10 Commandments of Fasting – Everything You Need to Know

10 Commandments of Fasting – Everything You Need to Know

10 Commandments of Fasting – Everything You Need to Know

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there are a lot of different rules out there with intermittent fasting like what should you do what shouldn’t you do so I decided to create the 10 commandments of fasting these are the 10 most important things you just need to remember if you’re doing any kind of intermittent fasting or if you’re following a fasting lifestyle if you know these 10 things and you follow these 10 rules you’ll have success it’s pretty straightforward I mean simple success is gonna be just abstaining from eating I mean it’s that cut and dry but it does get a little bit more technical than that so I wanted to do a nice video that broke down the 10 most important things literally what I consider the 10 commandments of intermittent fasting so without further ado let’s go ahead and let’s dive into some fun let’s dive into some science and let’s accelerate your fasting by doing it right you are tuned into the Internet’s leading performance nutrition and fat loss channel I have new videos coming out every single Tuesday Friday and Sunday at 7 a.m. Pacific time but if you’re an avid following this channel you know that I don’t stop there we post videos throughout the rest of the week to make sure you hit that little bell button so you can turn on notifications to know whenever I go live whenever I put up a premiere or whenever I simply post a video so let’s go ahead and let’s start with commandment number one all right commandment number one is going to be you should not be adding creamer to your coffee ok coffee is okay black coffee is totally good to go in fact it’s going to accelerate your fast I encourage you to consume black coffee especially first thing in the morning in fact there’s actually a study that was published in the journal Cell cycle that found that both coffee that was regular and decaf coffee stimulated Auto Fujii even when you were not fasting now in case you didn’t know autopsy is a very powerful process that we want to have happen when we’re fasting autopsy is where the cells sort of recycle their own components to become stronger so because we’re depriving ourselves of food our cells have to go out and find their own fuel source so they find fuel in basically the decrepit parts of the cells aren’t really working anymore so it’s a really powerful process so coffee induces this process even when you’re not fasting so if you are fasting you’re getting a double whammy whether it’s decaf or not now there’s another study though that was published in the biochemical and biophysical research communications journal that found that caffeine in and of itself actually promoted on top of tea too so a double whammy triple if you will caffeine is going to actually boost etaf ajit coffee itself the polyphenols are gonna boost etapa G and then fasting is gonna boost on top of G just don’t add the creamer to it okay commandment number one don’t add creamer to your coffee so commandment number two gonna be sippin on green tea all day all right so when you’re fasting I want you to sip on green tea I want you to consume matcha I want you to consume regular green tea and consume it throughout the course of the day just don’t add any creamer to it or don’t add sugar to it okay this is commandment number two consume green tea you have a couple of different things going on with green tea so one of the cool things about green tea is of course what’s called epic gala katic and three gaily okay EGC G so EGCG is a really cool stuff because the way that it works it actually stimulates autophagy but also stimulates a catecholamine response so it makes it so your body is producing more of the epinephrine in the norepinephrine that you need to actually burn more fat but the other thing that it does is it has something called feening in it feenin is a powerful amino acid and what Fenian does is it allows your body to utilize more of the gaba okay now what I mean by that your brain operates in two different ways it operates on the glutamate cycle which is what excites it makes it kind of anxious and operates on the gaba cycle which stands for gamma amino butyric acid glutamate will make you hyperactive and kind of anxious gaba makes you relaxed and calm when you’re fasting you want to be calm you don’t want to be anxious okay it makes it so that you want to eat if you’re anxious you’re gonna munch you’re gonna just kind of impulse grab food gaba is gonna make it so you’re relaxed and you’re calm cool collected and you get through the day nice and easy so we want that beanie to produce that it’s also going to help you get into that alpha wave state this is a big deal you’ve got to remain calm and cool so like if i need to focus and get some work done and actually get something done throughout the fasting period i don’t want to be all jittery and amped up i want to be calm and cool and be able to get the focus that i need okay and that actually after i sit in this email leads me to number three commandment number three is add salt all the time okay add salt to your coffee add salt to your teeth yeah literally i’m adding salt to my green tea now you don’t have to add it to your tea but at least add it to the water that you’re drinking throughout the course of the day see it makes a huge difference when you’re consuming salt you are remineralizing your body so here’s the problem when you’re fasting a lot of times what ends up happening is you end up getting depleted in minerals this can make you feel fatigued the fatigue that you feel when you fast isn’t from the deprivation of calories that’s not how it works in fact most of the fatigue that you’re feeling is coming because you are losing minerals the second that you’re not consuming carbohydrates your body starts to dump glycogen which means that your kidneys are going to expel more water which means you’re gonna lose your minerals along with it so what happens with that is you end up in a situation where of course your demineralized so add salt it’s gonna make it so you retain water so you end up feeling better throughout the course of the day now here’s something that’s also really really interesting that has just recently been found we have specific receptors in our gut and what happens is these receptors when we are deficient in salt actually end up skewing interpretation of craving salt for craving sugar so what that means is they start they’re called NST receptors and what they do is they are normally seeing salt come in and when they see salt you’re satiated see salt plain words when they see salt or they receive salt we’re satiated but when we don’t have enough salt like when we’re fasting it sends a signal to our brain and our brain gets the wires crossed we start craving sweets so a lot of times if we don’t have enough salt we end up craving sugar there’s gonna be a very big problem when you’re fasting because all you want to do is eat when that happens and that just makes a fasting a miserable time so definitely add salt that is commandment number three add salt to everything when you break your fast add salt to that too what’s going on what are we working sweet so when you’re talking about research and you’re talking about everything like that we have to look at the mind too so commandment number four is practice the proper mindset and meditation while you’re fasting I know this sounds crazy like it sounds totally weird to focus on meditation and mindset when you’re fasting but it makes it or breaks it you see if you’re constantly stressed out during your fast you’re not going to be able to sustain that lifestyle it’s just the way that it goes there’s a fine balance between triggering the right stress response and keeping relaxed we want our bodies to be stressed I mean that’s kind of what we’re after when we’re fasting believe it or not when we are doing an intermittent faster to longer fast there’s a stress on the body and that stress is what’s actually eliciting all the positive effects that we could possibly want it’s the adaptation to that stress the adaptation from the stress of abstaining from food that is getting us everything we want all the benefits if that doesn’t mean that we can’t control our mind a little bit so practice some meditation practice some mindfulness I recommend using apps like headspace or Buddha Phi and just gamify the process and do it once or twice throughout the day I promise you I promise you I pinkie swear you it is going to make your fasting easier so on the contrary though we have something that’s kind of the opposite everybody always talks about working out they always want to know like how should I work out when I fast should I do cardio should I do high-intensity interval training should I do some weight training well let’s go ahead and put this topic to bed once and for all so when we’re talking about workouts we have to look things a little bit differently you see one of the most important things and what I would consider the fifth commandment of intermittent fasting is that you shouldn’t be changing up your workout routine too much sure I’ve done videos that break things down a little bit more and break them down into like what is the ideal workout time what is the ideal time to work out period of time to work out etcetera etcetera but realistically you want to still train hard people tend to think that when you’re doing any kind of fasting regimen that you shouldn’t be working out hard you shouldn’t be lifting heavy you shouldn’t be training hard like something magically is happening within your body that makes it so you can’t do that no still train hard we want to have the epinephrine response so remember how I was just talking about the stress response in our body we want that stress response to occur at least physiologically not necessarily mentally but physiologically because what that’s gonna do is that’s gonna allow more epinephrine and norepinephrine let me break down some science for you real quick by referencing a study that allows all this to make sense so there was a study that was published in the journal amino acids that found when you did high-intensity interval training you had a big spike in epinephrine and norepinephrine with every interval in fact to be completely precise it was a six point three fold increase in epinephrine and a 14.5 fold increase in norepinephrine which is like adrenaline with every interval so you have these big spikes in adrenaline and noradrenaline and epinephrine and norepinephrine I know that doesn’t sound like a good thing but it is okay so a lot of the benefit from a fat loss standpoint that we’re getting at least metabolically with intermittent fasting or fasting is all coming from adrenaline and norepinephrine you see it does interesting things when we have increases in adrenaline we have increases in fatty acid mobilization we have increases in what are called cyclic adenosine monophosphate or also known as CM okay what this does is it allows fatty acids to be released in the bloodstream so that we can actually burn them for fuel okay this is very very important again it’s all about the stress response so case in point high-intensity interval training causes more stress in the body it actually causes more adrenaline and more noradrenaline and epinephrine to release which is what is giving us the benefit at least metabolically from the fats in the first place so don’t just like totally baby your workouts because you’re fasting that’s all in your head speaking of mindset right you want to go in you want to hit that bike and you want to hit it hard you want to hit the weights hard sure if you’re four days into a long prolonged fast you might be a little bit weak but if you’re just intermittent fasting train hard and train in a fasted state don’t overthink it it’s not that complicated you want that catecholamine rush you want the adrenaline it’s your friend but what about when you’re getting to a point where it’s time to break your fast like what about when you’re actually getting back to eating because obviously this is a big part – it’s easy to think about fasting it’s just the period of time in which you don’t eat but what about when it’s time to actually break your fast so commandment number six is breaking your fast properly and when I say breaking your fast properly I mean always always always command number six break your fast with a small meal first there’s a reason why you want to break your fast with just a little bit of protein and something really small and that is simply for two reasons one it allows you to maintain control of that insulin spike when you go for a long period of time without eating the first thing that you eat your body is going to be very very sensitive to very receptive – which means that your insulin sensitivity is high which means you could spike your insulin very very high so I want you to trol it with just a small meal so that your blood sugar goes up a little bit your insulin levels come up a little bit and then like an hour later you have your big meal you have a larger meal but the other reason I want you to do this is simply for the psychological reason if you break your fast and you allow yourself to just have a big meal you’re gonna go overboard okay you’re gonna consume something that’s gonna cause you to consume more food you’re gonna cause a blood sugar spike it’s gonna make you eat more food but it’s also just easy to let your emotions and everything get the best of you so control it with a small meal have a protein shake have just a little bit of chicken have a little bit of rice have something control okay that’s exactly what we want to focus on here it makes a huge difference so small or mini meal as I call it and then about 60 minutes later have your big meal and have a little bit more relaxation with that meal okay if you want to just let loose a little bit and enjoy some food because you’ve been abstaining from calories all day that is your time but not with your break fast meal that is exactly why it is on my 10 commandments it is so so so important and it sounded like I have a package which actually goes hand-in-hand what I was just talking about when it comes down to breaking your fast everything that you need is actually in my thrive box this is super cool so I teamed up with thrive and they asked me what foods what products I would put in a grocery box and I did so now I get all the food products that I would consume when I’m fasting we’re doing keto and they’re simply in a box and it’s delivered right to my doorstep so it’s really awesome so now people that follow me or people that watch my videos if they want to know like what I consume and I break it fast or they just want to get all the essentials for keto and for fasting it’s literally in the Thomas ttle our thrive grocery box the cool thing is is that thrive is literally cheaper than the grocery store so not only do you save money because it’s cheaper but you’re not having to get in the car and go to the grocery store you can just literally sit at the computer and order things it’s perfect and more importantly if you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle you don’t want to have to spend hours researching what’s perfect for you if you trust my content if you trust my videos then this is a perfect solution for you it’s things that I recommend for keto and things that I recommend for fasting all in a box so what you need to break a fast actually right here in this box so leads me into commandment 7 try not too fast back-to-back days I know this goes against the grain of everything you’ve probably heard on YouTube or you’ve watched in a lot of videos the fact is is that my opinion on intermittent fasting is that it should be done intermittently it’s not an intermittent period of not eating it’s intermittent fasting it’s periods where you are fasting intermittently now I’m not totally against fasting every day if you’re accustomed to it and that’s what you want to do and maybe it’s just a healthy lifestyle for you and it just works great for you to skip breakfast it’s totally okay with that but I do have to point out that if you fast every single day and you don’t get enough the calories in that you need to get in eventually your metabolism is gonna slow down it’s just a natural process now the metabolism slowing down isn’t a bad thing inherently I want you to think of it like this I mean we kind of stopped having this negative stigma attached to restricting calories and our metabolism slowing down because if you look at it from ancient times you look at it in like the Paleolithic era anything like that it was actually a good thing to be able to survive on less calories if you took two people and one person was accustomed to eating 3,000 calories per day and they needed those calories to maintain life and they would get really hungry if they went below that and you compared that to someone who had restricted calories for long enough to get to a point where they could just survive fine on 500 600 calories per day and then you put them both in a time where they needed to abstain from food or you put them both out into a survival situation for two weeks guess who’s probably going to adapt easier the person that has a custom cells to a lesser amount of calories so it’s not a bad thing from a longevity standpoint or just from an overall adaptation point it’s a pretty natural thing that happens it’s very much just adaptation at its very finest so don’t think that it’s a bad thing but if you fast every day there’s a very good chance that the calories you get in each day are going to be less than what you would normally consume okay that’s one of the big benefits of intermittent fasting okay it’s because you’re restricting your calories and you’re restricting yourself to a small eating window so if you do that every day next thing you know you’re consuming less and less and less calories there are some exceptions if you kept your calories elevated at a certain point of time or you kept them during that eating window that’s not always practical and the thing is we’re still having a period of time throughout the day where we’re constantly restricting calories therefore at least slowing the metabolism down during that point in time the clock doesn’t reset every 24 hours okay it doesn’t just magically reset at zero at midnight so the body doesn’t know if you’ve consumed 2,000 calories over this amount of time or this amount of time all it knows is that you’re eating or you’re not eating so we need to be paying close attention to that so what I recommend you do is fast every other day and keep your calories moderately high on the days you’re not fasting just moderately like maintenance level maybe even a little bit above and then you use your fasting days as the days to accelerate fat loss those are the days when you burn fat so look at your calories over the course of seven days rather than over the course of every day that way you’re paying attention more so to the net calories at the end of the week versus day over day over day allow yourself to aggressively fast on those days ok so now let’s talk about vitamins and supplements for a second all right so one of the things that people bring up a lot and this is exactly why I’m getting into this 8th commandment is be very very particular about the supplements that you take during it fast okay what you don’t want to be doing is consuming fat soluble supplements fat soluble vitamins now these are not fat soluble these are water soluble so it’s a perfect example like if something is in a capsule it’s usually okay okay now I’m gonna break this down a little bit further but you don’t want to be consuming fat soluble so that means soft gels that means like fish oil things like that don’t consume those during your fasting period okay they have oil in them like a given fish oil pill has 10 to 15 calories in it if you take a couple of those you have 30 40 calories you’re in a situation where you’re definitely breaking your fast so avoid the soft gels okay commandment number eight is definitely avoid the soft gels avoid the oil-based pills while you are fasting save them until after you’re fast you can easily ruin your fast that way the other thing is that you want to make sure that you’re not taking in a bunch of antioxidants this sounds wild right like you would think when you’re fasting you want all the antioxidants you could get you want all the vitamin C you want all the vitamin E you want all that stuff well guess what research shows otherwise there’s a study that was published in the journal rejuvenation research okay and what they did is they took two groups that were fasting okay one fasting group consumed the vitamin C and vitamin E two of the most powerful antioxidants that we know of the other group didn’t they just went ahead and consumed placebo so it was really interesting to see at the end of the study the fasting participants that consumed the antioxidants had less of an effect they had less out of phagosome Zand they had less stress on their body as far as this as far as the fast is concerned they had less of the positive effect why well researchers concluded that because you are giving yourself antioxidants you’re sort of taking away from the body’s ability to have those antioxidants occur naturally so you’re basically sheltering the body you’re sheltering the cells you should be letting the body get stressed out letting the body do the work there it is again we want the body to be stressed when you’re fasting so the antioxidants actually help the body out too much they make it easier on a cellular level guys this isn’t just a mental game we’re not just trying to get the 16 20 24 hours or fast we’re not just trying to get to the end of the fast okay that’s way too linear where you have actual processes that are going on in our body that we’re trying to embrace so why make it easier you should actually do what you can to make it harder you’re gonna get more of an effect so fat soluble vitamins kick you out of a fasting state and the antioxidants like the vitamin C’s and the vitamin e’s and things like that those actually hurt your fast will they break them maybe not necessarily break your fast but they are gonna make it so you don’t get nearly as much of an effect so commandment number nine is fasting for a minimum of 16 hours you see the benefits actually start at 16 hours it’s not like you’re just magically at exactly where you need to be it’s for 16 hours the benefits start at 16 hours so 16 hours should be the minimum length of time that you fast it’s really really important in fact push it longer if you can nothing says you have to go just to 16 go to 18 go to 20 heck a lot of times when I fast even on my just normal intermittent fasting days I still fast for like 22 hours all fast from like 9 p.m. to 7 p.m. the next day and I feel tremendous doing it sometimes 16 hours just isn’t enough and if the benefits just start at 16 they compound and get better and better and better the longer that you go up until about 34 40 hours then it’s kind of a line of diminishing return so 48-hour fasts don’t show a whole lot of benefit above and beyond like a 24-hour fast so might as well just fast for 16 to 24 hours and make it fine and dandy but make sure make sure make sure make sure you’re fasting for at least 16 hours if you feel the need to break it just break it and don’t count it as a fasting day now let’s rock and roll I got to hop in the car and this last commandment is something that’s really important and it’s something that’s a little bit more personal so commandment number 10 is important it’s near and dear to me and in my opinion everyone has a different 10th commandment okay everyone has a different tenth fasting commandment because it all depends on who you are but I’m gonna share mine with you and I think it’s gonna resonate with you quite a bit so when it comes down to that tenth commandment it’s all about making sure you block out the haters okay now what I mean by that I don’t want to just say that I don’t want to focus on the haters a bunch and say that like you should even give them any attention but the fact is and when you are fasting and when you’re practicing any kind of healthy lifestyle really to boot you’re going to have people that are gonna say things you’re going to have people that are gonna tell you that you’re crazy and that you’re doing the wrong thing and they’re gonna tell you that intermittent fasting is dangerous and that you’re crazy for skipping meals and they’re gonna tell you these things and the fact is you have to just ignore them you have to rise above you’re going to make amazing amazing progress because this method works so if you’re on the fence of intermittent fasting and you’re just really just ready to try it but you’re just maybe have some people in your ear that are making it tough remember the 10th commandment remember Thomas’s 10th commandment which is do it for you do it for you and nobody else don’t go out there and try to please your family with this don’t go out there and try to please anybody else because you know like what they say on an airplane you can’t help anyone until you help yourself put your oxygen mask on yourself first do what’s best for you and live by your 10th commandment your 10th commandment might be different from my 10th commandment but I have to remember that the more attention that I get and the more just overall traction that I get online and more people that see my videos the more hater come out they don’t like my style they don’t like my style of eating they don’t like my style of not eating so I hear it all the time and you’re going to hear it too but it might change for you might be something different for you it might be less about the haters and it might be more about does it make you feel good okay so you don’t always have to dwell on the negativity you can dwell on the positive like if your 10th commandment is just to be happy and enjoy it then that could be fine it’s a little bit ambiguous but the point is March the beat of a different drummer because if you do you’re gonna have success no one ever got any amount of success or got amazing results by doing the conventional things you have to think outside the box and that’s what I truly encourage you to think about whenever you are embarking on a fast so I greatly appreciate you watching this video and please please please as a thank-you to this channel a thank you to thrive marketplace please make sure you check out that link that’s down in the description that way you can get your hands on a thrive box that has all the goodies that I put in it when it comes to n2 fasting when it comes down to keto it’s a big thank you to them and thank you to you for watching this video see you soon

This Post Was All About 10 Commandments of Fasting – Everything You Need to Know.
10 Commandments of Fasting - Everything You Need to Know

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10 Commandments of Fasting – Everything You Need to Know

1) Thou shall not drink creamer or BP Coffee, but MAY drink black coffee

Coffee & Autophagy – Study

Published in the journal Cell Cycle looked to see the effects of both caffeinated and non-caffeinated coffee on autophagy

Found that both natural and decaffeinated brands of coffee similarly rapidly trigger autophagy in mice

One to four hours after coffee consumption, there was an increase in autophagy (autophagic flux) in all investigated organs (liver, muscle, heart)

Caffeine & Autophagy – Study

Published in the journal Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

AMPK gets triggered when your body needs to generate energy in a fuel deprived state – Fasting and glycogen depletion put you into a caloric deficit, which then ramps up your body’s adaptation mechanisms – AMPK triggers autophagy

2) Thou Shall Drink Green Tea (theanine/appetite)

EGCG increases the hormone CCK (cholecystokinin) – CCK slows down intestinal motility as it causes food to move more slowly through the intestines (feel full for a longer period of time)

CCK also modulates dopaminergic neurotransmission in the brain – it increases the level of dopamine in the brain, which decreases hunger & gives off a “feel-good” feeling

EGCG also stimulates your metabolism by activating thermogenesis – increases the amount of norepinephrine, which is used by the nervous system as a signal to the fat cells, telling them to break down fat


Theanine an amino acid present in matcha green tea and possesses anti-anxiolytic properties, which assists in boosting alpha waves in the brain

The alpha frequency band relaxes the mind without inducing drowsiness – alpha waves encourage relaxation, induce a profound feeling of mental clarity, and help achieve an alert state of mind

L-theanine relieves anxiety in large part because it bears a close resemblance to glutamate – theanine binds to the same brain cell receptors and blocks them to glutamate’s effects, which produces inhibitory effects
3) Thou Shall Consume Salt

Sodium is well absorbed by cells and brings water in with it – thus, when you eat a large amount of sodium, it can cause cells to temporarily retain water until balanced can be restored to cellular fluid levels

4) Thou shall remain calm and practice good mindset

Increased grey-matter density in the hippocampus is known to be important for learning and memory, and in structures associated with self-awareness, compassion, and introspection

Meditation also reduces grey-matter density in the amygdala, which is known to play a significant role in anxiety and stress

5) Thou shall not alter their workout routines (still train hard – catecholamine)

When fasting, you catecholamine levels are elevated, so training during your fasting window will elevate catecholamine levels even further, expediting the benefits (as well as increasing BDNF)


BDNF levels can be different in different places – you have blood BDNF levels, CSF BDNF levels (CSF is cerebrospinal fluid; a clear, colorless body fluid found in the brain and spinal cord) and BDNF levels in various brain locations

6) Thou shall consume a small meal prior to a big meal post fast

You’re extremely insulin sensitive and fasting results in a dried mucosal layer – the thickness of gastric mucus is reduced after 24 hours’ fasting

The gastric mucus is a glycoprotein that serves two purposes: the lubrication of food masses in order to facilitate movement within the stomach and the formation of a protective layer over the lining epithelium of the stomach

7) Thou Shall try not to fast back to back days unless calories are aligned

8) Thou shall not take fat soluble vitamins during a fast (especially antioxidant vitamins – study)

The oils from the fat-soluble vitamins will break a fast, and not be absorbed properly

Study – Rejuvenation Research

To understand how fasting might make cells stronger – 1 group fasted without supplements and the other fasted with vitamin e and vitaminc

9) Thou Shall fast a minimum of 16 hours

Simply, all of the fasting studies have shown that the benefits don’t start till around 16 hours, with the longevity benefits coming much later (20+ hours) – more the metabolic effects at 16 hours

10) Thou shall ignore the haters (no one that has ever accomplished anything has been mainstream)

Hate is a self-defense mechanism – when under attack, the ability to quickly separate foes from friends was essential to survive

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