4 Teas that Enhance Fasting: Scientifically Approved I.F. Beverages

4 Teas that Enhance Fasting: Scientifically Approved I.F. Beverages

4 Teas that Enhance Fasting: Scientifically Approved I.F. Beverages

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you’re pretty limited with what you can consume when you’re fasting obviously it’s called fasting for a reason you’re not really consuming much but you’ve seen in a lot of my videos that I’m totally okay with you consuming various teas black tea green tea herbal tea or whatever you just want to make sure you’re not adding sugar or honey or anything to it so I decided I wanted to do a video that showcases my four favorite teas that I use when I’m fasting these are all ok to consume during a fast and each of them have a very specific purpose depending on where you are at in your fast and/or what you’re trying to accomplish with your fast so let’s go ahead and get right into it but before I break down the different kinds of teas I have to give you a quick understanding of the difference between black tea and green tea because they’re not as different as you think you see black tea and green tea actually come from the exact same plant they’re not two totally different plants even though they may seem like it the only difference is how they’re processed and how they’re quote-unquote fermented you see black tea is just fermented it’s oxidized it goes through a fermentation process green tea is not green tea in essence is a little bit more raw if you want to call it but what happens and what the main difference is is that when it goes through this oxidation process this fermentation process black tea changes a little bit it gets a little bit richer in caffeine it gets darker but it also loses some of the antioxidant properties so there are some trade-offs and black tea also takes the catechins that are normally in it now catechins by the way are very very healthy things so you know the EGCG for example in green tea that stands for epic Gallic catechin 3 Gale 8 it is a cat again so when you have green tea turning into black tea you actually lose those catechins because the catechins convert into something called tannins they respond a little bit different in the body it’s not bad but it’s just important that you know the difference because I’m a fan of both so let’s get into the science let’s get into which one’s work for which period of time so black tea during a fast is awesome talking about like the English breakfast teas the Earl Grey is the good old-fashioned conventional black teas they’re great about 50 milligrams of caffeine per cup you’re in a really good position what I would generally recommend using black tea for is as a substitute to black coffee see you don’t have a ton of antioxidant effects coming from black tea so you looking for a little bit more of the caffeine but it’s a little bit easier on your stomach then green tea might be for the most part so as black tea is very effective at just replacing your coffee but it also has a unique property that’s gonna help your mood you see black tea contains something known as methyl xanthine methyl xanthine has been shown in multiple studies to boost what is called serotonin within your body so it’s gonna help you feel good help you relax a little bit help you be a little bit calm so the point is that black tea is really good for a person that is looking for a replacement to coffee but also might need a little pick-me-up because sometimes when you’re fasting serotonin levels can dip you’re not getting those carbohydrates in so it’s a little bit harder to feel satiated and feel good in the mood Department but when you have some black tea it can actually help you feel a little bit better and lift your spirits so that’s where it’s good but it also does have still a small amount of antioxidant effects so it can still have a good benefit when it comes down to promoting the auto fix of fasting so you’re already in a great position where your body is recycling cells you still have some reactive oxygen species that are floating around your body needs to go ahead and fight those and black teas going to help that so now let’s talk about the next one okay green tea that is decaffeinated with ginseng now the reason that I include this on my list is simply because you need a non stimulant to you to talk about here thing is is green tea is powerful those EGC G’s those catechins are very very powerful antioxidants that do a lot of things within the body but we’re not always in a position where we want that 35 milligrams of caffeine that’s ordinarily coming out of green tea right we want to be in a position where we can still get the benefits still get the mental clarity but perhaps without the jitters or without the caffeine so that’s exactly where decaffeinated green tea comes in don’t think that the benefits all from the caffeine okay but you can find decaf green tea that has ginseng in it or you can just take ginseng separately sea ginseng does some pretty powerful things but the main thing that I want to focus on is what it does with your immune system it helps you hide a lot you see there was actually a study that took 227 people half of those people they gave a ginseng supplement two and half of the people they did not but both groups they gave a flu vaccine to what they wanted to measure was over the course of four weeks who ended up acquiring the colder flu but what they found is that the subjects that ended up taking the ginseng supplement ended up having two-thirds less instances of colds and flus than those that did not because it boosts immune cell activity well what this is gonna do is reduce inflammation within your body because your body’s not gonna have to work to boost those immune cells it’s already getting them up so inflammation levels are already where they need to be and they have less instance and less chance of getting totally out of control now additionally ginseng has some powerful effects when it comes down to reducing termina kosis factor alpha and interleukin 6 basically these are inflammatory markers within the body if we can reduce those it means we’re reducing inflammation fasting in and of itself reduces inflammation so why not make it even better now this is again only gonna be for someone that’s looking for the additional boost without the caffeine which leads me into the next one which is fully leaded green tea in a matcha form now this is totally awesome stuff I’ve been using matcha for years and I’ve talked about it in other videos I think I’ve done two or three other videos in the past purely touting the benefits of matcha but in this video I’ve actually partnered with four sig Matic who has an awesome matcha I want to give you the facts on how I use matcha and how you may want to use it in your fasting protocols you see the thing with matcha is that it’s not regular green tea it’s still the same leaf but it’s grown a little bit different you see what makes matcha tea different why it’s so much more effective is it’s grown in the shade this is extremely difficult to do and requires a lot of attention but when it’s grown in the shade it boosts the level of chlorophyll within the plant you see when you have a plant that’s in the shade it has to produce more chlorophyll to get a little bit more green so that it can ultimately attract more sunlight to process photosynthesis so it can grow so it has to work harder but it ends up being a lot more powerful when it comes down to antioxidants then when it’s harvested it’s d stemmed and deveined and it’s crushed into a super finely ground powder which means that it’s instant iced so normal green tea you have to brew and when you brew it you’ll lose a lot of antioxidants and you create a lot of acidity but when it’s instantize in a super high quality matcha form you’re absorbing at all without destroying any of the flavonoids and without destroying any of the effects that are positive on your body that’s exactly why matcha is phenomenal plus it has a little bit more caffeine so it’s easy to absorb so it’s a great one to do in the morning if you don’t mind just getting a little bit amped up and getting some good energy throughout the course of the day it’s totally awesome for that but you couple it with lion’s mane now here’s the cool thing I’ve been using lion’s mane which is a form of mushroom extract for years to to boost my cognition and boost my overall brain performance well for stigmatic has managed to combine matcha with their famed lion’s mane extract which is what they’ve been known for for so long see lion’s mane doesn’t cool things in the brain what it does is it actually stimulates the nerve growth factor what that means is it helps you grow new neurons and new synapses so it actually creates more brain activity in a very positive way now if you’ve seen my videos on fasting before you know that when you’re fasting your brain slows down I know that sounds bad but it’s good your brain slowing down means that it’s able to recover and able to regenerate so you add lion’s mane into the mix and it really accelerates how your brain can recover and regenerate thereby boosting both short and long term memory so it’s really phenomenal if you’re someone that’s getting up in the morning and you have to go to work and you have to be able to use your brain and focus and be able to pay attention to very very important things that’s where matcha comes in place especially when it’s combined with lion’s mane now since I have partnered with for stigmatic on this particular video because of my love for matcha you can click on the link down in the description section and you’re gonna see that you can get access to all their products including the matcha with lion’s mane and get it at a special rate they ordinarily wouldn’t get all right so now let’s move in to the next tea the next T is going to be chamomile now why do I include chamomile well for one I wanted to include one that was herbal but two I wanted to include a tea that might work for someone that is doing a longer term fast maybe they’re fasting longer than just an intermittent period of 60 or 20 hours maybe they’re going into a 48 hour fast because it all comes into play and you don’t exactly want to be caffeinated up right before you go to bed the thing with chamomile is this known widespread to relax you but it contains something known as apigenin and what this apigenin does is actually get this it affects benzodiazepine receptors in your brain you don’t a benzo is I’m talking about valium we’re talking about xanax anything like that that makes you super chill makes you relax they give you valium before surgery so you don’t get all freaked out well chamomile tea works on the same receptors in your brain that benzodiazepine pharmaceuticals work on so it literally relaxes you the same way that valium or sanics does of course not to that same degree I drink chamomile when it’s time to just chill out when it’s evening time and I don’t want to consume any extra calories it’s a perfect tee to drink in the evening time I don’t recommend drinking it during the course of the day because it does chill you out almost to the point where you feel a little bit complacent the old Peter Rabbit thing where he drinks chamomile before he got sick I don’t know maybe I’m dating myself there but it’ll also boost your immune system as well but that’s just an extra benefit that we don’t need to talk about here so as always a huge huge thank you to for signetics for making this video possible and for giving all of my fans and my subscribers an awesome price on matcha and also all their mushroom extracts as always keep it locked in here in my channel if you have ideas for future videos make sure that you hit me in the comment section below and let me know what you want to see see you soon

This Post Was All About 4 Teas that Enhance Fasting: Scientifically Approved I.F. Beverages.
4 Teas that Enhance Fasting: Scientifically Approved I.F. Beverages

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4 Teas that Enhance Fasting: Scientifically Approved I.F. Beverages – Thomas DeLauer

Black Tea

Improves Energy & Mood

Contains about 50mg of caffeine per cup – inhibits adenosine and causes the release of dopamine and adrenaline. Also contains methyl xanthine, which stimulates serotonin production levels in your brain

Increased Fat Loss

Caffeine promotes the release of norepinephrine, a key regulator of fatty acid release from fat cells into blood circulation to be burned for energy

Normally, adenosine binds to fat cells and decreases the release of fatty acids – caffeine blocks this inhibitory effect of adenosine on fatty acid release, resulting in greater fat mobilization


Polyphenols, such as theaflavins, are responsible for tea’s antioxidant actions – they inhibit free radical generation, scavenge free radicals, and bind transition metals

Combined with the effects of autophagy = win win

Green Tea

A cup of green tea has roughly 35mg of caffeine


Green tea contains a phytonutrient called EGCG (EGCG is destroyed in black tea during the fermentation process) that increases the hormone CCK (cholecystokinin), which is responsible for creating the feeling of satiation

CCK slows down intestinal motility as it causes food to move more slowly through the intestines – feel full for a longer period of time

CCK also modulates dopaminergic neurotransmission in the brain – it increases the level of dopamine in the brain & stimulates your metabolism by activating thermogenesis

Decaf w/ Ginseng (non-stim)

Immune System

Ginseng has been found to increase the number of immune cells in the blood – In one study, 227 people got either ginseng or placebo for 12 weeks, and got a flu vaccine after 4 weeks; the number of colds and flu were two-thirds lower in the group that took ginseng

Also been found to reduce inflammation by suppressing the tumor necrosis factor, IL-6, and reduces adipose inflammation

Mental Performance

A single dose of ginseng has also been shown to modulate cerebro electrical (EEG) activity – *from what i could gather, excessive EEG activity is bad for memory and, overall, the brain

Regular w/ Lion’s Mane (stim)

Lion’s mane has the ability to stimulate the synthesis of (NGF) Nerve Growth Factor – NGF is necessary to nerve cell survival in the central and peripheral nervous system.

It is is a neuropeptide that helps maintain neurons, which are the cells responsible for helping your brain process and transmit information

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea induces relaxation in blood vessels and helps smooth muscle fibers relax – can help prevent spasms and is a sedative and sleep-inducer

Chamomile tea also contains flavonoids, but one of those flavonoids in chamomile tea is called apigenin – apigenin binds to benzodiazepine receptors in the brain

A study published in the American Chemical Society’s Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that drinking chamomile tea was associated with a significant increase in urinary levels of hippurate, a breakdown product of certain plant-based compounds known as phenolics, some of which have been associated with increased antibacterial activity


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