your hands on the mushroom latte mix brand new thing actually a latte form not just plain old instant coffee flavor so go ahead and check them out special discount for all my subscribers below so the next thing that I want to talk about is something where you can actually implement as a lifestyle change okay whether you’re in a hotel room or whether you can’t workout that day or whatever it’s something that you can do no matter what the situation and it’s gonna make a big boost in your overall mental performance it’s a very powerful thing to do and that is simply taking a cold shower or an ice cold bath cold showers little bit easier because you can just turn it on and do it wherever you are the cool thing is you’re gonna get a similar effect with that cold shower as you would with your high-intensity interval training you’re exposing your body to stress and when you expose your brain to stress like that it actually develops new cells brain-derived neurotropic factor increases when you’re exposed to stress like that who would have ever thought the stress can actually help us out okay now you also have a big increase in beta endorphins and you have a big increase in norepinephrine that’s why when you take a cold shower suddenly you’re like ah I feel alive right it’s because you’re actually getting an endorphin rush it’s stress but it’s endorphins we all have to just have to change how we perceive that stress right so if you jump into ice-cold water and you perceive it as negative well the endorphin rush is gonna be there the norepinephrine is gonna be there but your perception is negative so everything is scary and bad but if you’re stepping into that cold shower and expecting it to be a good thing for you then the physiological shock is still there and that’s just freaking epic because you’re getting the shock but you’re getting a twist on it as making it mentally positive so you really really want to have that now the other thing is we have a lot of nerve density in our skin right so when we expose our skin to really cold temperatures we get a big electrical charge and this big electrical charge triggers a cascade of responses within your body this electrical charge in and of itself amps up your brain it helps again produce brain derived neurotrophic factors so you’re getting all this increase in B D and F just been hopping in a cold shower now the other thing is you a lot of times feel really good right when you jump out of a cold shower in terms of just mentally and the reason that is is because again because of the large stimulation of electrical activity that occurs because of the nerve density you have a big increase in what is called dopaminergic transmission okay basically you’re having more dopamine it’s like literally you just got a good dopamine response similar like if you were to consume something sweet or anything like that you’re getting that same dopamine hit and it lasts for a long time so there we have it simple basic and everything that you can do in a short matter of time keeping your blood sugar stable doing 10 20 maybe 25 minutes of high-intensity interval training messing around with adaptogens and utilizing for stigmatic if possible and then taking an ice-cold shower and standing it for maybe two and a half minutes if possible and that’s it that’s my mental optimization routine on days that I’m filming or danger that to be on point so if you ever just feel like you need to be a better version of you on one specific day this is gonna help you out as always make sure you’re keeping it locked in and post your comments down below and maybe I’ll answer your questions in a weekly round-up

This Post Was All About 4 Ways to Increase Mental Performance | Cognitive Boost Routine | Life Optimization- Thomas DeLauer.
4 Ways to Increase Mental Performance | Cognitive Boost Routine | Life Optimization- Thomas DeLauer

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Increase Mental Performance | Cognitive Boost Routine | Life Optimization- Thomas DeLauer… Keep Blood Sugar Stable-
Consuming high glycemic foods, such as refined sugars and carbohydrates, causes our blood sugar to rise rapidly. When blood sugar rises, insulin is released from the pancreas to move the sugar from the blood into the cells – this spike in insulin leads to a quick drop in blood sugar, leaving you feeling lethargic.

Elevated Blood Sugar & Mental Clarity-
Chronically high levels of blood glucose, has been linked to an elevated risk of dementia and a smaller hippocampus, a brain region critical for memory. In other words, higher levels of glucose are associated with a smaller hippocampus and worse memory. Cognitive problems often arise because amyloid plaque builds up in the brain, compromising brain function.

HIIT for Mental Clarity-
When you exercise, your muscle cells pump out a protein called FNDC5 – this protein, by fragmenting into a second component called irisin, ramps up production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF. It’s BDNF that stimulates the production of new neurons or nerve cells and actually helps your brain build new architecture – plus, BDNF protects nerve cells against damage, including damage related to aging. A study published in the journal PNAS found that in 120 older adults, that exercise increased the size of the anterior hippocampus, leading to improvements in spatial memory. Exercise increased hippocampal volume by 2%, effectively reversing age-related loss in volume by 1 to 2 years – increased hippocampal volume is associated with greater serum levels of BDNF.

HIIT vs LISS – Study-
A study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise looked at the effects of HIIT vs LISS on BDNF levels in 15 volunteers. On separate days, two subsequent 30-min endurance rides were performed at 20% below the VTh (VTh – 20) and at 10% above the VTh (VTh + 10) (ventilatory threshold)

BDNF values increased from baseline after exercise at the VTh + 10 (13%) and the GXT (30%)
There was no significant change in BDNF from baseline after the VTh – 20. Changes in BDNF did not correlate with VO2max during the GXT, but they did correlate with changes in lactate.

Cold Water Therapy-
When exposed to cold showers, the sympathetic nervous system is activated, and the blood levels of beta-endorphin and noradrenaline is increased. Norepinephrine, an organic chemical that functions in the brain and body as a hormone that can help people feel happier, naturally is released in the brain as well. The cold water can also increase production of beta endorphins, or ‘feel good’ molecules that will give you a sense of wellbeing. The electrical impulses from peripheral nerve endings to the brain stimulates the dopaminergic transmission in the mesocorticolimbic and nigrostriatal pathway.

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