#1 Reason Why Your Kid is Overweight

#1 Reason Why Your Kid is Overweight

#1 Reason Why Your Kid is Overweight

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so let’s talk about the number one
reason why your child may be overweight now you get all these interesting
answers from people they’ll say well it’s not exercising enough you’ll say
well they watch too much TV they’re lazy they’re consuming too many carbohydrates
which is true but there’s a number one reason carbohydrates would be number two
but number one is snacking between 1977 in 2014 there’s been a significant
increase in the amount of snacking that not only involved children but adults as
well now here’s the problem with snacking you have various hormones that
are secreted in your stomach and especially the smaller intestine right
turn here that will activate and stimulate insulin
after you eat so it’s not just about the carbohydrates it’s the fact that your
child is snacking in between the meals that keeps the insulin high anything of
any significant calories will trigger insulin and insulin prevents the loss of
fat as well as causes the storage of fat so you got the number one reason is the
frequency of eating and number two definitely is the carbohydrates now if
you combine that carbohydrate with a snack not very good here are the most
common snacks that kids are fed yogurt and I’m not talking about eating plain
yogurt talking about flavored yogurt vanilla yogurt just 3.5 ounces gives you
13 grams of sugar then you have popcorn which is low fat and fiber it’s very
very high on the glycemic index turns into sugar and will spike the blood
glucose very very fast and then we have apple sauce which is basically
concentrated sugar because it’s taking an apple with the fiber and then cooking
it pasteurizing it so it’s very very high on the glycemic index as well
before energy bars I mean the granola bar for example has 19
grams of net carbs way too much now juice is a snack as well you’re drinking
a very concentrated amount of sugar from a fruit of course you don’t get the
benefits of the vitamins from the fruit because it’s going to be pasteurized so
if you’re consuming juice between the meal you want to look at it as a snack
as well this is probably the worst snack right through here of all these and then
we have number six crackers and peanut butter now the problem is that peanut
butter usually has added sugar so if you’re ever gonna do peanut butter make
sure you read the label of course crackers are very high in the glycemic
index as well and then we have apples now you might say well wait a second
apples are fruit fruit has been altered over the years to make it very very
sweet apples on average contain 19 grams of sugar and that’s just way too much
sugar in fact even before I started doing keto I had a little pizza crust
around my waist and I wasn’t eating any of these but I sure was eating a lot of
apples so this whole concept of eating an apple a day will keep the doctor away
is not exactly true well maybe if you actually shot the apple at the doctor
hard enough it will keep the doctor away but apples are definitely not on the
list alright so if you have children and you want to make a transition the first
thing you need to do is go through your cupboard and your refrigerator and get
all the snacks that are higher in carbohydrate out of the house just make
some agreements that you’re not gonna carry it in the house anymore you can do
it like a little gradual thing where you replace it with celery and peanut butter
without sugar cucumber and hummus might be a alternative snack and then avocado
and salsa might be a good snack as a transition or even an egg but ideally
you don’t want to give your kids any snacks have three meals okay make sure
they’re nutrient-dense make sure they have enough calories and enough healthy
fats but listen your kids don’t need snacks they’re not going to starve to
death in fact if you cut down the carbs and the snacks you’re gonna find your
kids are gonna be way more focused you’re gonna
find that their mood is so much better their performance at school will be
better because they’re gonna be running their brain on ketones not glucose not
to mention the reduction of insulin so they won’t become a pre-diabetic and
they will lose a lot of weight so you want to cut out the snacks and
definitely cut out the carbs if you’re new to keto and you want to know more
about it I put the video right here to watch 

This Post Was All About #1 Reason Why Your Kid is Overweight.
#1 Reason Why Your Kid is Overweight

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Do you know the #1 reason why your child may be overweight? It’s not exercise, it’s snacking. The carbs are the #2 reason, but snacking is a slightly bigger problem.

0:00 Why your child could be overweight 
0:20 The number one reason 
0:35 The problem with snacking
1:27 Taking a look at the most common snacks kids are fed
3:33 What you could do

Today we’re going to talk about the #1 reason your child may be overweight. Consuming too many carbohydrates might be number two, but the number one reason is snacking. 

The problem with snacking is that you have various hormones that are secreted in your stomach and small intestine that will stimulate insulin after you eat. Snacking in-between the meals could keep insulin high. Insulin actually prevents the loss of fat, as well as causes the storage of fat. 

The most common snacks kids are fed:
1. Flavored yogurt—3.5oz has about 13g of sugar
2. Popcorn—very high on the glycemic index
3. Applesauce—very high on the glycemic index
4. Energy bar—a granola bar could have 19g of net carbs 
5. Juice—very high on the glycemic index
6. Crackers and peanut butter—can be very high on the glycemic index
7. Apples—on average contain around 19g of sugar 

What you could do:
• Don’t keep any snacks that are high in carbohydrates in the house.
• Make a transition to no snacking using healthier snacks first. 
• Ideally, don’t give the child any snacks. Give them 3 nutrient-dense meals, with enough calories and healthy fats. 

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Thanks for watching! Snacking is the #1 reason why your child may be overweight. Consider cutting out carbs and snacking.

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