23 Benefits of OMAD (One Meal a Day) Intermittent Fasting

23 Benefits of OMAD (One Meal a Day) Intermittent Fasting

23 Benefits of OMAD (One Meal a Day) Intermittent Fasting

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so I wanted to create a video on the 23 benefits of ohm at one meal a day diet which is not really a diet it’s a kind of a type of intermittent fasting well you’re going 23 hours of fasting in 1 hour of eating and yes people love food but you could actually set it up so let’s say you have a social event or you go out to dinner and that’s when your meal is to your own friends so you’re not sitting there at a restaurant just like not eating that would be not good but let’s talk about the benefits number one you can save a lot of money when you’re only eating one meal a day you’ll probably save at least $600 a month just on that alone it’s going to save a lot of time so you can do other things that are productive most people spend a lot of time eating preparing for food takes a lot of work number three improving digestion you’re gonna give your gallbladder a chance to rest the stomach the pancreas the large bowel especially if they have irritable bowel syndrome it’ll actually help you heal that it improves the immune system also it puts your body into something called a tapa G which is the recycling of junk proteins and damaged protein particles and recycles it into new tissue but it also recycles viruses fungus mold Candida which also is going to help your immune system right there so it’s kind of an immune strengthening activity you’re gonna live longer which is a good thing you’re gonna be a lot less hungry you would think by not eating you’re going to be starving all the time but not when you totally adapt to fat-burning your hunger is gonna go away no more cravings it’s gonna make it really easy to do this but of course it takes a while to get into this keto state but when you’re fully there you’re not going to crave any more better skin because of the etapa G and the anti-aging effects your skin is going to be a lot smoother and younger increased energy tons of physical energy number eleven increased mood if you’re depressed you have anxiety you have to realize that comes from a blood sugar problem when that’s handled you’re gonna your mood is going to come way up you’re gonna feel much better number twelve increase cognitive function this is great for dementia improving your memory focus concentration all that will improve 13 decrease inflammatory conditions whether you have bursitis tendinitis arthritis that’s going to go away because the blood sugar issues will cause inflammatory number thirteen decrease inflammatory conditions whether your bursitis tendinitis arthritis or even rheumatoid arthritis this is great for that decrease blood pressure okay what causes blood pressure is high insulin so this program will decrease insulin your blood pressure will come down number fifteen heart disease if there’s one thing that will improve your arteries it’s doing in a minute fasting more than probably any other thing that you can possibly do if we take the reverse of that and do high insulin and you have insulin resistance and you’re a diabetic you are gonna have a lot of problems in your arteries number 16 improving dementia okay that’s related to the cognitive function and number 17 is definitely going to improve if you have diabetes it’s going to actually help prevent diabetes it’s going to improve the pre-diabetes which is insulin resistance it’s going to improve if not fix hypoglycemia which so many people have they don’t even know they have that number 18 it’s going to actually help you if you have a fatty liver it will take that off the liver number 19 it’s going to turn your body into a fat-burning machine on steroids you’re gonna lose your belly you’re gonna get a flat belly which is really cool number 20 it’s gonna really help your discipline because you’re doing something that is almost an exercise in discipline or strengthening your self-discipline and that’s going to improve because your ability to was stayin from food for 23 hours so it’ll improve your your willpower and your discipline over that 21 improve your muscle physiology muscle density and you would think by not eating you would worsen your muscles not the case you go through a whole thing where your growth hormone improves that’s the anti-aging hormone but growth hormone has a protective factor against muscle loss so this is very important especially if you want to improve your muscle density and muscle mass number 22 it’ll actually fix your metabolic rate if you have a slow metabolism this is the thing you need to do to finally raise it and actually get the fat off number 23 it’s really gonna improve your mental clarity a lot of times people we even feel like this euphoric feeling you’re gonna feel really good all this and they start eating and then they feel worse okay so definitely something you should think about doing food for thought no pun intended and I will see you in the next video hey before you go definitely sign up for my free keto course I put a link down below it’s on messenger in Facebook but it will give you all the basics it’s very quick it’s like three or four videos and it’s free check it out

This Post Was All About 23 Benefits of OMAD (One Meal a Day) Intermittent Fasting.
23 Benefits of OMAD (One Meal a Day) Intermittent Fasting

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Dr. Berg talks about the 23 benefits of OMAD (One Meal a Day) Intermittent Fasting. Here are the benefits:
1. Save lots of money
2. Saves lots of time
3. Improves digestion
4. Improves immunity
5. Massive autophagy
6. Live longer
7. No hunger
8. No more cravings
9. Better skin
10. Increased energy
11. Increased mood
12. Increased cognitive function
13. Decreased inflammation
14. Decreased blood pressure
15. Decreased heart disease
16. Decreased dementia
17. Decrease in risk of diabetes and insulin resistance
18. Decrease in getting a fatty liver
19. Turning your body into a fat burning machine (esp. losing belly fat)
20. Helps discipline
21. Improves your muscles
22. Fixes a slow metabolism
23. Mental clarity

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