30-Day Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge (full meal plan)

30-Day Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge (full meal plan)

30-Day Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge (full meal plan)

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it’s time to do some intermittent fasting with me I’m gonna coach you along the way and we’re all gonna do this together it’s the intermittent fasting challenge and it starts January 2nd but I wanted to get you all the information and give you the preliminary diet plan ahead of time so you have no excuses you can get your groceries and you can dive right in with me on January 2nd so let’s break down what’s gonna happen okay this is no gimmicks no weird stuff it’s literally me laying out a diet plan that I suggest that I think that you should follow along with me I’m gonna do it to throughout the month of January and if you like it and then you adopt it as a lifestyle then awesome my channels known for intermittent fasting and keto so this will work for intermittent fasting with keto and it will work for intermittent fasting without keto but I’ll get down to the intricacies of it and explain why we do certain things you will notice it is lower carb even if you are not keto anyhow I digress so let’s if’ together here’s what’s gonna be cool we’re gonna have live broadcasts every single Monday throughout the entirety of this program okay with the exception of the first Monday because it comes shortly after the second day of the month when we start so that means January 6th January 13th January 20th in January 27th I will hop on live on YouTube and answer questions give updates give diet substitutions things like that because you might get bored with things and you just want to be motivated and encouraged right okay then I’m gonna set up an additional Facebook group this is for banter and for people just to motivate each other it’s not really for the coaching aspect it’s more so for support and banter so it’ll be fun I know a lot of people on YouTube don’t use Facebook and don’t like Facebook and that’s why I’m also doing the live broadcasts on YouTube I’m not alienating anybody but it’ll be a lot more fun when we did the keto challenge back in September this was a blast and I’m super involved in that super engaged live updates all the time you just don’t want to miss out we’re gonna follow what it’s called an alternate day fasting protocol I’m not gonna have you intermittent fast every day however if you were experienced you absolutely can if you really are comfortable with it but I recommend people that are starting we do alternate day fasting protocol which is going to be something like 16 to 20 hours fasting one day and then no fasting the next day and then 16 to 20 hour fast the next day and then no faster than actually so every other day you will be doing an intermittent fast but I recommend doing it slightly longer than what typically people talk about like the 16 hours I usually say let’s go for 18 ish push it a little bit further I’ve also partnered up with butcher box on this just like I did with the keto challenge so that means that when you look the meal plan that we lay out you can go ahead and use the link down below to get all your meat items from butcher box so they’ve teamed up with me on this and provided the food for this so that way you can get special discounts on the meats on the chicken on the bacon on the fish things like that so you want to use the link down below in the description that way you have time to order everything and get your meat delivered to your doorstep before you actually start the challenge on January 2nd if it’s a couple days late it’s not the end of the world either I just wanted you to be able to save some money rather than having to go to the grocery store so that link is down below in the first line of the description there okay so here’s the diet plan and here’s sort of the structure are you gonna poke holes in this yes probably because I can only go so in-depth in a video but I’ve also taken the liberty of putting links down in the description to various intermittent fasting videos that I’ve done that are going to answer common questions so that way you just can lock and load on a fasting day you’re gonna wake up and you can absolutely still have your coffee or your tea no you cannot have bulletproof coffee or keto coffee on a fasting day it will break a fast I don’t want you to put cream in I don’t want you to put sugar in but I am okay with stevia I am okay with monk fruit so I highly recommend going with green tea in this particular case it’s just going to help you out a lot on the fasting day I want you to work out even if ever so gingerly and ever so just slightly I want you to work out in that fasted state maybe it’s going for a walk maybe it’s hitting a stationary bike maybe it’s lifting maybe you’re seasoned okay the cool thing is the month of January is gonna be fasting month I’m gonna have content that helps you out throughout the month no pre-workout drinks no branched-chain amino acids keep it clean coffee tea before your workout diet soda as much as I hate them yuck is okay I am okay with you drinking diet sodas preferably do ones that have stevia or monk fruit or anything like that try to stay away from the aspartame acesulfame K and the sucralose if you can couldn’t we dive into this in detail we absolutely can can you poke holes can you say I did a video on this and that yes you can but for all intents and purposes if it has calories and it’s not coffee or tea it’s gone here’s how I want you to break a fast on your fasting day okay you’re gonna go you’re gonna eat the night before you’re gonna wake up you’re gonna do your whole thing I want you to fast for roughly 16 to 20 hours okay if you’re more experienced you can actually drag it out a little bit longer break your fast with four ounces of broth I understand that bone broth is not always affordable for people so I’m not gonna command that you do that you can use regular veggie broth that you can get at the dollar store if you need to the reason I want something with ever-so-slight amount of calories to get the gastric juices flowing so you’re not throwing food in on a totally empty stomach and then I want you to have six ounces of lean protein I would recommend in this case that you go with a lean white fish or a lean chicken okay and you can use the meat from butcher box in this case so it’s a lot more affordable red meat is okay but you want to keep it as lean as possible so you might just want to wait to have your red meat for the next meal okay if you’re vegan vegetarian ap protein shake would be a great mix here if you’re not doing keto you can add four ounces of red potato just microwave it if you want to or mash up some potatoes the night before no added butter no added fat so you hear that no added fats I don’t care if your keto or not keto just needs to keep just lean lean lean lean because your insulin sensitive you want your body to absorb that stuff okay so very important there okay then meal number two is going to be anytime after sixty minutes later okay so 60 minutes and Beyond try to abstain from food after having this for at least 60 minutes so maybe 90 minutes might be a sweet spot for you and this is what your meal two is gonna look like on a fasting day five ounces more if you’re a bigger person of lean burger okay ground beef grass-fed grass-finished high-quality omega 3 ground beef make a burger make it taste good again use your grocery store use your butcher use butcher box I don’t really care I just want to do what’s convenient for you okay one and a half ounces of goat cheese if you like it or buffalo mozzarella lower case in proteins lower levels of lactose easier on the gut if you can’t do buffalo mozzarella and you’re okay with sharper cheese’s go ahead and add some Romano or some parmesan and those are gonna be good too if you can’t do that aged white cheddar is going to be the next best bet okay that way it’s aged and it’s broken down some of the lactose and things like that so yes I’m okay with a little bit of cheese in this diet one half of a medium avocado on your burger that way we’re getting the oleic acid we’re activating uncoupling proteins and getting fat-burning initiated in a different way one cup of broccoli or cauliflower I want these cruciferous vegetable to help out estrogen modulation if you eat a bunch of food you spike your insulin you can throw hormones out of whack I want to keep that controlled if you don’t like broccoli or cauliflower bok choy and bok kale would be okay I want some deep leafy green preferred cruciferous okay then this seems like a lot but I want three tablespoons of olive oil and you can make that into a pesto your make it into an aioli or whatever and I want you to put it on the burger and or mix it up with your all with your broccoli with your cauliflower it seems like a lot and it is because it’s 300 calories worth but the reality is look how much food we’re eating in the day it’s not much you need to get some of your calories in the best way to do that is through healthy unsaturated fats okay so the next meal that we have is optional this is going to be pre bed and you don’t have to do it it’s going to be one to two scoops of your favorite whey protein isolate or pea protein powder mixed with a little bit of Greek yogurt okay Greek yogurt that is unsweetened that way you’re getting some protein you’re getting the probiotic effect you go ahead and you add that in there you don’t have to do that you might be totally satiated after this okay you might be wondering well I’m not keto this is keto this is a keto meal on your fasting days I want you to keep it close to keto even if you’re not keto and that is simply because while you have been fasting your body has been creating ketones newsflash that’s some of the major benefit you’re getting from fasting in the first place is you are getting ketones without eating a keto diet so I want you to be able to carry this effect on a little bit longer after you eat so your your keto technically keto while you’re fasting and then once you eat it would technically break that well you’re gonna break it a little bit by having the potato here if you’re not keto but quickly get right back into keto again it’s point is just follow this no matter what you’re doing okay and then we have to talk about the non fasting day remember you’re alternating your fasting days here’s something to note as we progress with this plan I will allow you to do a couple back-to-back fasting days but for all intents and purposes while you are getting started I recommend that you simply keep it every other day if you’re not getting good results after the first few days go ahead and add a couple back-to-back days but here’s what I want you to eat on a non fasting day meal number one two eggs plus two additional yolks even if you are not keto we need the biotin we need the healthy fats they’re not going to drive up your cholesterol it doesn’t have to do with that half of an avocado once again to get the oleic acid one and a half cups of spinach wilted so cook it down and add 1 tbsp of ghee or coconut oil to it and give it some flavor add some salt make it taste good and then I say do two ounces of ground chicken or ground pork and mix it in your eggs and make a little scramble if you don’t want to do that two slices of bacon would be ok as well if you’re on the go you can sub this exact pre bed meal for your breakfast ok so you can take that yogurt look at that swap it out the cool thing is we’re gonna have these live broadcasts are gonna help explain this stuff but this is walking you through what you can do ok meal number two lean chicken breast if you can’t do chicken breast I’m okay with you doing beef again it just needs to be lean like a flank steak if that’s the case mixed greens you’re basically making a Caesar salad or a Cobb salad kind of thing here a quarter cup of Parmesan cheese mixed into the salad ok then I want a quarter cup of olives we’re gonna get good vitamin D from that we’re gonna get good or lahic acid once again that’s gonna help regulate that uncoupling protein process to help you burn some more fat okay so we want that two ounces of macadamia nuts chopped into the salad that way we get our Omega seven fats not going to go into a lot of detail there just trust me on it ok if you’re not Kito this is where it changes if you’re not keto do not eat the macadamia nuts instead have six ounces of quinoa mixed into your salad okay a little bit of grains not gonna kill you a little bit of starch you’re not Quito anyway so it’s all good two tablespoons of dressing if your keto high-fat dressing a ranch a some kind of whatever a balsamic that has some oil in it if you’re not keto if you’re doing the carbs and you did the quinoa try to keep it lean like a balsamic vinaigrette and that isn’t oil-based okay that’s small amounts of low amounts of fat or a honey mustard that doesn’t have sugar in it very simple okay now let’s talk to dinner dinner gets a little bit more fun six ounces of lean steak or sockeye salmon or if you want to do three ounces of steak and three ounces of salmon you could do yourself a little surf and turf all good there so that’s a lot of fun if you don’t want to do the steak or honestly you can’t afford it because steak gets expensive I’m okay with ground beef totally okay with ground beef I would just prefer that we keep it a lean steak ten stalks of asparagus nice and clean with one tablespoon of butter or oil mixed up with it to make it taste better hot tip add some nutritional yeast to that asparagus and it makes it taste really really really good but if you’re not keto and I know this it gets complicated but if you’re not keto don’t add the extra oil to the asparagus three strips of bacon yes you get bacon with your surf and turf because if you’re getting good quality bacon it’s all good you’re gonna get the ribbon of saturated fat that’s actually good for your myelination of your nerves it’s decent for you so it’s okay to have that if you’re not doing keto I want you to sub that out for two slices of gluten-free bread one thing is very important on this diet keep the gluten out of the equation I want you to just get that out of the diet so your body can actually have a chance to recover your gut can get a chance to recover so have a couple slices of gluten-free bread and you’ll be okay your fats pretty low in this to begin with because even though you’re adding the gluten-free bread in you’re not having the oil along with the asparagus so you’re really okay and then I say have a small side salad with a little bit of dressing and a tablespoon of chia or flax I want the soluble fiber in there whether you’re keto or not to help with digestion but if you are not keto it’s gonna help reduce sort of the blood sugar spike that you get from the carbs so very very simple okay really easy to follow if you need other meal ideas for your non-fasting days you can reference my Kido challenge video that has a full meal plan for Kido ok that way you can use any of those meals on a non fasting day and I’ll put that in the description but here’s the basic one I want you to follow supplements I don’t want to go into a lot of detail because it’s a gray area for so many people but the basics that I think people should have 400 milligrams of a good quality magnesium like die magnesium male 8 things like that 2,000 milligrams of fish oil which sounds like a lot and it is but it’s really important on a keto or an intermittent fasting diet to have good amounts of omega-3 so that your brain gets the activity that it needs so it gets that DHA but also so that you end up having all the cellular activity that you want mTOR activation long story anyhow 400 micrograms of chromium at the end of the day this is going to help your glute 4 transporters basically going to help blood sugar control and then lastly if you can afford it again it can be a little bit more expensive sometimes 300 milligrams of coenzyme q10 Costco has a great coenzyme q10 that’s affordable so 300 milligrams per day pretty easy on that so once again just to recap alternate day fasting fast one day don’t fast the next fast one day don’t fast the next if you need to increase your results you can go up to two days back-to-back but no more than that there’ll be lots of details on the live broadcast go ahead and check out butcher box so that you can get your meat deliver to you before we start and then I will hop on here January 2nd so that you can just have all the details and we can just get started together one quick note if you’re following this after this challenge has officially started or ended it’s all good everything will still be up and be evergreen for you to research and use going forward so as always to keep it locked in here in my channel and I’ll see you January 2nd 

This Post Was All About 30-Day Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge (full meal plan).
30-Day Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge (full meal plan)

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30-Day Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge (full meal plan) – Thomas DeLauer

The 30-Day Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Challenge! This month-long fasting challenge begins January 2nd, 2020, and this video covers absolutely everything that you need to know in order to be fully prepared to conquer this challenge! This challenge is designed to get your new year off to the perfect start by maximize fat burning, mental acuity, and overall well-being!

In this video, I provide detailed explanations of the following:

– How long to fast
– How often to fast
– How to prepare for each fast
– Full, Sample Meal Plan
– How to properly break your fast
– What you can consume during your fasting window
– Which supplements you might want to take (and when)

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