3 Main Reasons for Using Coconut Oil

3 Main Reasons for Using Coconut Oil

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so recently I had a series of questions related to coconut oil some people are still I don’t know a little nervous about consuming coconut oil thinking it’s poisonous based on some false information recently so I wanted to just create a summary of exactly what coconut oil does there’s really three main things that it will do for you and no it’s not bad for the heart no it’s not a poison it’s been used by many cultures for hundreds of years without problem there are a few cultures that literally consume sixty percent of their diet coconut based and they’re really really healthy so coconut oil will boost the HDL which is the so-called good cholesterol I’m gonna put a link down below so if you’re concerned about it messing with your heart you can look at the study it’s quite impressive alright so coconut is a seed it is the largest seed on planet Earth it actually takes three years to break down in the soil before it can actually grow alright I want to cover the three significant benefits of using coconut oil the first one supporting your brain okay a significant amount of coke annoying is MCT which means medium chain triglycerides this is a type of fat that turns into ketones okay and your brain cells love ketones ketones actually protect the nerve and brain cells against stress and it’s been shown to help boost cognitive function in really beneficial in people with dementia and even Alzheimer’s there are three main fatty acids in coconut oil the first one is caprylic then caprile and then lauric acid so these acids are antibacterial antifungal anti-candida and yeast and on top of that antiviral specifically lauric acid lauric acid is kind of a precursor to something called mono Lauren and I’ve done a video just on this alone as a supplement mono Lauren has the capacity to dismantle and destroy the lipid layer or the fat layer around certain viruses so this function really helps your immune system now lauric acid is in breast milk and unless you’re an infant you’re not going to be to get access to that so we’re gonna stick with the coconut oil alright the third big benefit is giving you more energy why because MCT oil does not require digestive enzymes it gets absorbed directly into the body so the fuel that coconut gives you is number one fatty acids and ketones okay and fatty acids and ketones are a much more efficient fuel than glucose in fact per quantity it will give you more ATP and that’s the energy currency that the body uses so carbs does not give you the quantity of energy as ketones and fatty acids all right so I hope this summary kind of put things in perspective these are the three benefits it’s not dangerous it’s not poisonous how they recommend that you start consuming coconut oil as part of a healthy ki tell plan alright thanks for watching if you’re liking this content please subscribe now and I will actually keep you updated on future videos 

This Post Was All About 3 Main Reasons for Using Coconut Oil.
3 Main Reasons for Using Coconut Oil

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In this video, Dr. Berg talks about coconut oil and its three main benefits. Coconut oil is the largest seed on earth and it will boost HDL or the so called “good cholesterol”. Fatty acids and ketones are the fuel you can get from coconut oil and it is much better fuel than glucose because it gives more ATP than carbs.

1. Brain – Supports the brain.
MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides – is a type of fat that turns into ketones. Ketones protect the nerve and brain cells against stress.
It boost cognitive function and is very beneficial in people with dementia and even Alzheimer’s.

2. Anti-Microbial – It has fatty acids and these acids are antibacterial, antifungal, anti-candida and yeast and antiviral.
3 main fatty acid in coconut oil:
Caprylic, Capril, Lauric (precursor to monolaurin)

3. Energy – MCT oil does not require digestive enzymes.

Fuel from Coconut:
• Fatty Acids
• Ketones

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