3 Day Fasting Challenge – Join me and Learn

3 Day Fasting Challenge – Join me and Learn

3 Day Fasting Challenge – Join me and Learn

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More specifically, you want help with 3 Day Fasting Challenge – Join me and Learn?

This Post Was All About 3 Day Fasting Challenge – Join me and Learn.
3 Day Fasting Challenge - Join me and Learn

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3 Day Fasting Challenge – Join me and Learn

Hey, we’re all friends here, right? We’ve all fasted before in one way or another, we’ve all intermittent fasted, or done some prolonged fasting. Okay, none of it’s totally new to us, or maybe it is for some of you, but one thing I know we haven’t done is we haven’t fasted together, as a community.

Now it’s so simple, there’s nothing to it. So I’m inviting you guys to do a fast with me, a three day fast, this summer, starting June 23rd, that’s a Sunday. So fast Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Now, I will give you the breakdown, I will give you what you should break your fast with, I will tell you what you can consume during this fast, but more than anything this is about all of us raising awareness for fasting, but more importantly raising awareness against the common theme of having to eat three square meals per day.

I want el to do this together, and this isn’t just going to be a Thomas DeLauer led thing. Sure, I’m spearheading it, I’m starting the idea, but I’m calling out some people to do it with me. I’m calling out Drew Manning, in fact I’ve already talked to him, okay? You guys know Drew, big keto guy, he’s going to do it. I’ve talked to Brandon Carter, he’s going to be in it. I’ve talked to some of the biggest influencers that are out there, and they’re going to join in too and get their communities doing it too.

So sure, we’re going to burn some fat, sure, we’re going to look good in the process, right? It might feel good. More importantly, I think we’re going to be bringing awareness to ourselves, we’re a pretty darn powerful community. Hey, I think the grocery store’s going to be like, “Where are all our customers?”, for three days. It’s going to be kind of fun.

But the big thing of all this is, let’s do it together, okay? There is some suffering that comes with a fast, I’m not going to lie. It gets tough. But if we’re all leaning on each other, and we have some fun with it, I don’t know, it just makes it not so bad.

So there’s going to be some things that you can consume during this fast, okay, it’s not a dry fast. So you’re cool to consume black coffee, just no creamer, no sweetener, you’re good to consume hot tea or black tea, just no creamers, no sweeteners. Of course you can consume water, in fact I encourage you to add salt to your water, and it’s going to be very imperative that you use a good quality salt.

Now, personally, if you want to use your own favorite salt, that’s fine, but I am going to give a special offer for people that want to use Redmond Real Salt, because salt is something that you should add during a fast to help keep you minerally balanced and help out that whole mineral corticoid process, help hormones stay a little bit balanced, you just get a little bit more out of your fast. So Redmond’s being a big part of this big awareness campaign, just to get things out there. I asked them if they would give my followers, or anyone that’s doing this, whether they’re Drew’s people, or Brandon’s followers, or anything like that, give them special access to salt at a discounted price in a good quality fashion. And also, what’s called their Relight capsules, so they’re actually salt capsules that you can just pop, so you can still get your minerals in without having to drink salt water.

So one thing you might want to do is log your experiences, emotionally, even physically. How much weight you lose, your body fat percentages. I want you guys to get granular with this and learn what happens to your bodies. If you want to take it so far as doing some blood work you can do that too, in fact I would even invite people that are interested to share information with me. You don’t have to share your blood work, okay, I don’t need that, that’s a HIPPA violation, but if you want to share your information, your experience with me, I’d love to feature it in videos. If we can get a lot of people that have amazing results, it would just be cool to put it out there.

So anyway, this is all about community and I’m excited to share it with you. So mark the calendars for June 23rd. Super simple, ridiculously inexpensive, we’re talking the cost of water, and honestly a couple of bucks for some salt down in the description below, and that’s about it. So let’s get to it. If you have ideas, put them down in the comments section below, and I’ll keep you posted as we get closer, but again, mark the calendars for June 23rd. And again, special thanks to Drew Manning, to Brandon Carter, and special thanks to Redmond Real Salt for making this possible too. See you soon.

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