3-Year Follow Up Interview with 600+ lb Steve

3-Year Follow Up Interview with 600+ lb Steve

3-Year Follow Up Interview with 600+ lb Steve

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[Music] hey guys I have a very interesting follow up from a video we did before on Stephen Ozma and this guy started out 600 pounds okay I’m having a video up I mean a picture up right now we’re gonna look at the progression of where he came from where he is now because people wanted to know is he still maintaining his way how was he doing so I think it’s been like 3 years now right oh yeah 3 years of Socktober 6 since I started awesome first of all they’re not gonna believe that you were 600 pounds right exactly but you were 600 pounds yeah 610 yeah Wow let me just can I just recap on your how you got that big because you know like you weren’t born 600 pounds how did you end up being 600 pounds um just I was I was always like 375 most of my life and then I kind of quit working at a really physical job and I moved to a city and I had a more sedentary job and it’s this slowly kind of crept on and crept on over about a 8-year period 10 year period and the problem was I got so big then I was like oh I’m gonna try tomorrow and then 3 4 years later you know it just it just happened and then all of a sudden I made a decision to start and then I lost and capped it off and it’s I’ve tried like yeah as I told you before trying to lose it all those other ways it never worked you know until I started Aikido and it’s probably been you know the best thing I’ve ever done and it’s been pretty easy actually to do it and you also did in a minute fasting – right I’ve been doing intermittent fasting now for a year and 3 months I have one meal a day I’m a 23 while I may be 23 and a half I have one meal a day and that’s it okay yeah so so here you are 600 pounds it seems to me that if you’re 600 pounds literally I can’t imagine how your knees would feel walking going up stairs going on an airport singing in a plane like times it’s just like a whole different different experience I can’t imagine what was it like it was tough like I was for 600 pounds I was fairly mobile but like going up and down stairs it was tough going into sitting in a booth summer if it was a booth instead of a chair or chairs with arms and then of course the plane I had to have the arm up and then it’s the poor guy sitting beside me right so it was tough everything you kind of had to plan out your your challenge right it was everything was logistics or she couldn’t sit there be there it was tough what did you ever notice people looking at you pointing to you or anything like that that was probably my worst one that can supermarkets you know everybody would look at you and they were kind of sneer but it was a little kids they would like point to their moms like look how fat that boy look how fat that man is mom and then of course their moms to be embarrassed but there was a lot of that because you didn’t really realize how big you were until you see picture you’re standing beside somebody else and then you don’t when you’re that big you don’t think well I’m not that big that’s not that bad so I wanna I want to dig into what you just said there because I suspected that you haven’t really confronted or face yourself in the mirror you’re probably going around thinking okay you know you’re probably not looking at the mirror yourself inspecting right now no no it’s when you get beside somebody and then somebody points out then you’re like okay I gotta take a look at this and then you kind of brush it off and there’s lots of denial when you’re that big it’s like everything else like oh I don’t have a problem I don’t have and then you actually really do that’s just amazing cuz I did have one gal she was very large and she the reason what got her to change as she saw a shadow of herself and she didn’t recognize a shadow I’m like I mean don’t you look in the mirror like she didn’t happen just didn’t see it just kind of block that out so wow I always knew it was there but I was like oh yeah tomorrow I can get on it tomorrow start I can do it tomorrow and but then you kind of get into routine as like tomorrow turns into a month turns into six months turns into a year yeah and you know it’s always a tough thing because you’ve tried like I tried like all the JT craves the diet standards like all the stuff I could possibly read that you know the low fat stuff it never worked I could last maybe a week or two and then I couldn’t do it and as I told you before is Joe Rogan that’s how I kind of got on kyoya’s watch his podcast and it was something intriguing and then I kind of got onto Jimmy Moore I got on to you and I did my research for like a month like I found out the beginning September and I started doing my research I got onto you and then Stephanie this three you basically got me started and then I started doing keto and then once I started it was just the most amazing thing and it was easy and I could stay on it you know one month turned into two months to three months and I started sleeping you know the weight started coming off and it was pretty pretty easy so easy because you you weren’t hungry or because you could eat fatty foods I wasn’t hungry the biggest thing was the first two three weeks yeah I had you know the keto flu or I was going through the withdrawals it was a little tough but then after that I was you know eating the three meals a day I was having the bacon the eggs you know I was eating pretty good food so it was really easy and I was dropping weight pretty good but my problem at the beginning was I was reading too many books really you know up to fat have all this fat I was taking MCT oil and I was adding all that stuff on and it was then after about probably six months I wasn’t losing that much well I was losing weight but not as much as I thought it was should be that’s right I told you I reached out to Tristan then you just had on and I actually hired him as my keto coach and he basically turned me around and said hey cut out all that extra fat that mc2 I’ll just eat natural food have that the fat in your hamburger you know start cutting some of your meals down don’t do what they’re seeing just get really simple and eat whole food so once I did that that’s when I really shot down like I shot down real then I stole it again and I started watching you and you started talking about internet fasting that’s where I started you know a year and a half ago May and then I really jumped my last big done because I was having a little bit of problems again with the three meals a day you know doing here the two meals a day then I really got down an intimate fasting and I’ve been doing that now for a year and a half and I wouldn’t do one mill and I I couldn’t even eat two meals a day now it’s so easy and like traveling and going to friends I have one meal a day and sometimes they don’t eat that meal if I’m too busy and I go two days how much how much do you weigh now I’m down to 248 it’s been kind of a weird year I was 264 last year in our interview I got down to 248 but I dropped a couple close sizing and waist sizes but I’m actually I have a scale that imma keep an eye on my like you know my body fat and my muscle I gained 18 pounds of muscle on this last year so it’s kind of a it’s been a weird year I haven’t lost like a ton of weight but I’m still happy I lost you know down to 248 but I’ve actually put on a lot of muscle so I always wanted to get down at 225 but I think I’m gonna kind of be in this area this 242 248 I do have a few more pounds Liz but it hasn’t slowing down for me but I keep going up through my muscle every month I’m doing 2 pounds to a pound of muscle because I’ve been working out five days a week doing a lot of weights Wow so this whole thing about weight near the end kind of gotta throw it aside go on your clothing size like that’s a big one for me I went from a 3x now I’m down to an extra-large 2x depends are closed I went from a 40 38 waist ill at 36 38 and just the whole shape of your body has changed so you know everybody’s worried about the scale I don’t you know in this last year I just don’t really care about it I kind of know I feel clothing size but I’m gaining weight I know it’s kind of funny we’re all trying to lose weight but I’m gaining I’m getting the right kind of weight in muscle yeah did they ever do an ultrasound or any type of test that that you detected a fatty liver back then I know I’ve never did any tests I’m actually going my doctor right now of my cholesterol my LDLs a little high and I keep trying he’s trying to put me back on statins but my HDL super high so I’ve talked him into sending me to a cardiologist to get those tests that we talked about to get that done so I’m actually just in the process of gonna go to a cardiologist who can in Canada here can run those tests we don’t we have free medical here so my doctor’s gonna send me to cardiologist to get attempts for the LDL because I don’t know want to go on statins you know you know I I’m in really good health now and I know what you’ve explained it many times so is a lot of people you know I have like a 1.57 HDL and my LDL is four point seven he’s concerned I’m like I’m not worried about it I’m like is it which size is it he’s like oh I can’t tell you because the tests that I do I can’t do it so I got to go to a cardiologist he’ll run those other blood tests that the lifted chest or whatever those are called so I don’t yeah we do so you know no we’re gonna we were just talking to Dave Feldman is the cholesterol guru he’s coming to the summit and he’s gonna be we’re just going through how we’re gonna educate people on this because it’s a good point that keeps coming up and I think it comes up because we’re obviously in in um you know brainwashed into thinking cholesterol is bad but here’s some really interesting this observations on cholesterol and and why it might be high when you’re keto it’s basically has to do with energy delivery it’s that’s all it has to do with there’s nothing to do with anything else but I just just got from Iver Cummings who’s also coming this research thing that he sent me that totally concludes that LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol do not in any way shape or form contribute to heart disease heart attacks zero and so I have this paper I’m gonna release it at release it at the summit so well it didn’t help us here my doctor there was just an article put out a probably on face book on all the news that some big cardiologists said that keto is terrible for us and we’re all gonna have heart attacks so he brought that article up to me I said I’m not going on statins I’ve been off it forever I’ve never felt better you know he’s a little dip formula with your age and when you we do the 10 here you’re you’re at the 10% risk I’m like I’ll take my chances then he’s like how about we go into an agreement I’ll send you the cardiologist let him decide so that’s how I said okay if you want to send me to another specialist yeah because they don’t believe that I’ve lost all this weight in this time I actually had to show my doctor pictures doesn’t know how I’ve done it he doesn’t know how I eat once a day he still can you know the doctors are confused and yeah you know they’re on the old way so yeah the the more educated they are the more educated they are in the wrong information the more the harder is to unfix their fixed ideas and it’s it’s almost like that’s why I like working with younger doctors doctors that are more open and there’s quite a few of them is a huge movement of Doc’s that are actually going into more Quito so okay so now I have a question like when you were when you weighed 600 pounds did you have a tremendous amount of food or did you have a moderate amount of food but it was mainly carbohydrates well what did you eat ah I eat a lot of sandwiches I was big into the breads and the deli meats and then pizza and chips okay I think that quite a bit but I didn’t eat a lot during the day what my worst thing is I would get home from work and then I would have way too much I never was big into sugar so yeah I was I was a carb guy you know they had to work sweets the pizza I’m single I’m not married so I would order food in or I would go buy the stuff I liked and yeah I eat too much because it was a comfort thing as icky the worst thing was for me is like you’re working in you’re busy and I’m just and you get home and you really crave that and you want it so you want so bad so you eat it but after you’re done eating to say that Pizza you feel so shitty you’re so down it’s like that whole mood side in crash like I know I should have done this I should have went to the gym I’m no tomorrow I’m not gonna have this pizza and I went on that battle for two years three years and people have used to tell me you’re depressed but I didn’t think I was the best sons get up every day going to work they’re like you know you need to smarten up so there’s but my biggest issue that I was having near the end my I had water attention in my lower legs and I died is probably my biggest problem and too nowadays since I had such bad water retention in my lower legs they you know they would swell they were like the redness I do have a skin issue from that so my skin is fairly weak so if I actually bump my and my skin kind of peels like an onion and there’s nothing really we can do about it it heals but I do have a little bit after all of a sudden I have the skin but I also have my lower shins where I had the water retention that skins never really gonna come back I’ve been told because of just the water attention and your skin down there so that was my worst thing and still I do have quite a bit of a skin issue still because you know I was in a deck so now it’s never gonna go away I’ve been to a couple Plastic Surgeons they tell me the operations are huge like you know they’re gonna do like the upside down tea cut it like it’s like you’re out for six weeks they have drains in for me I’m happy with what I look like I do have the skin but hey it’s a reminder to never get back there right I’m not gonna go do it it’s $100,000 I have to do five operations there’s five different operations to get rid of all the skin and then you have all the scars I met an age now I’m happy I’m not gonna do it cuz I don’t want to be out for two years no and it’s a major operation so at the end of the day it doesn’t bother me you know I’ve been happy with it I kept had this full year to go back and forth I’ve seen some specialists and you know I don’t want to do that it’s it’s a pretty major operation yeah yeah I could imagine that well the positive note when you’re doing in a minute fasting like you are that will improve some of it over time yeah if you could actually do periodic prolonged fasting let’s let’s say like every few months you go to 72 hours what will happen is like you’re you’ll you’ll see even more change for the skin because the amount of recycling of the damaged proteins your body will start sucking some of that back so that will improve if you wanted to do that yeah I do that like without even trying because sometimes I go home or I’m on a trip somewhere and there’s no food I like all this it’s you know it gets to be eight o’clock at night and I haven’t ate that day oh the skipping go to the next night and eight o’clock you know to me I can go and I can go that far people don’t you know and I still work oh the thing is I do pretty good like I do 45 minutes a pretty hard way today and I do at least 35 minutes of cardio I do you know cardio I do that five days a week and you know I’m getting little bit older but like I’ve had really good gains and I’m only I checked out my protein because you guys are always asking me I’m doing about 50 grams a day of protein between you know my hamburger and say it’s some cheese on it I do that every day I kind of beat on a type of guy that has five days we’ve had a ton of the same ish meal what I have increased though is my salad I used to have a smaller square cell and now I have the one big one so and I’m doing more of a power greens I was always eating kale now I’m doing one called an organic power mix it’s just got arugula spinach kale and some chars in it and I have one of those everyday religiously Lions so that’s what I eat I you know pretty simple if I go to a restaurant you’ll have a Caesar salad or a hamburger no bun but you know I’m down to one meal at a half-hour a day and you know I you know a couple times a day twice a day which I didn’t even feel good so you know because you’re opening an event or something but 99% of the time I’m down to one meal half hour the 15 minutes it takes me to eat that meal and that’s all I have it and that’s at the end of the day I don’t interfere I don’t eat in the morning I don’t eat to like 7:30 8 o’clock at night after my old day is done because I don’t have time and you know I’ve never felt better I guess probably the the biggest thing I can tell people is intermittent fasting is probably the only secret to this whole to this whole like business that we do but it takes a little bit of determination and it takes a little bit of skill but once you get on it and your grocery bill goes down like I spend next nothing on money and food like people go out and they order all this stuff and I you know I I I don’t spend more than a hundred $125 a month on food and I’m I’m 6 foot tall I’m 47 years old and I eat a pretty nice meal every day I don’t know so incredible incredible this is this is good data an average person who’s not overweight in their lifetime Toomes 56 tons of food and I’m talking about the guy that’s doing three meals two snacks so I think I think we’re bodies really don’t need as much as food as we think but the cool thing is like you’re not doing low calories per se you’re actually having just roti you’re having a good meal yeah so everyone says like hawking of the same kind of stuff so i’ll do two hamburger patties that I make you know by hand and I cook those at kind of mash them up then I put some shredded cheese on it I put some I use Frank’s hot sauce and then I put my spices on and have that on top I put that back in the microwave melt the cheese on top I have that last so I have my big salad first I put my spices on there add my olive oil mix dressing I eat that first I’m feeling pretty full after that salad and then I have my nice tasty hot meal at the end and I’m full and I’m always satisfied in everyone’s like how can you be the same thing every day just about well by the time you go to eat your meal at you know after 23 hours it looks pretty good to you yes they see and that’s all you need because I know I need to have that salad I need to have the nutrients and I actually enjoy the salad for some reason like why don’t you cook like broccoli why don’t you just like to me doing all those extra recipes you might get in a habit of eating too much and you don’t really need it tell me that’s really that’s all right I’m a sink I’m a single guy I didn’t don’t have time to sit there and cook all these fancy they make keto meals and the biggest thing that I’ve had this last year to go on besides this I’ve actually inspired quite a few people that I know probably 10 to 15 Wow that have done keto in the last year and I don’t really preach to them about you know I tell them kind of how to start out they ask me a lot of questions and I’ve had people lose over a hundred pounds sixty-five pounds they’ve never done better but people don’t believe me like my sister I was just back home and she’s been trying for a year on Weight Watchers she’s lost 5 pounds over the whole year I was home a month ago and she’s already down just about 15 pounds she cannot believe it and she’s eating food that she never would have ate on Weight Watchers and now her other friends in her little Weight Watchers group they’re trying to Iquitos so they kind of put Weight Watchers aside and getting on keto because you know for girls this little tougher but I just but their problem is they’re eating a little too much the beginning so I said why do you have to have two for meatballs have two meatballs I try to see everybody just start cutting back your food you can’t just be open on keto to eat five hamburgers ten pieces of bacon salad you have to have portion control and you don’t need a left food you’ll feel fine so I didn’t yeah I think I think especially when you’re doing in a minute fasting like I tell people to do it together in initial stages they know they’re not gonna go for a period of time with eating and the mental thought is like oh my I better eat as much as I can because I’m not gonna survive I’m like and then I’ll listen you do it and I’m like well I’m okay with this but the problem is if you eat too much you’re gonna be so freaking stuffed you’re gonna feel comfortable you you can have a decent meal because think about it what you’re burning is you’re burning also your own fat and that’s part of the meal between the meals any look big one that people don’t discuss enough is the insulin when you eat a a meal I try to tell this to the people that I’ve helped there’s a credit people reach out to me if you eat food you’re I always telling you have four to five hours after you even put a bite full of know like you know absolute just fat your insulins gonna go up so you can’t lose weight so if you think you can eat this and have another you know fat bomb or another snack you’re never gonna lose weight you have to like my success runs like how did you lose 340 pounds in two years well I found a solution you need that a whole bit of time where there’s no food in your body where that’s how you lose this weight you only meet that one meal a day but I tell people don’t go crazy maybe do an eight hour eating window do and then go down to a six hour and then get down to a four hour and then if you can’t get really good get down to that half hour just have one meal a day and you you have to get rid of that insulin in your body you’re never gonna lose weight it’s a huge one yeah tonight I’m doing a webinar on in a minute fasting we’re going to talk about a couple things related to what you just said which is how much your insulin can within 24 hours of fasting your insulin drops by 70% so you drop in this insulin that is the switch that allows you to now tap into your own fat get rid of inflammation and like even like the swelling in your ankles that was from all the starches and stuff it was basically a severe probably a vitamin b1 deficiency and that the heart was working harder where but the other thing is the diff when you when people do keto sometimes they don’t do enough vegetables and this is what happens they’ll do well because they’re dropping insulin but then they’ll plateau and one of the reasons is because they don’t have the diversity of microbes in the gut to make things like butyric acid and these other things that help you take you to one step further they’ll they help you with your blood sugars they help with digestion I mean even overweight people have a completely different profile of microbes than thinner people so I’m on the same wavelength is what you’re talking about since salad is the probably the most important like and I’m trying to get my people that I’m kind of coaching helping out I’m like you need to eat this big salad first they’re like I take five white folds and I’m full I’m like just trust me need it and eat it more it’ll be the best thing for you because the protein is what I need for muscles and it’s giving me my little taste but I actually enjoy the bigger salad and I switched out about six months ago and I’ve had better success I’m feeling way more satiated satisfied and having double the salad and it you know it just helps more and like everyone’s like cool you know your guts feel better your mood feels better and it’s weird doubling the salad not the protein the protein actually makes me feel worse then doubling that salad and I mix I was always straight on kale for so long but it’s hard to find straight organic kale salads yeah she cut it stuff so I they have this thing called I found a really good one power greens and it’s got everything in it I’ve been happy on that I still take a little bit of my vitamin regimen see I still do my potassium and my magnesium and my multivitamins and a few of those I do that every day but you know the secret is and I still got some fat to lose but you know the really weird thing in this last year is I’ve seen some people I go home and I’ve only lost 14 pounds us last year ish but they’re like holy God you got skinny like they’ve really noticed it for some reason I haven’t lost a lot of weight I lost way more weight in the past but this last year I’m cuz I’ve gone down in sizes but I’ve gained some muscle people are really starting to notice now that you’re skinnier than the normal person I’ve never had that in the past I guess you would say there’s a lot of people noticing now even guys at work I haven’t seen in a two weeks or like quite you’re looking skinnier and only I may be a loss like a powder it’s kind of a weird one you know that sort of been seeing a lot of it this year a lot of a lot more people have noticed I’ve lost a lot less weight this year but you’re kind of shifting your body I don’t know what it is it’s that it’s become position a couple things that happened with your liver has to your body has to eat up all that fat from the liver and even the pancreas before you can truly get rid of insulin resistance so you have a lot of metabolic things happening internally that are probably a priority it’s like rebuilding protein structures cellular protein apparatuses versus just dumping the excess energy which is fat so your body has its own priority of what it does and as long as you’re shrinking you’re feeling good don’t take it as a loss one point I want to bring up with the protein which I’m in a total agreement this is one thing we’re going to talk about at the summit is that I’m not going to kind of get off into two to tactical but too much protein actually makes your life a little bit shorter because you’re actually it puts a lot of waste into the liver and things like that yeah so people actually live longer if they have the right amount of protein not nothingjust and in the formula dye use now which is basically like I knew you like your size probably about 50 50 55 grams of protein per day which is yeah that’s just like that’s eight ounces okay so per day and if you have that much and don’t go crazy with too much you actually live longer and especially new internment fascinating you live a lot longer so it’s really important especially with longevity let’s see what that big thing that everybody tells me and so like if you’re working out you you know you should be gaining muscle like I you know kept track because there’s some comments made last year on your thing they’re like well if you’re doing this and this but I really kept track of the muscle and I have gained quite a bit of muscle it should I know because I’m getting way stronger but you don’t need a lot of this food and I have a lot of energy I work all day you know I work around home you know and then I go to the gym every night and I still got I come home from the gym I’m more energized like if I don’t tell myself I got to eat I probably forget about it cuz I’m even more pumped after working out so this whole thing of you need all this food for energy you need all this other stuff once you get yourself converted over and you can stick to the intimate fasting like I just put a scare so you know the biggest thing I’ve been finding and all these articles that are coming out against us and say I think sugar companies are after us I think the carb companies are after us I think the doctors at risk I keep saying no my doctor keeps telling me to go on statins I’m like no way like you know so the threat to a very large industry and I’m surprised we don’t actually hear more because think about how much money is tied in with carbs oh it’s hard you go to a supermarket like I try to ruler I try and find a few things I’m trying to you know I test take people shopping to show them how to read stuff and how to do stuff and you know this is a tough one out there that’s me I’m a simple kind of guy like I’ll tell people if you want really good success long-term is stay simple find a few good things you like and stay simple don’t go to these keto books sorry P no people and have all these elaborate meals cuz you’re gonna end up eating too much you don’t know your portion size and you’re gonna eat too much yeah good point very good point yeah I agree I’ll keep it simple I mean what I eat I mean I’m like I throw some salad in a bowl I’ll have today I’ll be having a hamburger and maybe it’s some nuts that’s it that’s all I’m doing so it’s like dr. burr once you create a video I’m like it’s too boring it’s just you so I’m the exact same way I get that from my family and my friends endow me they just shake their head at me and like I am worse despite that I had ever been satisfied with the meal I have and I’m excited to eat that meal there’s no issue about being bored anymore now now I know it’s a great way well Stephen I really appreciate you doing this follow-up because now people can see that no you didn’t gain the weight back you’re continuously progress it is working versus the Biggest Loser program which you know that doesn’t really work well do another one a year later here and how great it’s gonna do you know it’s like I’m having more success this last year I’ve enjoyed this this last year more than I’ve ever enjoyed anything because I’ve been at a smaller size my workouts again better I can I’ll tell people I can shop close on a regular rack I can you know I can fit in any seat I don’t worry like you said at the beginning I don’t worry about a booth I’m like let’s go sit let’s get on that plane see that’s all fly economy you know right so it’s you know and I’m traveling a lot more you know socializing more so the whole thing of where I was three years ago almost dead to where I am now and then the life ahead of me that I have and especially then I’m at fasting yeah you know mrs. Soto this is so huge well done Stephen so thank thanks yeah thank you thank you

This Post Was All About 3-Year Follow Up Interview with 600+ lb Steve.
3-Year Follow Up Interview with 600+ lb Steve

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Dr. Berg interviews a very interesting follow up interview with Steven Schaafsma, he started out being 600lbs and in this interview he is now down to 248lbs.

Dr. Berg: Hey guy! I have a very interesting follow up from a video we did before on Steven Schaafsma. And this guy started out 600lbs. I am having a picture up right now, we are gonna look at the progression of where he came from, where he is now because people wanted to know, is he still maintaining his weight? How was he doing? I think it has been three years now. Right?

Steven: Yea. 3 years this October 6 since I started.

Dr. Berg: First of all, they are not gonna believe that you are 600lbs right?

Steven: Exactly.

Dr. Berg: But you were 600lbs. Wow, can I just recap on how you got that big because you weren’t born 600lbs. How did you end up being 600lbs?

Steven: I was always like 375 most of my life and then I kind of quit working at a really physical job and I move to a city and I had a more sedimentary job and its slowly kind of crapped on and crapped on about a 8 year period, 10 year period. And the problem was I got so big and I was like “Oh I am gonna try tomorrow and then 3 – 4 years later, It just happen and then all of the sudden I made the decision to start and then I’ve lost and I’ve tried like I have told you before, trying to lose in all those other ways never worked until I started the Keto (Ketogenic Diet) and it is probably the best thing that I ever done and it has been pretty easy actually to do it.

Dr. Berg: And you also did Intermittent Fasting too, right?
Steven: I’ve been doing intermittent fasting now for a year and three months. I have one meal a day and I am a 23.. well like, 23 and a half. I have one meal a day and that’s it.
Dr. Berg: So here you are 600lbs, it seems to me that if you are 600lbs, literally I cannot imagine how your knees feel walking, going upstairs, going in the airport and sitting in a plane like.. It’s just like a whole new different experience I cannot imagine. What was that like?

Steven: It was tough. For a 600lbs I was fairly mobile, but like going up and down stairs. It was tough. I go into sitting in the boot summer and I was sitting in the chair with arms. And of course the plane, I had to have the arm up and then it’s the poor guy sitting beside me right. So, it was tough everything you kinda have to plan out your challenge right? It was everything is just like so logistics or else you couldn’t sit there or you couldn’t be there. It was tough.

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Dr. Eric Berg received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. His use of “doctor” or “Dr.” in relation to himself solely refers to that degree. Dr. Berg is a licensed chiropractor in Virginia, California, and Louisiana, but he no longer practices chiropractic in any state and does not see patients. This video is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. It does not create a doctor-patient relationship between Dr. Berg and you. You should not make any change in your health regimen or diet before first consulting a physician and obtaining a medical exam, diagnosis, and recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. The Health & Wellness, Dr. Berg Nutritionals and Dr. Eric Berg, D.C. are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this video or site.
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