10 Triggers of Inflammation

10 Triggers of Inflammation

10 Triggers of Inflammation

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hey guys I wanted to do a video on the 10 triggers of inflammation now here’s the problem with inflammation number 1 cancer tends to travel and migrate to areas of inflammation ok so that’s number one and also if you’re in this inflammatory State you have this immune reaction going on with histamines too much histamine in the body is basically a fatigue poison it’s going to make you tired so you’re gonna have mucus you’re gonna have congestion and you’re gonna be tired ok so there’s all sorts of things that you can do to reduce inflammation but first we have to identify the triggers so let’s kind of cover all the different triggers number one food allergies that’s the most obvious when you eat something you’re allergic to you become inflamed usually in the gut in the intestines could be the small intestine or large intestine certain parts of your body could be allergic to certain things but not other parts pretty interesting right so let’s say in your small intestine in the lower part and you can have an allergy to gluten and that can create an ulcer or an irritation or even this inflammatory condition so you have anything like colitis diverticulitis anything itis is inflammation so the classic thing is dairy and then nuts like peanuts those are the most common things that people are allergic to that basically create just way too much inflammation ok insulin resistance when you have this condition you’re going to have higher amounts of inflammation you’re going to be stiff you’re gonna have pain in your body in your joints and of course this comes from sugar so sugar is highly inflammatory so of course we’re not just talking about sugar we’re talking about all the hidden sugars in the juice and the bread and the pasta and cereal and the sweetener all that can potentially cause a lot of inflammation and the reason I’m bringing this up is this just the most common reason why people are inflamed and then soon as they change your diet the inflammation goes away I personally in my 20s had serious inflammation of all the joints in the back of the hands and I had this condition right here that’s why I had inflammation and I was trying all these different remedies but it wasn’t working because I didn’t get basic eating implemented at all so you have to fix that next one cortisol is normally in an anti-inflammatory hormone now cortisol is an adrenal hormone it’s produced by the outer portion of the adrenals and it’s supposed to in theory get rid of inflammation but when you actually have lower amounts of cortisol let’s say you of cortisol resistance and you have the situation where it’s low in certain parts but high in others or you run out of course all because you have adrenal fatigue you can develop inflammatory conditions big time there’s a condition called Addison’s which is a very low adrenal the adrenal burnout where the person has inflammation everyone in their bodies John F Kennedy had that and you have to take a steroid what’s a steroid like prednisone it’s basically cortisol it’s a synthetic version of that so any condition that involves taking cortisone cream cortisol injections prednisone is really an adrenal weakness so there’s so many inflammatory conditions from autoimmune diseases to skin problems to poison ivy to our thright Asst that basically is involving low cortisol so if you have this condition I put links down below for all these conditions but if you have this condition you want to strengthen the adrenal okay a licorice by the way is a good thing to take as a natural cortisol replacement not the candy licorice but licorice extract but there’s definitely a huge connection between cortisol and inflammatory conditions all right now the next one is old injuries if you have an old injury whether it’s a sprained ankle a fall in the tailbone breaking a bone like I have I pretty much you know injured a lot of different parts of my body over the years and it comes back to haunt you you have these low-grade stiffness inflammation going on in the joint because it’s been damaged and there’s not a lot of circulation in there I have a lot of videos on what to do and how to address this but if you do in a minute fasting you can greatly reduce the inflammation even from old injuries okay so this is a really important thing to talk about and people they don’t they think that it’s in the past it’s fine but there’s a huge connection the inflammation will stay there infection okay so you you’re gonna have inflammation because it’s part of the immune system the body is starting to attack certain things so a lot of people have yeast or Candida or viruses in certain parts of the body bacterial infections and overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria Lyme so there’s all these different infections that can occur in the body even from like a tooth that is damaged that then leaks bacteria into the system even into the heart it can settle in there so you can develop all sorts of inflammatory conditions in different parts of the body there’s even a very small microbe called a nano bacteria that seems to use a calcium igloo or a shell to protect itself and so it’s really hard to kill this microbe because it’s protected they’re very stealth so you’ll be small bacteria the called nano bacteria that create this infection in the body and create more inflammation and more problems in your kidney and the heart tartar and the teeth that’s really an infection going on so there’s things to deal with that as well one remedy to dissolve the shell to decalcify the shell would be something called EDTA the key later tolls a show-off but then you would want to take a natural antibiotic so anytime someone has this connection to inflammation I always recommend herbal antibiotics clove is a really good one oregano is great thyme is wonderful you can even take garlic but it’s actually really important to start clearing out the old infection the body and of course you want to avoid the sugar that feeds it okay but infection is actually very very common but it’s kind of a low-grade infection it’s not really showing up as a as a major thing but it’s hiding it’s a hidden infection and the big thing that you’re going to notice is fatigue you’re gonna have to take okay oxidants now this could be many things from too much sugar to junk food alcohol but I want to mention free iron okay free iron is very corrosive it’s very oxidative in the body it destroys things it goes to the brain and destroys and oxidized the brain it oxidizes the arteries and basically creates like a rusting effect and then the body comes in and to repair it with calcium and cholesterol so that’s called plaque okay it happens in the brain happens in the heart it could happen other places but oxidants can create an inflammatory condition because there’s an immune reaction going on and by the way microbes both good and bad eat iron and so when you’re actually you start developing inflammation the body starts to hide and pull the iron out in for itself so so as a survival mechanism so the pathogens the bad bacteria can’t eat it so you have this you could have this sudden drop of iron and call it a cause even anemia from that the point is that anytime you have too much iron you’re gonna have more infection and more oxidants and more problems okay how would you be exposed to iron the number one way would be through a supplement there’s all these like very low-grade low quality supplements out there that are iron supplements that you’re getting this the wrong kind of iron you want to get your iron from grass-fed like you do liver extract you can get it in the pill or grass-fed spleen extract okay that’s even better you’ll have enough iron it’s gonna be wonderful it’s it’s bound to a protein it’s not like this free iron is called elemental ion you want to stay away from that that’s in the most popular synthetic vitamins I don’t recommend that also in wheat products they enrich the wheat with iron well you’re gonna feel it’s going to be very heavy in your gut when you consume that in Europe they don’t use that like an Italy they will not use that only in America welcome to America but iron is very very corrosive it’s very bad it can create a lot of problems in the body okay so alcohol that’s a given and also junk food will create more damage to the body and create inflammation so again that was my problem I was living in junk food and drinking alcohol and wondering why I was inflamed when the liver is damaged you’re gonna have a lot of inflammation okay omega 6 fatty acids soy and corn oil highly inflammatory it’s GMO it’s going to create inflammation so you just don’t want to consume these oils raw nuts and raw seeds have enzyme inhibitors they they tend to create a problem with your digestion especially in the gallbladder so when you consume too many nuts especially they’re not germinated or soaked in water overnight and cleaned up and dried out then you’re gonna have more irritation and inflammation in the body so for some people okay not everyone but that can be a problem now the reason I wanted to add this in there the gall bladder is because this isn’t something you’re not gonna find a lot of research on it’s just something I personally observed working with a lot of people like thousands tens of thousands of people over 30 years a lot of times they have a gall bladder that is congested you know from various reasons maybe they’re eating junk food or too much sugar but the gall bladder swells up it gets congested it becomes deficient in bile and they get bloating an inflammatory condition in the gut so their stomach becomes inflamed from that when they eat okay you can also have high problems with cortisol and get inflammation the gut as well especially if it’s like your stomach is flat in the morning yet at night it gets bigger but the point is that not only will the gall bladder problem cause swelling and inflammation in your digestive tract and over the gallbladder itself but it’s going to refer pain to the right neck and shoulder and shoulder blade anything through this side that’s inflamed it’s from the gallbladder it’s a very very common so the way you would know that is you’d press there Neath the right ribcage massage this area for two minutes I am gone now you know you need to do something to help this condition probably change your diet that might help you alright so I just wanted to kind of give you a summary of all the different connecting connecting dots with inflammation hope that helped and make a little note down below and tell me what you thought about this video thanks for watching hey guys so there’s a whole bunch of people that really need this information so press the share button and let’s get it way out there

This Post Was All About 10 Triggers of Inflammation.
10 Triggers of Inflammation

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In this video, Dr. Berg discussed about the 10 triggers of inflammation.

Problems of Inflammation
1. Cancer tends to travel and migrate to areas of inflammation.
2. There is an immune reaction with histamine – too much histamine in the body could make you tired.

10 Triggers of Inflammation
1. Food Allergies (Dairy, Nuts, Gluten) – Eating something you are allergic to would cause inflammation in the gut, small or large intestines, certain parts of the body could be allergic to certain things but not the other parts.
2. Insulin Resistance (Sugar) – This comes from sugar (Hidden Sugars like juice, bread, pasta, cereal, and sweetener) and could cause higher amounts of inflammation, stiffness, pain on the body and the joints. Sugar is highly inflammatory.
3. Cortisol (Autoimmune) – It is an anti-inflammatory hormone and is produced by the outer portion of the adrenal glands. Low cortisol or cortisol resistance could cause inflammatory condition. Any condition that includes taking synthetic cortisol is an adrenal weakness. Licorice root is good to take as a natural cortisol replacement.
4. Old Injuries – Intermittent fasting would greatly reduce the inflammation even from old injuries.
5. Infection – It is part of the immune system where the body attacks certain things. It is recommended to take herbal antibiotics like cloves, oregano, and garlic, avoid the sugar that feeds the infection.
6. Oxidants (Free Iron) – This is from too much sugar, junk food, alcohol and free iron. Free Iron is very corrosive and oxidative in the body, it destroys and oxidizes the brain, arteries and would create a rusting effect. Too much excess iron could cause a lot of infection, oxidant and more problems.
7. Alcohol (Junk Foods) – the liver would be damaged and would cause a lot of inflammation.
8. Omega 6 (Corn, Soy) – It’s highly inflammatory GMO products.
9. Raw Nuts (Seeds) – Has enzyme inhibitors and tend to create problem with the digestion especially in the gallbladder.
10. Gallbladder – Congested gallbladder swells up and becomes deficient in bile that could cause bloating and inflammatory condition in the gut.

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