1 Million Subscriber Update | Giving Away 10 Butcher Boxes | Thank You! – Thomas DeLauer

1 Million Subscriber Update | Giving Away 10 Butcher Boxes | Thank You! – Thomas DeLauer

1 Million Subscriber Update | Giving Away 10 Butcher Boxes | Thank You! – Thomas DeLauer

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what’s going on YouTube Thomas de Lauer here hey I’m gonna make this one really really short just because I know it’s Sunday evening and not everyone has a lot of time especially right now when we’re the middle of the holidays everything like that so I just wanted to take a second make a really quick announcement because I promised that I would it’s gonna wait for a few people to get on here but I promise I’m only gonna wait for about a minute or so because I want to keep this video very brief for those of you that join this broadcast later on I do want to make sure that I ask whoever is watching to comment where they’re watching from just because I do like to say hello it’s always nice to see where people are watching from so that I can give a quick hello quick shout out and do the kind of personal thing I’d like to do hope everyone had a wonderful wonderful Christmas I know we’re getting towards the end of the year which is exactly why I wanted to do this really quick not my typical type of video but there were two reasons why I wanted to do it one end of the year but two as a more formal thank you for helping me reach 1 million subscribers obviously we’re already up to almost 1.1 million subscribers so that happened fast but it’s really nice to be able to hop on here and be able to do a special kind of a giveaway offer again not the kind of thing I normally do normally the videos I’m putting out are very educational base very authoritative very like you know regimented and content structured very structured in the way of the calendar but in this case I wanted to do something to be able to offer a give back in any kind of sense so there is a link down in the description super simple just go to Thomas de Lauer comm slash give away literally Thomas de Lauer comm slash give away and all I want you to do is enter and write in the little field that asked you to write it in how my channel has changed your life ok we tell me your story tell me how much weight you’ve lost tell me what diseases you’ve overcome tell me what personal bests you have I want to hear as many as I possibly can and then what I’ll do in the next week or so is post another video announce the top ten who are gonna win each person is going to win a butcher box they’re gonna win in about three or four hundred dollars worth of meat worth of you know grass-fed grass-finished beef chicken everything like that but I also want to make sure that everyone that enters gets heard so I am personally gonna take some time on January 5th to go through and read every single entry because I want to take this time to learn exactly how I’ve changed people’s lives not because I’m narcissistic not because I want to know but cuz I think it’s really interesting and it helps derive the channel forward more I want to know what’s working for you guys I want to work I want to know exactly what is making you tick and how your lives are improving by watching these videos because it helps me create better content but also makes the channel better for everybody because if I know that you know for instance someone over here has lost a hundred pounds because they watch my videos and I know that someone over here has been able to build a relationship with their family that they haven’t had before because they feel better it gives me a solid understanding of where people are seeing changes and where I can start creating new content as we’ve got a lot of people here we’ve got British Columbia in the house we’ve got Texas in the house we’ve got more Houston we’ve got Santa Barbara we’ve got Thousand Oaks this is awesome I’m up in a quick little vacation get away for the weekend just amber the baby and I and a couple of friends we’re just up here doing some hiking and everything like that so it’s really nice to just get away but I wanted to make sure that I took a minute to do this video I’ve been seeing a lot of new subscribers lately the channel is growing astronomically fast so I want to do what I can to reach back out to people Chandler Arizona in the house Miami Florida in the house Oklahoma Kansas City we got Riverside California Hartford Knoxville New Delhi in the house San Luis Obispo believe it or not that’s actually where I was rolling through the other day it’s actually I know exactly who you are Matt it’s good to hear from you here we’ve got Hawaii in the house we got Washington State Rhode Island Albuquerque New Mexico Winnipeg Winnipeg awesome to see you here JB got so many people on this broadcast and again I I wish I was delivering more content and science in this video but that’s for the bulk of my videos this is a little bit different this is more of a personal thing this is more of me talking about the giveaway that I’m doing and trying to find a way to engage with you guys more yep you know over a million subscribers I’m trying to find ways I did the bone broth challenge which was a really great way we had ninety I think just under ninety seven thousand people that ended up doing that bone broth fast challenge with me last week the week before Christmas that was really powerful so that’s one of the ways I’m trying to drum up some more engagement more involvement more community with this channel but now I want to do a little bit more of a giveaway thing I want to get people involved so that’s exactly why like I said earlier in the video down in the description there’s a link and that goes directly to a simple page on my website where you enter the giveaway the giveaway is simple it’s literally telling me your story telling me how my channel has helped you how it’s helped you change your life how it’s helped you lose weight build relationships with your family get stronger get faster get better get healthier get cleaner get rid of disease whatever I want to hear it that’s how you enter the contest okay there’s not going out and buying anything or doing anything like that that’s not who I am that’s not what I want you to do I don’t want to force anyone to buy anything I want to hear your story and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna pick what I feel are the most top 10 most compelling stories it doesn’t have to do with how much weight you’ve lost it doesn’t know nothing quantifiable in that sense I want to hear the heart I want to hear the passion and that’s what I’m all about because you guys know my videos I mean sure I lost 100 pounds that’s a nice quantifiable number but that doesn’t mean that the person just next to me that lost 12 pounds doesn’t have a more miraculous story now the thing that I want to make sure that I put out here publicly too is that it doesn’t mean if you don’t win that your story is it powerful it just means that I can only afford to give away 10 boxes so I’m gonna pick what I feel are the most 10 passionate compelling ones but either way everybody’s still gonna get a discount if they wanted to proceed with it I appreciate all the people giving me some positive words here this is a again I’m trying to find interesting ways to be able to drum up some more engagement someone asked a question bout adderall anthea Crean unfortunately I can’t really answer that question I’m not a doctor so I don’t like to you know give information out on that just simply because I really shouldn’t can we anyone that’s on this broadcast really quick guys just do me a big favor and hit the thumbs up button so there’s a thumbs up button like a like button so you can like this video what that does is it helps rank the video a little bit higher get some more engagement on there makes it so other people that are watching these if you strolling through their YouTube feed can see this video also you guys are gonna love the video that’s coming out tomorrow I’ve got a nice scientific video coming out tomorrow at 7 a.m. and if you haven’t already I also want to make sure you watch the most recent videos that I posted up the one that I posted yesterday talking about carbs has actually done really really really well talking about how I tie my carbohydrates people have been really interested in that works whether you’re in Quito or not now believe it or not I’m going to be doing more live broadcasts that actually answer some more the scientific questions that people have I just needed to keep this video simple as a quick hello and a lot of people are saying they’re loving the engagement they’re loving the side of things so all you have to do again just simply go ahead and click on that link that’s down in the description enter the giveaway and you guys will be super good to go and then on January 5th I’m gonna go through and I’m gonna read all of them and then I’m gonna produce a video that reads the top ten winners so I’m gonna read the stories of the top ten winners and then I’ll gather their information I’ll contact you directly for your email and then from there we’ll go ahead and get you guys situated with your free butcher boxes and everything like that you guys will be all set real quick before I sign off can you guys tell me just by way of commenting do you think that these giveaways and these community challenges are a good way to get you involved in the community I’m just curious just literally if you think so type community just type the word community for me go ahead like just in the comment section because I want to make sure I’m not what I don’t want to do is be spammy right so it’s so difficult because I have to find ways to engage with you guys but I don’t want to do it in a spammy way so I feel like ways like the bone broth fast I was able to integrate a sponsor into it so I was able to of course pay for it but I was also able to draw up community butcher box of course I’m able to do this giveaway where I feel like I can drum up community but I don’t feel like I’m being spammy it sounds like I’m dying here guys I hate to break it to you I ended up getting sick last week you can kind of hear in my voice so I got a tail end of a cough but the giveaway that’s a perfect way for me to drum up engagement and talk and communicate with you guys without what I think without being spammy so if you guys have ideas on how I can drum up more community that’s actually going to work I’m all haters all ears in fact you can put it in your submission for the giveaway a lot of people saying keen a so a lot of people are loving this a lot of people think it’s a great way you know it’s a super good question someone asks of what I do when I get a cold you know I’m a big fan of elderberry it’s not exactly keto but you can get elderberry extract of course and sometimes it’s put into sorbitol or nuts or toss scuze me listen you know that ends up working out really well enzyme making you so that it’s not anti Kido it’ll actually work on Kido so guys obviously I wanted to keep this short want to be respectful everybody’s family time on a Sunday but you guys are super awesome for diamond in here thank you for the support regarding the community Betty Pismo Beach awesome we were just up in San Luis Obispo we did the hike here and now we’re just moving on a little bit further north excuse me guys so thank you Ashley for saying I hope you feel better soon it definitely it was brutal I don’t know what hit me but unfortunately when you have a little baby they start picking up all kinds of germs so definitely is a little bit harder to not get sick when it comes down to cold and flu season but I was out of the gym for a couple of days got to listen to your body alright you guys so we get again remember that link is just down in description all you do is click the link nothin spammy super simple email name and your story and that’s it okay then I’m gonna keep you guys posted everyone’s gonna rock and roll everyone’s gonna know exactly what’s going on and I’ll keep you guys posted in the meantime its have a wonderful wonderful evening and I will see you tomorrow morning with a bright fresh piece of content alright see you guys soon

This Post Was All About 1 Million Subscriber Update | Giving Away 10 Butcher Boxes | Thank You! – Thomas DeLauer.
1 Million Subscriber Update | Giving Away 10 Butcher Boxes | Thank You! - Thomas DeLauer

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