3 Unique Times to Drink Butter Coffee (Keto Coffee)

3 Unique Times to Drink Butter Coffee (Keto Coffee)

3 Unique Times to Drink Butter Coffee (Keto Coffee)

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we are limiting ourselves seriously like Tito coffee or phat coffee has such a potential to do so many different things but we put ourselves inside this box and we only consume it for breakfast because it just makes sense it’s coffee we have it for breakfast but the fact is there’s a lot of other applications with keto coffee or fad coffee by having it at specific times we can have specific heightened effects for a different situation it’s kind of like we have this a Lamborghini this super powerful thing but we only get to drive it around town because we’re like only thinking in this little box by having it just for breakfast so let’s let that Lamborghini get out on the road and actually do some cool stuff so we can get the most effect you were tuned into the internet’s leading performance nutrition and fat loss channel we got new videos every single Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time but also a bunch of videos peppered in throughout the week as well there’s a little bell icon that you’ll see at the bottom of your screen if you click on that you can turn on notifications well that’s gonna do it’s gonna allow you to see whenever I post a new video or more importantly whenever I go live for a Q&A so make sure you keeping it locked in and let’s go ahead and get into the science okay so the first kind of unconventional way that we can look at utilizing fat coffee is during the period in which we’re breaking a fast those of you that watch a lot of my videos know that I’m very particular about how I break a fast when you break a fast you always want to consume something small and then like 60 minutes later consume something slightly larger and you do this for a couple of reasons but honestly the main reason is a little bit of a psychological one it’s the fact that we give ourselves something to eat and then we give ourselves a little bit of time for the satiety hormones to kick in and then we go and we have our larger meal so it reduces the the risk or the potential of us going and just just indulging on something that we shouldn’t indulge on because we’re hungry at the end of a fast so I always recommend that when you’re talking about adding keto coffee your fat coffee at the end of your fast there’s some specific benefits now this really only applies if you’re already following a low-carb diet I wouldn’t really recommend adding keto coffee to the end of your fast if you’re not following a low-carb diet but here’s why this works you see the MCTS that are in the keto coffee they don’t require bile so they absorb very very fast so what happens is they get converted into ketones a heck of a lot easier which means at the end of your fast you’re already producing a bunch of ketones so you might as well consume something that’s actually going to exacerbate that or cause your body to produce more and M SATs are going to do just that they’re also going to provide you a lot of quick energy so it’s gonna be perfect right when you’re coming out of a fast well the other thing is you’ve got grass-fed butter in the mix you see grass-fed butter does some really cool things in that it converts into what are called short chain fatty acids we’re talking about things like propionate and butyrate these are very essential when it comes down to satiety okay these simple short chain fatty acids trigger response within our body that make it so that we’re nice and full so therefore you’re less likely to indulge in the wrong things later on in your eating window here’s what else is really really cool you see the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study they actually found that by consuming MCTS which of course are in fat coffee there was an increase in resting energy expenditure by five percent like did you hear me correctly yeah literally the metabolism increased five percent simply by the consumption of MCTS so when you consume fat coffee at the end of your fast you’re driving forward that metabolism boost even more it has to do with the fact that the MCTS absorbs so fast that it’s a shock to your body it literally triggers a catecholamine response and literally triggers adrenaline noradrenaline epinephrine all that which causes lipolysis to occur so you have fat loss occurring it is really epic stuff so try breaking your fast with it you don’t always have to do it with coffee you can do it with decaf you can make it a specific way okay the next one that i want to talk about is the more conventional way that you’re probably familiar with but i want to break it down a little bit more this is simply replacing your breakfast right but when you replace your breakfast with keto coffee or fad coffee you are replacing your breakfast with it I don’t recommend having it alongside another meal okay if you’re having your eggs or having your bacon and you’re having fat coffee sorry but that’s a lot of calories coming in at one time people don’t realize that when you’re making fat coffee there’s like three four hundred calories in it there’s a good amount that’s my opinion that’s too much to be adding a alongside a meal so the other thing you have to be very very clear on is you are not intermittent fasting if you are having that coffee in the morning okay people think that if they have their fat coffee and then don’t eat until 2 that they’re fasting you are to some degree but not a true fast in my opinion that literally is a breakfast it’s a breakfast replacement but here’s why it’s effective I’m not saying that you should do it in the morning because it definitely has an effect okay it’s mainly the cholecystokinin response so you have a huge rise in CCK when you ingest these fats okay so C CK or cholecystokinin is basically the hormone that triggers the breakdown of fats so what happens is when you consume these fats C CK releases and C CK triggers the gallbladder to release its bile starts the emulsification and the mice elation process of these fats very very important but while it’s doing this it’s also sending a signal up to your hypothalamus that says hey we’re busy digesting don’t bring in any more food this is really really important and very very critical when it comes down to staying say she ate it so it helps curb your appetite throughout the course of the day but of course the M C T’s the grass-fed butter all of that is going to stimulate ketone production and stimulate beta-hydroxybutyrate which is a powerful appetite suppressant to begin with so having it in the morning is great if you just want to stay satiated throughout the day and not be at risk to just munching on things you don’t want to munch on it’s just very very very important that you add salt to your keto Coffee you have to add salt to it we have these things called NST receptors and if we are not getting enough salt particularly in the morning what’s gonna happen is the brain the wires get kind of crossed and you start craving sweet things but in reality you’re craving salt because your salt deficient then of course we have the balance of what’s called the firma cuties and the Bacteroides these are two types of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria the fats feed the good bacteria the bacteria teas and the coffee continues to feed the Bacteroides – so what this is gonna do is it’s gonna balance your gut biome throughout the course of the day okay now I want to give a big shout out but also a special offer to my friends over at the fat fuel company okay these guys have nailed it they’ve nailed keto coffee they’ve nailed true fat coffee if you check this out they’ve got their grass-fed butter powder they’ve got MCT oil powdered they’ve got their coconut oil powder so you still get the lauric acid like the actual digestive benefit then in this case organic coffee but they also add the salt to it they’ve got the idea down they’ve got it figured out now I’ve grown to know these guys pretty well I met up with them at fit con when I was speaking in Salt Lake City like these guys are awesome and they’ve offered up a special deal for those that are watching my videos because they know that people always want to do their fat coffee but they don’t always have their Ninja Blender hanging around or they don’t have their little magic bullet to make coffee on the road so they have nailed it with the high quality ingredients that allow you to break your fast allow you to have it for breakfast but also allow you to have it in these other instances that I’m about to talk about so check out down in the description huge thank you to them for making this video possible and a big thank you to them for making it so you guys can continue to be educated no matter what the cause so that brings me into the next phase right okay I talked about how if you have fat coffee for breakfast you are not fasting okay well what about a specific kind of fast where you are consuming fat coffee okay I guess technically it’s not really a fast it’s more of a calorie restricted type diet but I’ve sort of coined it as a fat fast where you do actually have keto coffee while you’re fasting but you’re pretty particular with what you do so here’s what I would recommend you do now the main purpose for this by the way is for a gut reset it’s to help get those short chain fatty-acids it’s to help change the gut bacteria a little bit help get those back to Roy DDT’s where we want them and get the firm acute taste the bad bacteria down a little bit more it works very very well but here’s what you want to do you’re gonna want to start your fast in the morning with your fat coffee okay so start your fast in the morning have your fat coffee have your fat fuel super simple to make super easy okay then what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go a full 24 hours a full 24 hours and you’re gonna have one more okay you’re gonna have one more fat coffee so basically you’ve gone 24 hours with no food but you’ve had a fat coffee the BND that’s gonna keep you satiated for most of the day then you have another fat coffee and then you’re gonna break your fast normally without a fat coffee at like 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. you know midday the next day so essentially you’re going 36 hours but you’re also kind of not because you’re actually by having the fat coffee part of the way through so this is a fat fast and it does work very well when it comes down to resetting the gut biome and helping some stuff out okay but here’s the last and final and very unconventional way that’s so simple that it’s often overlooked when it comes down to fat coffee and that is having it for lunch okay here’s the thing you don’t have to make it with regular you can make it with decaf and have it for lunch you can make it with chocolate you can make it with matcha you can make all kinds of fat coffee variations okay so what you want to do is you want to replace your lunch with it it’s just so unconventional we overlook it have a normal breakfast have your eggs have your egg yolks have your bacon have your goat cheese whatever you want to have your high fat keto type of breakfast but then when you come down to lunchtime go ahead and just have your fat coffee okay who would have thought here’s why it works so well the fat coffee is going to stimulate the production of glucagon the release of glucagon it keeps insulin levels super low if you were to have some protein which again I’m okay with in different circumstances I talked about it a lot but in this case you have a very low insulin response very low insulin level because you’re not really having protein you’re not having carbs you’re just having fats so insulin levels stay nice and low which means that glucagon levels stay high glucagon is literally what taps on the door of the cell to allow fats to get into the bloodstream if we didn’t have glucagon we never release fat and glucagon can only be present if insulin is not there okay let me say this again glucagon which allows fat to be mobilized can only be hanging around if insulin is very low so if we consume anything outside of fat we’re gonna have a rise in insulin and then we have to wait for that insulin to go down a couple of hours before glucagon can ever allow us to burn fat so sandwiching your day with just simple pure fat like this with fat coffee is perfect because it lets glucagon come up a lot faster but it also dries what’s called a mpk ampk is sort of the metabolic driver that turns the switch for your body to say hey I am in full-blown fat-burning mode and releasing stored energy substrates into the body instead of actual food that’s been consumed it literally flips the switch so by shifting the paradigm and how we look at how we consume our Kido coffee we could absolutely change our bodies we can change how our bodies a death so you have to get out of their comfort zone don’t just have it for breakfast have it for lunch have it when you break your fast do a fad fast enjoy the stuff and rest assured that you don’t always have to be slaving over the blender to make it and brewing a cup of coffee you can literally use the fat fuel companies simple and quite honestly very inexpensive solution so that you can always get your fat coffee in so huge thanks to them for sponsoring this video but also thank you to you for keeping it locked in here in my channel and always bringing up amazing amazing content ideas in fact this video was your idea okay I’ve seen it come up in the comment sections I’m going to use it so thank you guys for the great ideas and put more of them down below and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About 3 Unique Times to Drink Butter Coffee (Keto Coffee).
3 Unique Times to Drink Butter Coffee (Keto Coffee)

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When to Drink Keto Coffee for Optimal Results – 3 Options

Break Fast if in Keto

You can break your fast with it as 1) it’ll keep you in a fat burning mode 2) provide you with sustained energy, and 3) be beneficial for your gut

Study – European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

8 healthy young men had 24-hour energy expenditure (EE) and urinary catecholamines measured during their stay in a respiratory chamber on four separate occasions

These were randomised between four different combinations of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) and long-chain triglycerides (LCT), a total 30g/day, which was consumed with their habitual diet in three equal parts (10g each) at breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the following ratio of MCT: LCT (g/g) 0:30, 5:25, 15:15 and 30:0


24-hour EE increased significantly with increasing MCT:LCT ratio, with the diet providing a total of 15-30 g MCT per day stimulating 24-hour EE by 5%

This corresponds to a mean absolute increase in daily EE of approximately 500kJ, with individual values varying between 268 kJ and 756 kJ

No significant differences were observed in respiratory quotient nor in urinary nitrogen losses across diets, but 24-h urinary noradrenaline was significantly increased, whereas adrenaline and dopamine were unaltered

Study – Zeitschrift für Gastroenterologie (Z GASTROENTEROL)

Liquid is the overall best caffeine delivery method with the most caffeine being absorbed in the least amount of time to fully saturate blood plasma

The effects of caffeine gum are quicker, but less caffeine is absorbed overall – an advertised 100mg caffeine piece of gum would really only deliver 77mg of caffeine (see chart below)

Caffeine capsules and tablets take the longest to fully saturate the blood since they have to dissolve in the stomach first

As mentioned, it’s believed that drinking caffeine on an empty stomach provides faster absorption than drinking caffeine with food or after eating

There was some research into this notion and it was found that the rate of stomach emptying did speed up or slow down blood saturation rates

People with full stomachs, especially those given a high fiber (hard to digest) meal had slower caffeine absorption rates:

The effect of altered gastric emptying on caffeine absorption (tablets; 366.1 mg) was studied in patients with gastric stasis or after Billroth II partial gastrectomy with adequate gastric emptying and in healthy subjects with slowed gastric emptying due to a fibre-free and a fibre-rich liquid test meal of an elemental diet, respectively

Compared with controls (n = 15), a significantly slowed caffeine absorption was found in gastric stasis (n = 8) by means of a lower absorption rate constant KA (0.018 +/- 0.007 vs. 0.122 +/- 0.110 min-1 in controls) and a prolonged peak time tmax (160 +/- 77 vs. 46 +/- 19 min)

As an Appetite Suppressant

Satiation – Fats & CCK

CCK is released after you eat; its main purpose is to tell your brain that you are full – acts as a short-term indicator of your fullness

Specifically, it is secreted from mucosal epithelial cells of the small intestine (duodenum), and stimulates the release of digestive enzymes and bile from the pancreas and gallbladder, respectively

It is also produced by neurons in the enteric nervous system, and is distributed in the brain

Two main reasons regarding CCK’s ability to induce satiety:

One is that meal-induced secretion of cholecystokinin activates the satiety centre of the hypothalamus in the brain so that the person feels full and stops eating (mediates satiety by acting on the CCK receptors distributed throughout the CNS)

A second reason is that, because cholecystokinin inhibits emptying of the stomach, the sensation of satiety may be the result of distension of the stomach

Lunch Replacement

1) Will continue to promote the production of ketones and encourage fat loss, and 2) can substitute more nutrient-dense foods

Coffee & Glucagon

Coffee promotes the release of glucagon – it signals fat cells to release free fatty acids (a process called lipolysis) into the bloodstream to be utilized as fuel

Calories but little Insulin Response

Carbohydrates break down quickly and have a rapid effect on insulin and, in turn, blood glucose levels

Dietary fat takes quite a while to break down, typically about four to six hours. Because only a tiny portion of a fat molecule can be used as glucose for energy, dietary fat doesn’t impact insulin or blood glucose levels

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