2022 Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan (Carb Cycling) – Join Me!

2022 Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan (Carb Cycling) – Join Me!

2022 Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan (Carb Cycling) – Join Me!

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cake and pie in one hand and bacon in the other hand but you can only eat the bacon if you're doing keto and you can only eat the pie if you're having carbs all right let's have some fun this month's challenge is about carb cycling okay being able to leverage the benefits of a lower carb protocol .

But also leveraging the benefits of strategically implementing carbohydrates and we're going to do this in a fun way together okay so every year i do this i launch these contests i launch these challenges where we can have some fun there's a full-on diet plan that goes along with it that i wrote out that everyone gets for free so it makes it .

Super simple okay and this is going to start on monday january 10th okay so on that day i will release a video that breaks down the entire diet okay you don't have to literally start that day you can start a couple days later but that's going to be the day that i release the whiteboard video that has the entire diet breakdown just a quick .

Note i remembered this after the fact down below i went ahead and put a downloadable version of this meal plan okay that's going to be a great thing for you to utilize so that way you can download a pdf you can know what kind of foods you can kind of know the grocery list you could know what you need to pick up that way .

On january 10th you'll be totally good to go so utilize that link download the pdf now a lot of the meal plan won't make sense until you watch the next video on january 10th because that explains everything but at least then you'll have all your stuff all your materials prepared and you can rock and roll so that link is down below in the .

Description along with a butcher box link to get your meat if you want to use butcher box for this challenge what's going to be really cool about this is it's going to leverage a lot of things that i've learned over the last year okay so if we can strategically time periods of intermittent fasting we can grant our bodies a little bit of .

Slack and be able to introduce carbohydrates strategically so that way you really do kind of get to have your cake and have your bacon and eat both you're just going to have them on separate days but by strategically having intermittent fasting periods set up the way they are set up you're going to be going long enough without food .

That you're still going to maintain that level of what is called fat adaptation that we want to have okay plus i've implemented some really cool things in terms of occasionally skipping an afternoon or evening meal to allow yourself to be in a deeper fasted state when you get up in the morning and i'll break it all down when the whiteboard .

Video comes out because that's what i always do and break down supplements break down whatever you want to do but the idea behind this one is ease i've broken it down into macronutrients i've broken it down so it's just much more basic sometimes i go a little bit overboard in the complexity you guys know that about my channel right and .

This whole contest is sponsored by butcherbox which means that not only are they sponsoring this challenge but it means that there is a link down below for you to get your grass-fed grass finished beef to get chicken to get fish all that you can use for the challenge okay and you don't have to wait for the whiteboard video to come out to get that .

Stuff there's a link down below if you're going to be doing this challenge with me i can tell you even without the diet right in front of me that you're going to want good amounts of lean chicken you're going to want to get some fish but if you like red meat you can have that too so you can go ahead and get some of the burger you can get some .

Of just the ground beef you can get some of the rib eyes you can get some of the other kinds of cuts like the new yorks that you like so go ahead and stock up get it because more than likely if you can get it through butcher box you'll be able to use it on this plant so go ahead and that way you can use that link down below and by the time that january 10th .

Rolls around you will have your box of protein and you can get rocking and rolling so the whole idea behind this is to help people understand that the whole low-carb lifestyle doesn't have to be all about just hammering low carb all the time okay our bodies become adapted and metabolically flexible so this entire challenge is about helping you .

Get metabolically flexible so that you can really have the dual benefit you have the benefit of being able to leverage ketones and leverage that low carb protocol and leverage fats as a fuel source but then you also train your body to still be good at utilizing glucose so you don't become glucose intolerant over time so it's a nice .

Little mix metabolic flexibility is really the future and what we're after when it comes down to the giant big picture of life okay the cool thing about this protocol is it's going to have a fair bit of fruit fruit that's intertwined in the right way in the right amount so you're not overdoing it we always want to be careful with .

Fructose we don't want to have that overage that ends up leading to accumulation of fat through what's called denovo lipogenesis where fructose gets converted into fat and sugar gets converted into fat so in this case fruit is set up in a strategic way around your workout anyhow i'll break it all down in the whiteboard video that releases in .

Just a few days so make sure you're keeping it locked in mark your calendars so that you can check the date and be a part of it and we can all lose some weight together and have some fun i'll see you then

This Post Was All About 2022 Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan (Carb Cycling) – Join Me!.
2022 Intermittent Fasting Meal Plan (Carb Cycling) - Join Me!

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