3 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Boosts Intermittent Fasting

3 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Boosts Intermittent Fasting

3 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Boosts Intermittent Fasting

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there are very few things that you can consume during a fast that are actually going to enhance the effects of your fast okay I’ve talked about coffee I’ve talked about green tea and I’ve talked about apple cider vinegar but today I’m focusing specifically on apple cider vinegar because some of the science that’s coming out is absolutely proving and I mean proving in peer-reviewed journals that apple cider vinegar can help you burn more fat but also control your hunger during a fasted State so we’re gonna break it all down and I tell you what exactly you can do you are tuned into the Internet’s leading performance nutrition and fat loss channel we got new videos every single Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time but heck why the heck not we’re putting out videos almost every single day now I want to make sure that you hit that Bell button it’s imperative okay that Bell button is gonna allow you to turn on notifications so you know whenever I post a video or whenever I go live if you don’t turn that on you won’t know when I post a video so let’s go ahead and let’s drop right into the science and blow your mind with how you’re gonna burn more fat with apple cider vinegar during your fast okay so the first reason that this works is one that we probably already know about okay the acetic acid that’s in apple cider vinegar definitely controls your blood sugar but this is very important during a fasted state but also very important when you break a fast you see I used to talk about different things that you can consume when you break a fast but I never really added apple cider vinegar to the mix now after finding some of the more recent science I really want to make sure that myself and you add apple cider vinegar when you break a fast you see here’s what happens it reduces the glycemic and insulin emic response so basically when you consume any kind of carbohydrates or anything that’s going to elicit any kind of blood sugar response at all it decreases the number of glucose transporters so what that means is if you consume apple cider vinegar along with carbs or along with some protein that can convert to carbs you’re reducing the overall glycemic impact so let me put it like this if you consume a bunch of carbohydrates and they go into your intestinal tract and then you consume some acetic acid or some apple cider vinegar it’s reducing the number of transporters that can actually take that glucose away out to the body it’s like having a bus station with a ton of people but only a couple of buses to carry some of those people okay it there’s just not enough buses to carry the glue so the rest of the glucose just gets absorbed slowly this is phenomenal we absolutely need this to happen so to make some sense of all this there’s a study that was published in the very famous European journal Clinical Nutrition very well renowned Journal ok this took a look at five subjects so I know it’s a small study but honestly it’s so concrete it makes perfect sense so what they did is they had these subjects consume different things ok they have them consume a hundred grams a lettuce with olive oil then they had them consume a hundred grams of lettuce with olive oil and some vinegar and then they had them consume 100 grams of lettuce with olive oil and then pH neutralized vinegar so it’s kind of acting as a little bit of a placebo it was basically vinegar that didn’t have the acetic acid component anymore it wasn’t acidic after they consumed this lettuce with the oil and the vinegar they had them consume 50 grams of carbs coming from white bread obviously very high glycemic we’ll get this those that had the vinegar ended up having their blood sugar reduced 34% so simply by adding acetic acid so apple cider vinegar their blood sugar dropped 34% they didn’t have nearly as much of a negative effect from the white bread imagine what this can do for you when you break your fast it allows you to not have the crazy blood sugar spike but it also makes us that when you are fasting your blood Sugar’s under control it’s the rises and falls in blood sugar that occurred during a fast that end up making you crave things and can end up making the fasts somewhat miserable but let’s go ahead and let’s talk a little bit more about fat loss because that’s why we’re all here right we all want to burn some fat we want to feel good we want longevity but really we want to burn that excess fat so let’s talk about fat loss hunger but something really cool known as ampk I’m not gonna go to a lot of detail of AMPK because I’m trying to keep this video just shortened to the point AMPK is essentially your energy sensor within the body so ampk recognizes when you don’t have energy from food readily available and it triggers your body to start using its stored fuel substrates so for example if you eat a meal a AMPK is low because you have plenty of fuel to burn off as that meal goes away AMPK being the energy sensor senses that that food is gone and says hey brain this guy’s running out of energy you have to start releasing some of the stored energy so therefore the brain tells the body to release glycogen carbohydrates stored in the muscles and release fatty acids that are stored in the fat tissue all for energy but when ends up happening is when that AMPK is increased we’re of course burning fat but that ampk is also released in the brain and when it’s released in the brain it’s making us hungry why because AMPK tells the brain hey just so you know this guy’s using his stores you need to tell this guy to eat because we don’t want them using the stores for long so what my point is here is that AMPK in the body is good because we’re burning fat when ampk is high but the caveat is that when ampk is high in the brain it’s making us hungry see it’s like nothing in life is free right we get that nice elevation of ampk in the body but we’re also getting it in the brain here’s the interesting thing acetic acid has been shown to reduce AMPK in the brain while simultaneously increasing ampk production and utilization in the liver okay this is like earth-shattering stuff because during a fast this is exactly what you want you want the upregulation of fatty acid oxidation at the site of the liver but you want it down regulated the hypothalamus because basically you want to enhance the effects of your fast want to burn more fat without the hunger side of things when the acetic acid from apple cider vinegar goes into the liver it has to convert into acetyl coenzyme a this conversion takes a lot of energy and what that means for us is that that energy balance that net energy loss essentially means more fat burning more fat burning and less hunger okay here’s the thing like when it comes down to apple cider vinegar we do know that Bragg’s apple cider vinegar is like their the poster child right they’re the ones that really started the whole apple cider vinegar movement we can’t deny that everybody loves Bragg’s we all love Patricia Bragg a sweet lady that started Bragg’s I know her personally she doesn’t live too far from me near Santa Barbara but the thing is is that they are making a push for their apple cider vinegar and now they have something that we can consume when we’re fasting okay literally something that’s created by Bragg’s specifically for people that want to consume something that doesn’t have calories so you can consume this literally like this one is a ginger spice so it’s apple cider vinegar distilled water it’s ginger and some really organic stevia so the stuff is awesome and it’s super simple but it’s made with the good stuff that actually has the effect on the body when we’re fasting but more importantly it’s not gonna break a fast and honestly you can just go pick up these Bragg’s ACV drinks at pretty much any local health retailer so you can go to Whole Foods you can go to smart and final things like that and you’re gonna be able to pick them up and if you want to you can also head on over to brag comm and that way you can check out their full product suite and look at all the different flavors that they have and get yourself totally set up so let’s move on to fatty acid oxidation as a whole because believe it or not apple cider vinegar does boost directly fatty acid oxidation through how it changes our genes okay not like our closed genes but like our genetics and it does this very fast so don’t get turned off when I say genetics there’s a lot of times people think oh genetics this isn’t gonna affect me for a while I don’t really care about genes yada yada no no like gene expression is happening instantaneously and if we can change that we can change the direction in which our body starts to utilize things and does things you see when we’re fasting we have the activation of specific genes okay srebp one and PPAR alpha the names aren’t super important we’re not going to go down that rabbit hole but essentially these genes trigger fatty acid utilization and ultimately triggered what’s called UCP 2 uncoupling protein 2 – overall just be elevated this UCP 2 elevates thermogenesis thermogenesis is what we need to burn fat to burn that visceral fat when we’re fasting now acetic acid elevates all of this – so we have this elevation during a fast but we also have a scenic acid in apple cider vinegar elevating these same genes so let’s go ahead and let’s take a look at a study so this study was published in the Journal of bioscience biotechnology and biochemistry very simple flatout study it had test subjects consumed either one tablespoon of vinegar 2 tablespoons of vinegar or a placebo ok so here’s what they found at the end of this study in terms of body composition and triglycerides ok the group that ended up consuming just one tablespoon of vinegar ended up losing on average 2.6 pounds okay they ended up having a decrease in their triglycerides by 20 six percent that’s just one tablespoon of vinegar okay those that consumed two tablespoons ended up losing three point seven pounds but also had a reduction in triglycerides of twenty six percent so the nice thing about this is we show that simply by adding this acetic acid which of course apple cider vinegar has tons of we were able to see a huge reduction in body fat just by adding that no changes to the diet nothing else changed other than adding that to the mix so just because there’s a lot of crazy stuff out there surrounding the world of apple cider vinegar on the internet it doesn’t completely nullify the fact that this stuff is amazing and honestly is one of the original health tonics that we could possibly ever consume like it’s amazing so what I suggest that you do is start incorporating apple cider vinegar in the morning when you break your fast but also throughout the day in the way of a tasty beverage if you want to make one yourself you can use Bragg’s apple cider vinegar mix it up with some water and mix it up a little stevia a little lemon or you can utilize their super cool beverages which are pretty much what I would make by hand anyway and you honestly end up getting them cheaper when you just buy them free bottle so make sure you check them out and a huge thank you to Bragg’s for being one of the starters of the fasting bandwagon in the first place and thank you to them for being a part of this channel and hopping on the Tom stool hour bandwagon throughout this process so make sure you check them out and thank you again I’ll see you in the next video

This Post Was All About 3 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Boosts Intermittent Fasting.
3 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Boosts Intermittent Fasting

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3 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Boosts Intermittent Fasting – Thomas DeLauer

Blood Sugar Control

Acetic acid is able to reduce glycemic and insulinemic responses to foods, such as a starchy meal, by delaying gastric emptying

Acetic acid has been shown to decrease the activities of a number of intestinal glucose transporters and disaccharidases (digestive enzymes that break down disaccharides into their two constituent sugars; sucrose, for example, is broken down into fructose and glucose by sucrase, a disaccharidase)

Acetic acid also inhibits sucrase activity and been shown to cause a decrease in maltase and almost a complete inhibition of trehalase and lactase

Study – European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Enhances Fat Loss

The main mechanism by which acetic acid intake suppresses body fat accumulation is believed to be due to the upregulation of fatty acid oxidation

In one study, researchers analyzed for SREBP-1, an enzyme that regulates gene expression of lipogenic (fat manufacturing) enzymes and PPARalpha, a gene that regulates fatty acid oxidation, in the liver, where almost all acetate in the portal circulation is metabolized

Researchers found that PPARalpha gene expression in both the high and low-dose groups was significantly upregulated

Uncoupling protein 2 (UCP2), which plays a role in thermogenesis (metabolizing fats to produce heat) was also elevated

Study – Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry

AMPK Activation

*Fasting & Keto both promote AMPK, and it turns out that ACV (acetic acid) actually upregulates AMPK as well*

AMPK (5′ AMP-activated protein kinase) is an enzyme that plays a key role in energy balance (an energy sensor)

AMPK can detect the level of energy (number of ATP molecules) in a cell and helps regulate responses when it gets too low or high

When cellular energy is low, AMPK is activated and targets a range of processes (autophagy being one), the net response of which is an increase in energy production and a coordinated decrease in energy (ATP) usage

However, AMPK in the hypothalamus senses our level of energy production in the body (energy in the form of ATP). It increases energy expenditure and can also increase appetite (when increased in the hypothalamus)

Hypothalamic AMPK increases appetite

AMPK increases ‘fat burning’ and this ‘pathway’ can result in weight loss

For weight loss, ideally, we would want to activate AMPK in our liver, fat, and muscle and inhibit AMPK in the hypothalamus – this way, we will burn fat and energy stores and decrease hunger at the same time

Acetic acid from vinegar reduces AMPK in the hypothalamus AMPk being elevated in the hypothalamus actually stimulates hunger (stimulates ghrelin)

This is because AMPk will usually get activated in the brain if you have been fasting for some time. This is the main way that vinegar decreases hunger: it shuts down AMPk selectively in the hypothalamus to decrease the sense of hunger

It does this because when acetate enters a cell, it gets converted to Acetyl-CoA (in order to be used later for energy), but during this process it uses up an ATP molecule and converts it to AMP, thus increasing the AMP/ATP ratio and activating AMPk


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