3 Weird Symptoms of a Fatty Liver

3 Weird Symptoms of a Fatty Liver

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so today we’re going to talk about three weird symptoms of a fatty liver okay let me first talk about the function of the liver and what it does that’s a lot of different functions these are the main ones it helps you make bile what’s bile bile is like the detergent that helps break down fast to the point where you can start pulling out of fat the necessary fat soluble vitamins the necessary essential fatty acids omega-3 fatty acids and then it doesn’t break it down a hundred percent just breaks it down to a certain degree and then the pancreas releases lipase which is the other enzyme that breaks it down even further so we now have the basic unit so we can start using these necessary elements from our food so they’re more functional so if there’s liver problems and you can’t make enough bile you’re gonna have not just under nested fat but you’re gonna have unavailable that type of vitamins leading to a whole cascade of issues number two it helps you make proteins a lot of different types of protein lipoproteins which carry cholesterol as an HDL and LDL also protein in your blood the liver also makes cholesterol makes quite a bit like a thousand milligrams every single day the liver can also make glucose as in gluconeogenesis making new glucose and it can make it from fat or protein and it actually makes and helps you store glycogen what’s glycogen it’s the storage form of glucose it can turn ammonia to urea which is a less toxic substance ammonia is a byproduct of protein metabolism the liver helps you detoxify certain things chemicals poisons drugs and there’s certain enzymes called phase 1 phase 2 detoxification where you’re you’re turning these fat soluble toxic poisons into water-soluble harmless particles so the body can get rid of them it also helps you buffer excessive hormones so if there’s too much estrogen for example it can help regulate that too much cortisol it can actually help degrade cortisol so you don’t have excessive so it really does a lot very very important so what are the three weird symptoms of a fatty liver when you have a fatty liver you lose the capacity of the liver to function okay so one of the weird symptoms would be heart pain you wouldn’t think heart pains associated with the liver but when you actually have fat in the liver and even cirrhosis the liver starts to enlarge to a certain degree and there’s not a lot of space in there so it can compress over to the heart especially if you’re laying on your left side because the liver is on the right side and the hearts on the left so if you lay down it can compress on that heart so it’s best if you have this problem sleep on your right side it’ll be much better so if you get heart symptoms but the heart is fine have them check the liver alright number two gynecomastia what is that man boobs why do you get that because you can’t filter out excessive amounts of estrogen and it’s just too much estrogen in a male body another symptom of too much estrogen would be spider veins as well all right number three night blindness now night blindness is a vitamin A deficiency how would you become deficient about M&A well you’re actually not making enough bile because the liver makes the bile the gallbladder stores the bile if you don’t have enough you can’t absorb vitamin A and vitamin A is not just involved in night blindness it’s involved in vision in general so you’re just gonna find your vision is just poor and it’s coming from a liver problem all right here’s some other symptoms of a fatty liver high cholesterol decrease bile and what happens if you don’t have a bile you can’t break down the cholesterol so it’s really the bile production that is necessary to regulate cholesterol belly fat and by the way I have five patients who I sent to the radiologist to get ultrasounds and five out of five had a fatty liver so if you have a gut you might want to get a scan and the scan I would recommend is called fiber scan Barbara scan is something that your doctor can do to assess not just a fatty liver but if there’s any scar tissue or five gross okay it’s an ultrasound test and it can pick that up in certain levels I think it’s a really good test and ultrasound is not like any radiation so it’s pretty safe all right next one diabetes so if the liver loses its capacity to help you with blood sugars this can be one of the results fatigue is a very common symptom of a fatty liver right shoulder pain and not just right on the right shoulder pain but in the right neck and the jaw and the back of the trap up here and the right rhomboid in the back part by your scapula to the right of your midline of your spine it seemed okay so on the bottom of the feet and the palms of the hand you can get redness in the palm of the hand as well confusion irritability why because you have blood sugar issues bad breath okay so that’s another symptom alright there’s a couple last things I want to bring up about a fatty liver number one gastric bypass can increase your risk of getting a fatty liver especially if you don’t have enough bile which I think that’s the reason because they’re altering the digestive system to a certain degree extreme low protein diets can cause a fatty liver now you would think would be just the opposite but if you’re very low on protein the body could actually create fat in the liver which is interesting certain drugs steroids tamoxifen there’s a whole series of drugs that can create a fatty liver viruses can create a fatty liver but the most common cause of a fatty liver is high levels of insulin because the person is consuming too many carbohydrates okay if you’re new to my channel I put a link down below of exactly what eating plan you should be on to reduce your carbs so you can get the fat out of the liver and there’s one vitamin that’s a very very important for a fatty liver and that is choline okay choline actually can help you take the fat off the liver I’ll put a link down below on a video where I talk about choline thanks for watching hey guys real quick I have a new healthy keto eating plan for you just go to dr. Berg comm it’s right on the front page I put a link down below download it it’s free check it out

This Post Was All About 3 Weird Symptoms of a Fatty Liver.
3 Weird Symptoms of a Fatty Liver

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the function of the liver and the 3 weird symptoms of a fatty liver.

Functions of the Liver
• Makes bile
• Makes protein
• Makes cholesterol + lipoproteins
• Makes glucose + glycogen
• Ammonia – urea
• Detoxifies certain things like chemical, poisons, drugs, etc.
• Buffers excess hormones

3 Weird Symptoms of a Fatty Liver
1. Heart Pain
2. Gynecomastia (men boobs)
The liver couldn’t filter out excessive amounts of estrogen.
3. Night Blindness

Symptoms of Fatty Liver
• High cholesterol
• Decreased bile production
• Belly fat
• Diabetes
• Fatigue
• Right shoulder pain
• Itching
• Confusion
• Bad breath

*Fibroscan – a scan to check if you have a fatty liver, scar tissue, or fibrosis

Other Causes of Fatty Liver
• Gastric bypass
• Extreme low protein diet
• Drug – steroids
• Viruses
• *Insulin – carbs

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