2 MINUTE Keto Bread | How To Make Low Carb Bread For Keto | 1 NET CARB

2 MINUTE Keto Bread | How To Make Low Carb Bread For Keto | 1 NET CARB

2 MINUTE Keto Bread | How To Make Low Carb Bread For Keto | 1 NET CARB

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so a couple of weeks ago I showed you guys how to make a whole loaf of low-carb keto white bread and while that recipe is absolutely delicious it does require quite a bit of work so I want to show you a super easy and quick way to make keto bread like 2-minute quick way to make bread just in case you don’t have enough time or you don’t want to go through the whole hassle of making a whole loaf of bread so that being said let’s get started and I’ll show you my two-minute keto bread recipe alright so first things first you’ll want to get out your food skill because we’re gonna be weighing these ingredients out to the gram and you’re also gonna want to get out a medium sized Bowl so when you got both of those out the next thing is just getting out the ingredients and the base of our keto bread recipe today is blanched almond flour I’ve recently switched to using kirklands blanched almond flour because it has the lowest net carbs I’ve ever seen for almond flour for 30 grams it only has two net carbs which is way less than the Bob’s Red Mill and also this kirklands almond flour is much cheaper than the Bob’s Red Mill as well anyways for today’s keto bread recipe you want to add four tablespoons or 56 grams of that blanched almond flour to your bowl and then once you’ve added the almond flour the next thing you want to add is some unflavored whey protein powder today I’m using the unflavored whey from ice appear I really like this stuff because it bakes extremely well and it has zero carbs a lot of times you can replace a little bit of the flour of a recipe with unflavored whey and it reduces the carb count of a recipe so with that being said for today’s keto bread recipe I’m gonna add a half a scoop or 15 grams of that to the bowl I’m also gonna sweeten the keto bread up just a little bit without adding any carbs by using a half a teaspoon of confectioner’s your ethanol we also want the bread to rise a little bit so we’re gonna add a heaping half teaspoon of baking powder as well as a quarter teaspoon of example gum and then last but not least we’re gonna add 70 grams of water to the mix so now at this point you want to mix all those ingredients until a thick batter starts to form in the bowl once that better does form and all the ingredients dissolve into one another that’s when you want to get out a three cup Tupperware container because it kind of looks like a slice of bread when you think about it the base of the container anyways and then at this point you want to generously coat it with baking spray add the batter to the container and then evenly spread it out with a spatula so now at this point our keto bread is ready to go in the microwave and all microwaves have different power levels my microwave is a 700 watt microwave which is really so in my microwave the keto bread takes two minutes to cook but your microwave is probably more powerful than mine and will most likely take less time to cook anyways once the bread is done cooking its gonna end up looking something like this and at this point you want to take it out of the container transfer it to a cutting board and use a bread knife to cut it in half by the way this is what the inside of the 2-minute bread looks like it’s absolutely spot on white bread consistency I also like to cut these half’s in half just to make four slices of keto bread this way each slice only has one that carb also the skeeto bread toasts incredibly well so that’s what I usually do with it and then check this out this is what the toast ends up looking like how good does that look so good right I hope you guys enjoy the bread if you want more information about it there’s more info in the video description below enjoy guys

This Post Was All About 2 MINUTE Keto Bread | How To Make Low Carb Bread For Keto | 1 NET CARB.
2 MINUTE Keto Bread | How To Make Low Carb Bread For Keto | 1 NET CARB

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Keto bread in 2 MINUTES! This Low carb keto bread recipe is made with almond flour in the microwave, and each slice of bread has just 1 net!



Full Written Out 2 Minute Keto Bread Recipe:


Food Scale:

Container I .Used To Make The Bread:

Protein Powder:

Super Fine Almond Flour:

Confectioners Erythritol:


Macros Per Slice Of Bread:

104 Calories
7.5g Fat
2.5g Carbs
(1.5g Fiber)
6g Protein


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