10 Thyroid Facts You MUST Know in 5 Minutes

10 Thyroid Facts You MUST Know in 5 Minutes

10 Thyroid Facts You MUST Know in 5 Minutes

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there’s a lot of misinformation surrounding the thyroid and dieting so I’m gonna give you 10 things you need to know about the thyroid in less than 5 minutes let’s go ahead and jump right into it t3 is your active thyroid this is the number that you need be paying attention to sigh roids stimulating hormone triggers the release of inactive t4 then inactive t4 goes to the liver and gets converted into usable t3 t3 is the number you want to pay attention to the thyroid operates on a negative feedback loop what this means is that if your thyroid gets too low your thyroid stimulating hormone goes up to produce more if your thyroid is right where it should be your thyroid stimulating hormone doesn’t move this is all to keep it within a nice tight range your body doesn’t want too much thyroid and it doesn’t want too little which leads me into the next one low levels of t3 don’t always mean that you have a low thyroid or that your hypothyroid you see the only time that it’s a concern is when your t3 levels are low but your thyroid stimulating hormone is high because this indicates that your thyroid is low but your body is trying its darndest to create more but not successfully doing so if your thyroid levels are low but your thyroid stimulating hormone levels are normal that just means that your body is efficient at utilizing thyroid and it’s not necessarily bad thyroid slows as you age I hate to break it to you but it’s true women are much more prone to slow thyroid or hypothyroidism simply because estrogen creates something called a globulin so you have this estrogen globulin that binds to thyroid that simply means that thyroid gets bound up and doesn’t get utilized as much because it’s getting bound to excess estrogen birth control affects your thyroid tremendously okay people don’t talk about it and the pharmaceutical companies definitely don’t talk about it but birth control depletes you a folic acid zinc selenium all which are so critical in the conversion process of t4 two active t3 which revs up your metabolism and your overall thyroid selenium is needed don’t neglect your minerals the liver needs selenium to convert t4 into the usable t3 low levels of t3 aren’t necessarily bad low levels of t3 are associated with longevity you ever hear the saying burn hot die young if your metabolism is raging and revving all the time cuz it’s running hot it’s actually damaging to cells to some degree so you would like to have a low level of thyroid that your body can just utilize more efficiently the keto diet happens to be very unique with thyroid so if you’ve lost weight utilizing the keto diet of course your thyroid levels are still gonna slow down and get lower right because you’ve lost weight but what’s unique about the keto diet is that the metabolic rate doesn’t change low levels of thyroid don’t translate into a slower metabolism with keto what that means is you get your cake and eat it too lower levels of t3 that are better for the cells but without the damage your cells become more efficient so what are some symptoms of low thyroid number one you’re gaining weight you don’t know why number two water retention specifically facial puffiness this has to do with lower body temperature triggering this which of course number three you’re cold all the time okay then we have number four maybe you’re a little bit depressed research has shown that if you add thyroid into the mix add thyroid hormones 5-ht two goes up which means your serotonin is going up so it’s only fair to assume that you have thyroid is out of the equation 5ht two might go down which means serotonin goes down which means you get depressed then of course there’s hair loss okay fibroid affects your hair follicle so what can you get in your body to support your thyroid well just so that you guys do know there is a link down in the description for thrive market i’ve created a hormone optimization kit so specifically helps you out with the thyroid specifically gives you the foods thrive market is an online grocery store so basically makes it so that you can get your groceries online without ever having to go to the grocery store but I’ve also been able to assemble specific boxes myself with thrive so that my viewers my audience can get their hands on them so special discounts for thrive market and my hormone optimization and thyroid gets down below in the description but the big thing that you want to focus on is eating foods that are high in iodine which again I have in my thrive box if you’re wondering so we’re talking about seaweed we’re talking about specific kinds of fishes and things like that then we’re talking about zinc we need foods that have zinc now most of all you’re gonna get zinc from good sources of meat okay then additionally we want selenium selenium is mainly going to be found and of course meats and fish sources again but you’re also going to get it in Brazil nuts which of course I have in my thrive bundle so if you look these things selenium zinc and iodine that’s gonna be your go-to you just want to make sure you’re not getting a bunch of salt from iodized salt because it’s usually low-quality stuff but they do know how important hiding is all right as always keeping it locked in here in my channel and I will see you in the next video

This Post Was All About 10 Thyroid Facts You MUST Know in 5 Minutes.
10 Thyroid Facts You MUST Know in 5 Minutes

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Special Thanks to my team and Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford Ketone PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student – for working diligently on this research!

10 Thyroid Facts You MUST Know in 5 Minutes

1.) T3 is active thyroid hormone. You may have heard about TSH, T4, and T3. TSH is released by the brain to cause the production of inactive T4 thyroid hormone in the thyroid gland. T4 then travels to the liver, where it’s converted into active T3 thyroid hormone.

2.) The Thyroid Operates by “negative feedback.” As with many hormonal axes, thyroid hormone inhibits its own production. Specifically, T3 inhibits the release of TSH. This system is designed to keep active T3 within a narrow range that the body likes.

3.) Low T3 and/or high TSH is a sign of an underactive thyroid. Since T3 is active thyroid hormone, low T3 suggests a person is hypothyroid, right? Not necessarily. You see, your body can adjust its sensitivity to T3 so that you get more bang for your hormonal buck. If your T3 is low and your TSH is high, this clearly indicates you are hypothyroid because the negative feedback system is trying to produce more thyroid hormone. However, to complicate matters further, your body can adjust the T4 to T3 conversion rate along with its sensitivity to T3 negative feedback. This means that some people can, in fact, be hypothyroid with low T3 and a normal T4 and TSH. In summary, if you have a low T3 and high TSH, you are hypothyroid. If you have a low T3 and normal TSH, you may or may not be hypothyroid.

4.) Hypothyroidism is more common in the elderly. Things slow down as you get on. Apologies.

5.) Hypothyroidism is more common in women. This is, in part, because estrogen increases thyroid hormone binding globulin and can, therefore, decrease free thyroid hormone in the blood.

6.) Birth control can cause hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, the pill, and other forms of hormonal contraception, can cause certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies – folic acid, vitamins B2, B6, B12, vitamins C and E, magnesium selenium, and zinc – that can affect the thyroid.

7.) Your thyroid needs iodine. Thyroid hormone is made from the amino acid tyrosine and the mineral iodine. Rich sources of iodine are cod, tuna, shrimp, seaweed, and iodized table salt.

8.) You need selenium for make T3. The enzymes in your liver depend on the mineral selenium to convert T4 into active T3. Brazil nuts are an amazing source of selenium. Just one brazil nut per day will get you your daily dose. Tuna is another good source of selenium.

9.) Low T3 may be good for longevity. Studies show that lower T3 levels are correlated with longer lifespans. It’s like the opposite of “burn hot die young.”

10.) Ketogenic diets may uniquely affect your thyroid. As with all diets, a ketogenic diet that is effectively implemented for weight loss will decrease your T3 simply because you lose weight. However, unlike other diets, this decrease in T3 observed in people on a ketogenic diet doesn’t appear to translate into a decrease in metabolic rate! This is taken to mean that a ketogenic diet may increase your sensitivity to T3 and, therefore, can help dieters escape the thyroid gland’s effort to sabotage your weight loss.

Nicholas Norwitz – Oxford Ketone PhD Researcher and Harvard Med Student: z

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