🔴 How to Do CLEAN Keto Q&A with Thomas DeLauer 🎥 LIVE

🔴 How to Do CLEAN Keto Q&A with Thomas DeLauer 🎥 LIVE

🔴 How to Do CLEAN Keto Q&A with Thomas DeLauer 🎥 LIVE

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More specifically, you want help with 🔴 How to Do CLEAN Keto Q&A with Thomas DeLauer 🎥 LIVE?

it’s so fun to do these things live so we’re going to do it a little more interactive than we ordinarily do the reason behind doing this as a live broadcast is because right now during the month of october you might be watching this at a different time i have that four week shred challenge going on so we’re laid out the full meal plan and everything that’s part of that i’m doing weekly broadcast weekly videos where i’m coming on like this and i’m doing coaching system videos where i can answer your questions so what i’m going to do is wait for a good number of people to get on this video and then i’m going to open it up to questions but today my main shift is to focus more on the mediterranean or clean keto style and the reason behind that is because lately i have been doing so much content surrounding that because i feel like that’s the most sustainable form of the ketogenic or low carb diet for people and i say that because it truly just it takes all these components of healthy lifestyles that we’ve known about for decades and it intertwines them with the ketogenic diet which has such just amazing properties on its own so we’ll have some fun with this and i do of course as always invite everyone to comment where they’re watching from that way i can say hello i can shout you out but we can also just make this fun so the biggest things i need you to do is hit that thumbs up button comment where you’re watching from and make sure you get as many of your friends on this video if you can as well so wow we’ve already got a ton of people here we’ve got illinois we’ve got seattle we’ve got philadelphia in the house we’ve got sky in florida we’ve got chula sport in kissimmee florida we’ve got carmel california that’s not far from me we’ve got illinois wow okay this is awesome already blowing up and hopefully we’ll get a lot of people on this and we’ll be able to answer some good questions so let me adjust this here really quick what i want to talk about first off before i open it up to questions and if you’re here and you’re new to this please just bear with me as i explain a little bit the mediterranean or clean keto diet are what i call perpendicular diets okay the ketogenic diet is just a form of eating it’s not necessarily specific foods it’s just a form of eating where you’re not consuming carbohydrates and you’re consuming higher amounts of fat so that your body creates ketones right well the mediterranean diet is geographical okay it’s type type of food from a region so you absolutely can have an intersect here’s the ketogenic diet here’s mediterranean at some point they cross that’s where i find there is a lot of value and as someone that’s been doing keto for 10 years and has kept 100 pounds off for 10 years with it i found that this is just a really good way overall now that being said i talk about all kinds of different principles that will work but this is one of my personal favorites okay um jessie dunn asks do you have a list of ingredients to avoid when following clean keto i actually have a video coming out on that specifically not too far down the road talking a few weeks comparing a dirty keto menu and a clean ketone menu what you should really be looking for but the main focus i’ve got 10 things i want you to really focus on when it comes down to clean keto okay and then i’ll open it up to questions within each category i feel like that’s a great way to corral everyone into a given area number one what makes clean keto clean is focusing on having more monounsaturated fats this does not mean that you do not have other fats it does not mean that you don’t have the fun fats that you want like the saturated fats but it means that you’re putting your predominant focus on monounsaturated fats these are gonna be things like olive oil they do things like avocado oil they’re gonna be things like uh some of these other healthier antioxidant rich oils okay the reason we like to focus on that is because that is the key component of a mediterranean diet lots of almonds lots of things like that so we adopt that into ketogenic principles and it works very well so let’s go ahead and let’s open up this initial search of questions before i move into the next category okay what i’m going to call these are basically like the ten commandments of clean keto let’s call them that so first one is a focus on mono and saturated fats already have a ton of questions coming in um cauliflower hummus would that work cauliflower hummus if it’s made with olive oil as the fat source absolutely spot on perfect clean keto uh daryl asks olive oil versus coconut oil olive oil and coconut oil are both tremendous fats on keto okay they have two very distinct purposes olive oil is more geared towards something that’s going to be antioxidant rich it’s going to help gene activation or gene expression it helps out a ketogenic diet in different ways because of things like hydroxytyrosol which are powerful antioxidants in it but also what it does with different what’s called gene expression where it helps activate different fat burning processes in the body but also immune processes so a whole different world whereas coconut oil is going to be more mcts lauric acid things like that what that means for you is you get more digestive benefit out of coconut oil you get more ketone creation benefit out of coconut oil but olive oil you get a more well-rounded healthy fat profile so they’re two very different fats they’re both good but i was focused if you’re doing clean keto on slightly more towards the olive oil okay so many good questions coming in uh is four percent cottage cheese going to be a healthy fat um depends on where it comes from that’s a very good question but generally speaking unless you’re getting really high quality cottage cheese you’re probably gonna have not the best fatty acid profile okay here we go should i avoid sunflower oil that is high oleic tremendous question when you look on a label and you see high oleic xyz or high oleic soybean oil or high oleic sunflower oil let me explain what the whole oleic thing is all about that oleic acid is a very good component of oils it’s very stable and it’s very healthy and it’s very rich in converts into what’s called oil ethanol mean within the body oea what happens is because this is such a good protective component of fats what companies will do is they will extract just the oleic acid from an oil and put a concentrated amount of it in a food so what that does is make it more shelf stable so here’s the good and the bad of that the good thing about seeing high oleic xyz oil is it means that the manufacturer the creator has definitely spent more money and more research to make something shelf stable in a healthy way okay so high oleic is just a more shelf stable version but it’s confusing because oleic acid is healthy so does it mean that it’s the extra healthy component well studies have shown that there’s really no difference between the high oleic version of an oil and the standard version of an oil so what i mean by that is if you were to take soybean oil and high oleic acid soybean oil they’re both equally bad so i don’t think you should negatively judge a product based on the oleic content you should treat it just as well as you would treat an oil of the same kind so sunflower oil versus high oleic sunflower oil it doesn’t really matter it’s still sunflower oil and the oleic content doesn’t do much health differently or difference that’s not a word from a health difference to you but it does make it more shelf stable okay it’s better than using hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated it was a very good question so many questions have been coming in what about plain unflavored greek yogurt made with whole milk uh if it’s organic it’s usually gonna be a higher quality go for grass-fed grass finish when you’re looking at yogurt um see can we have mushrooms on the challenge yes uh guys fyi i put the link for the meal plan down below so some people are wondering what this is about i’m doing this four week keto shred challenge this month where i’m inviting people to try to lose as much weight as they can this month in a positive way there’s a link to the video that lays out the full meal plan down below in the description so that way you’re set with everything you’ve got everything you need that link is all there and it takes you to a video where a meal plan is on a menu and you can look at it doesn’t cost money it’s nothing like that it’s literally something that i try to do regularly on this channel to create a good sense of community can you guys go ahead and hit that thumbs up button if you don’t mind that would help us out a lot just getting people on this broadcast so we can continue to kind of talk and get through this with a lot of people um still some good questions sorry so many coming in notice all junk food has vegetable oil yes uh our carrageenans to avoid uh it depends don’t trip up too much about carrageenan it’s not good stuff but there’s also a lot of research that shows that carrageenan gets confused with polygenian it’s not the exact same thing so if you can avoid it avoid it but it’s not also going to be a complete game changer for you okay let’s go ahead is soy bad for humans that’s a tough question to answer soybean oil on a ketogenic diet is not good which leads me into the second very important cardinal rule of the ketogenic diet in a clean mediterranean fashion and that is your omega-6 to omega-3 ratio okay what we focus on with clean keto is having largely more omega-3s and omega-6s let me explain something when you consume omega-3s or omega-6s they compete for the same enzyme in the body called desaturates so when you consume that there’s an enzyme in your body that breaks them down into usable forms if you have a bunch of omega-6 fats come in from say soybean oil or from canola oil the enzyme that is needed to break down omega-3 gets used up breaking down the omega-6s so even if you if you ate a jug of canola oil and then drank a jug of fish oil the fish oil wouldn’t even get utilized because the canola oil uses up all of the enzyme that’s why it’s so important to make sure that omega-3 omega-6 ratio is in line so what does this really look like well on clean keto it means opting for foods that are lower omega-6 don’t necessarily try to destroy yourself and kill yourself finding every kind of omega-3 rich food that’s out there you’re better off reducing the omega-6s it’s kind of like saying if you’re trying to lose weight you’re better off abstaining from certain things than you are eating a magical food so when it comes down to omega-3 omega-6 profile you’re much better off just reducing the amount of omega-6s you consume rather than trying to find every can of sardines that you possibly can find it’s just going to work out better for you because it’s all about the ratio not about the aggregate not about the total amount so rule of thumb with clean keto is you’re trying to avoid the soybean oils avoid the canola oils avoid the safflower the sunflower the grape seed oil and you’re looking for healthier oils so bigger thing avoid the omega-6s when you look at a lot of keto products these days they’re loaded with sunflower oil they’re loaded with high oleic safflower oil which again not the end of the world but they’re high omega-6s and when you’re loading your fat content up throughout the day with those things you can see how it makes it so you have much less ability to ever utilize omega-3s i’m not going to go into the gory details of what omega-3s do but basically they disrupt or omega-3s enhance prostaglandins types one and three which are very very good for the inflammatory response omega-6s elevate the pathway of prostaglandin e2 or prostaglandin twos so if you’re an immune system guy or you’ve been following my channel for a while you know what that means okay let’s answer some questions there okay someone says any tips on how to speed up the brain to rewire its dopamine it’s a good question and the reason that i’m picking that one is because it still has to do with the omega-3s usually brains that have a lot more omega-3 docosahexanoic acid are better at rewiring so i would make a shift towards that whenever i am battling anxiety which i’ve battled for all my life i find that if my omega-3 content goes up it tends to feel better i’m not a doctor so i can’t say that that’s the gospel truth but that’s how i feel uh okay um someone asked my wife was told by her doctor that she was infertile and after doing keto she’s now pregnant oh well that wasn’t another question it’s just a super chat that came in thank you for sharing that and thank you for the super chat um so i won’t take in any more omega-6 after having a lot of omega-3 right uh let me make sure i’m reading that right so i won’t take in any omega-6 after having a lot of omega-3 right that’s correct but there’s no need for you to take in a lot of omega-6 it’s unnecessary uh how to let’s see i thought grapeseed oil was good um daniel scotto i did a video a while back no grape seed oil is very very bad okay it’s one of the worst because of how it’s manufactured and how fragile it is so it’s marketed as a good fat because it’s a polyunsaturated fat uh if you guys don’t mind i’ll explain really quick the whole poly mono and saturated fat thing with a little analogy that makes sense and if you want to leave you can leave by all means i just will spend like one minute on this if you envision a table with a lot of people sitting at it that i want you to imagine that that is your fat okay you have a table with lots of different parties there okay a saturated fat has every single seat occupied in other words the table is saturated with guests there’s a lot of that that means that it’s a saturated fat a monounsaturated fat means that there’s mono one unsaturated bond so that same table has everybody sitting there minus one person there’s one bond that is not a double bond that is not saturated then we have a polyunsaturated fat it’s the same thing except poly meaning many there are multiple spots that are not taken so we have saturated monounsaturated and polyunsaturated the best way that’s ever been described to me is if you have a saturated fat it’s exceptionally stable meaning there’s no open tables for a bad guy to come and sit down or nor open seats so that means a saturated fat does not get oxidized so saturated fats are kind of safe but when we look at mono and polyunsaturated fats a monounsaturated fat has one seat available meaning there’s only one potential place to get oxidized a polyunsaturated fat has 3 4 5 6 7 8 nine ten spots ready for a bad guy to sit in so it means that it’s a very fragile fat that has a lot of risk of let’s call them bad guys oxidative distress to come and sit down at the table where i’m going with this is with a polyunsaturated fat there’s a lot of risk with them they’re very good because they’re thin they’re not very viscous and they really are good for our cell membranes but because they run the risk of getting oxidized they are very dangerous fish oil is a great example fish oil is a good fat but it’s still a polyunsaturated fat if you were to leave fish on your counter for an hour or two it’s going to stink really bad and that’s because it gets oxidized very quick it just so happens that fish oil has enough healthy components that if we eat it enough of it fresh it’s going to do good things grape seed oil is a polyunsaturated fat that does not have good things to counteract it so it’s very fragile and when we consume it it denatures in our body and it can be very bad so it’s one of the worst fats that you can consume on keto okay will omega-3 supplementation directly lower inflammation and bloating i can’t speak to that in terms of like that’s kind of a claim that i would be careful saying anything about but there’s a lot of studies that show that omega-3 has a downstream effect on prostaglandin e2 which sort of regulates that inflammatory process so the short answer is yes avery says haven’t been doing keto but have been doing a low carb diet how do you feel about pinto beans as an extra source of protein even with the carbs i would not recommend that i would go with lupini beans instead if you’re looking for beans those are going to be very low carb very high fiber in a much better situation in that case okay number three that i want you to remember with clean keto is if you’re going to have a lot of nuts half macadamia nuts first and your other nuts segment and what i mean by that is not necessarily in order but in order of preference clean keto keto in general is full of eating a lot of nuts okay but when we go back to all these different flavors or omega-3 profiles and things like that macadamia nuts are going to be the best jam simply because they contain a different kind of fat called pumatilic acid okay if you look at a lot of good clean mediterranean style keto diets they are very rich in those omega-3s plus macadamia nuts i’m not going to spend a lot of time on that but let’s go let’s open up some questions that people might have about nuts specifically okay if you want to learn about specific nuts and what they do and which ones are good which ones are bad that would be the time to ask steph p says if the body uses its own fat on keto then it would mean that it’s not in starvation mode why would the metabolism slow down then on omad uh steph it’s because omad you generally are not consuming enough calories there’s two problems that you face with omad and they sort of counter and bounce with each other problem number one is you don’t get enough calories in because you’re only eating one meal problem number two is you try to get all your calories in one meal which triggers a pkr response with the autoimmune issues basically basically triggers our immune system to fight because we’re consuming too many calories at once so you either do metabolic damage via the pkr system pkr pathway or you do metabolic slow down by not consuming enough calories that’s my concern is omad effective to do like once a week or twice a week absolutely i just don’t recommend doing one meal every day you know that’s not the way to do it um macadamia nuts are high in calories so it takes a lot of my calorie points i absolutely understand that and it’s not a necessity you don’t need to have them okay they’re they’re one of the highest sources of pomelic acid that you can find on the planet but you don’t have to have it okay let’s see uh what nuts need to be organic that is a very good question okay usually the ones that are mass-produced okay so almonds pecans walnuts peanuts absolutely good organic don’t settle for anything other than organic unless you’re just having a small amount and that has to do with simply the fact that they spray the ground around the tree so when the almonds or the nuts fall to the ground they collect all of the pesticides and all of those things so we got to be very very careful there hey guys can you make sure you hit that thumbs up button if you’re getting some value out of this video um you know i know it’s you know evening time on a monday and everyone’s probably getting ready to uh get the kids ready get the kids down and get you know eating and everything like that so i appreciate you all being here so if you can just hit that thumbs up button it does help the channel out um helps keeping this content visible let’s see good question how do you let’s see um oh by the way let me uh i want to mention something i have i got my lab test my blood test results back and i’m going to be posting a video on them wednesday morning so everyone just take note i’m going to go over my entire blood work because i’ve been doing keto for 10 years and i think you’ll be pretty surprised at how my cholesterol panel looks and things like that and i wanted to share it so i’m totally opening up and showing my entire blood work my testosterone levels everything because a lot of people have been asking and a lot of people have been i don’t know there’s been a lot of negativity saying that while i want to see your cholesterol panel i don’t believe you so anyway wednesday make sure you mark your calendar it’s going to be an amazing video moving on to the next piece clean keto is all about keeping variety now this sounds funny because it goes back to basics now sometimes basics annoy people but sometimes they’re important to reinforce your food should be colorful and i know that people that are doing various forms of keto including carnivore which i’m not opposed to it might not apply but the nice thing with mediterranean clean keto it should be colorful and the reason i say that is it is so easy on keto to not get variety every time speaking of my blood work every time that i start getting in a rut and i eat the same color stuff like i’ll eat just meat and cheese and dairy i fall into a rut and my inflammatory cytokines go up everything goes the wrong direction my cholesterol panel goes up and i don’t know exactly why but i will tell you that the whole purpose of a clean keto diet is to get well-rounded nutrients and mediterranean keto get well-rounded high good healthy fats so yes my clean keto foods are colorful i will have some beautiful chicken i will have some bright red salmon i will have some green leafy you know vegetables i will have some brown almonds i will have you know i will have variety there and i will still have cheese in there but it’s all about variety so i’m getting that diverse profile one of the things that gets really concerning with the ketogenic diet is how limited a lot of people’s food groups are so what ends up happening is we end up with a very very limited diversity gut biome which ends up making us vulnerable to a lot of negative things we want a diverse gut profile and that’s why when you look at a lot of the research i did a video on this last week a lot of researchers oppose the ketogenic diet when it comes to the gut microbiome because they see that volume and diversity decreases but when you look at the studies when people have been on ketosis or in ketosis for two three four months their gut biome stabilizes again and that’s generally because the diversity improves and they’re starting to bring in more veggies and things like that so really important to just aim for diversity make a plan so that throughout the week you’re planning on having different foods and different veggies and experiment and do not be afraid of potentially kicking yourself out of keto for a half a day if you have too much in the way of some squash i would rather you end up having a better gut biome and being able to do this for the long haul dcsc girl says thanks for answering my question about macadamia nuts uh luke says what kinds of collagen should one use on clean keto also what is the benefit of ca mct versus that’s a great question let’s talk mct i know i’m jumping around a little bit but this was a wide variety section of this video what kind of collagen you know if you can swing it marine collagen is great because marine collagen is very very very diverse in the aminos and it’s very skewed the right way problem is marine collagen is expensive very expensive so it’s not realistic good high quality hydrolyzed bovine collagen is usually one that i would recommend the best way to quite frankly get collagen is just to eat good quality cuts of meat that are going to have small amounts of collagen in it if you eat the occasional fatty cut of meat a lot of times you will get cla and you will get collagen um fyi there’s a link down below for butcher box i always talk about them this wasn’t a loaded question it’s just a good time to mention them do recommend it they’re they have literally been my meat source for about the last three years so my 80 percent of the meat that i get is just through butcher box there’s a link down below so you can get butcher box get it delivered to your doorstep and stuff but i don’t want to use this video just as a plug for them i just wanted to mention it because there’s a link so and then your question about the c8mct so we have a few different kinds of mct oil that you’ll find you’ll find c6 you’ll find c8 you’ll find c10 you’ll find c12 and you’re like oh my gosh there’s so much i lost my headphone what do i get which one do i get i’ll cut to the chase most of what you want is going to be found in a c8 c10 blend straight c8 is really really good and it’s going to drive your ketones up higher but generally it drives up acetoacetate we want more of the beta hydroxybutyrate so i would usually recommend a c8c10 blend if for casual use if you’re trying to drive up your ketones a c8 good quality c8 is going to be really good generally recommend either perfect keto brand or hvmn brand uh on that one okay so many questions is isopure zero carb a good protein you know i don’t want to throw any brand under the bus it’s not typically my style but they used to be my favorite and then they just got on the train with every other product out there and they changed the formulation it used to be so clean used to be like unbelievably clean it used to be the one that i would recommend i unfortunately don’t know if i can fully recommend iso pure anymore but it’s still better than a lot of the other ones just leave it at that um luke glad you got my question uh my answer can you take mct oil with collagen before working out you can but it’ll break your fast okay now moving on number five is going to be if you want to do clean keto right you want to avoid vegetables and nuts that are super high in oxalates now i don’t want to spend a lot of time on this because i think a lot of what you could do is probably just google search this and i don’t need to waste your time but if you do a google search and you say nuts that are high in phytates or nuts that are high in oxalic acid you’re going to find a list i would always try to flip that list and go for the ones that are lowest and the reason is is because it’s the very nature of phytic acid and oxalates to chelate minerals and and vitamins in the gut it’s the job to create sort of an opposing charge like a negative charge in the gut minerals are electric okay so when we consume minerals they conduct electricity when we consume things that chelate minerals they negatively charge them and when they’re negatively charged they become so big that they can’t absorb through the digestive tracts they clump together and you pass them out through your stool it sounds like such a hippie dippy negative weird thing to focus on but it is a big big deal focusing on eating it’s like eating too many nuts that are rich in phytic acid can develop some serious nutrient mineral deficiencies that you don’t even realize occur for weeks and then all of a sudden your electrolytes are out of whack you feel fatigued and you’re like what have i been doing oh you’ve been eating 17 tablespoons of almond butter every day that’ll probably do it again these nuts aren’t bad but one of the rules of doing clean keto is you try to focus on keeping those a little bit lower someone says can you give us your best advice or guidelines for those of us that work night shift or graveyard in regards to keto and intermittent fasting uh danny i did a video on this and i know you did a super chat and you paid some money to ask this question but i just want to direct you to a very thorough video that i did if you type in thomas de lauer keto night shift in youtube dude i did a great full breakdown on that that explains here’s how you should time it here’s how you should focus on it basically you want to treat your body as if it was awake even when it’s night like you you just want to almost ignore the light and dark as much as you can but that video explains it a lot um some more questions how would i do two meals a day with your keto shred plan this month you know i don’t know if you looked at the meal plan but it’s kind of set up to sort of do that you could just consolidate two of the meals um and that way you’re just having them at two meals a day the only thing is if you’re fasting i wouldn’t even count your breakfast meal as a meal i would have your protein shake or a little bit chicken when you break your fast and then do two meals so it’s technically gonna be three meals a day but that first one’s really just a break fast meal okay uh number six that i want you to focus on with doing clean keto is going to be to yeah to have probably if you can about 30 of your protein coming from fish some of you are clicking off this video because it’s just not in the cards for you don’t worry if you can’t do this it’s not the end of the world remember these are just my sort of rules that i tend to say what makes keto clean versus dirty what is the difference because there’s so many ambiguous things it’s so much big ambiguity if you make 30 of your protein coming from fish you’re usually going to be in a good situation that’s going to be salmon that’s going to be dover soul that’s going to be cod that’s going to be shellfish shrimp scallops things like that oysters sardines mackerel any of those things okay 30 of your protein not your calories coming from fish is going to make clean keto much easier there’s also different enzymes different reactions that happen with fish that help you stay satiated a lot more okay then the fun one i have a video coming out tomorrow actually that i think you are really gonna dig so tomorrow’s video is about the best keto cheeses that are at costco so please please don’t miss that one if you shop at costco i’ve been on a costco kick lately please don’t want to miss that video it’ll release super early tomorrow morning i’ll break down all the cheeses but i’ll give you a little bit of a spoiler alert you want to go for hard aged cheeses on keto they’re broken down enough the enzymes are breaking down and makes them more bioavailable bioactive that’s going to be easier in your gut more of the negative proteins are already broken down naturally by the cultures that are added because they’ve been aging for a while this means if you’re sensitive to dairy not necessarily in a lactose intolerant sense but if you’re sensitive to dairy in a sense where it makes you feel inflamed okay this is coming from the guy who always gets flack about having circles under his eyes by the way it’s usually just my cheek structure see if i turn you can see it circles under my eyes but i also guess what i’m a real human and i have a newborn and a toddler and i work a lot and it’s just the way life is but anyway there is a thing called dairy face when people consume a lot of dairy they get circles under their eyes it’s usually because they’re having an issue digesting the proteins they’re having a histamine reaction okay so we’ve got histamine which is an amino acid and we have a reaction that occurs in our body so if you’ve ever can like realize that after you eat a bunch of dairy you get bloated and puffy that could be why so if you help break down those proteins by having aged cheeses it tends to help you out a little bit okay next thing is gonna be the eggs there’s a rule to follow with clean keto and eggs you know what actually let me go answer some questions on cheese here really quick um too easy to blow past your daily caloric intake doing keto long term sorry i don’t eat fish at all ever what can i do you’ll be fine no absolutely fine uh what can i eat for breakfast no eggs i’m tired of eggs um so i’m trying to find some questions that might have come up about cheese uh this is a good question though uh oh sorry mr tater sargeno is not the best kind of cheese you want to use it’s pretty inexpensive lower quality cheese so i would not recommend that one khalil says what is more important cards your neck carbs if you had to put them like that like what’s more important net carbs it’s going to be more important but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore total carbs because sugar alcohols still have an impact so if you eat a hundred grams of carbs from sugar alcohol you’re probably not going to be in ketosis so it still matters okay so yes the net carbs is what matters but i’d say close second you should focus on total carbs especially when you’re looking at the fibers because quite frankly even the researchers don’t fully know how fiber affects our blood sugar personally if i have a bunch of fiber i get kicked out of keto but if i have soluble fiber like the kind that draws in water i don’t so you have to do your own self-experimentation there a little bit um great questions lots of local cheese is where i am what’s the best varieties to get i i’m going to invite you to watch that video tomorrow because i go into a lot of detail on that okay i know you cycle guys going so fast i know you cycle on and off of keto how many days per week are you on or off keto uh conor that’s a great question i cycle on and off keto more over the period of months so what i’ll do is three months of keto three to four months of keto and then i’ll take a month off uh and i started doing this about three four years ago before i was keto straight through for over five years i would have some breaks here and there of course because i’m human but now i go three or four months on one to two months off and i find that that just helps keep my nutrient profiles high it allows me to work towards different goals so periodically i’ll come off of keto eat very clean carbs and then i’ll do heavier strength training and more mass building and things like that and then i’ll go back keto and i’ll focus on maintenance staying lean brain health joint health all those things i hope that answers the question there what clean protein powder is best for keto dustin i would say uh clean pea protein hemp protein or a very clean whey isolate is land of lakes sorry land of lakes good uh yeah it’s not like the cleanest but it’ll work okay so let’s talk eggs for just a second actually one more question just popped up what about macadamia nuts do they have to be organic too i want to make my own nut butter okay that’s a good question macadamia nuts because they are less polyunsaturated fats more monounsaturated you’re usually a little bit more okay to get them non-organic but i still try to go for organic but the price point for organic versus non-organic with macadamia is just exorbitant it’s crazy so a lot of times i might find i’ll find myself not getting the organic ones so eggs just going to touch on this for a second with eggs when you’re shopping for eggs pasture raised does not mean a whole whole lot but organic definitely doesn’t mean a whole lot so just because eggs are organic it means diddly squat because what they feed chickens is garbage to begin with plain and simple the standards suck so what chickens are fed unless you absolutely know the farmers is just soy grain fillers antibiotics just loads of garbage okay that being said if you get organic we are all aware now for the most part and let me make it known that the organic regulations and designations in this country especially in the states are getting to be just hyped up and kind of a joke because people are seeing that organic or non-gmo project verified label as healthy and perfect so they’re making it like with non-gmo project verified it’s not hard to just pay and get that stamp organic’s a little bit tougher because there’s organic designation that you have to work for but with chickens what good is it if they’re still feeding them organic cruddy soy right it can be labeled organic pasture raised doesn’t mean a whole lot if they’re putting the chickens out on a pasture and feeding them a bunch of garbage still they’re still going to opt for the garbage so you really want to go for organic pasture raised which is a couple bucks more but it ensures that at least their free range and at least what they are feeding them is organic but the point is it’s a little bit of a crap shoot with eggs you have to just know your source um you know really be careful there’s a couple imposters up there okay a good question coming in says i mix one tablespoon of avocado oil one tablespoon coconut oil one scoop collagen and one scoop of mcd powder with my coffee is this okay only once per day bobby i would say that should be a good breakfast replacement i wouldn’t have that with breakfast because that’s a lot of calories you’ve got you know 120 calories 240 calories 300 and you’ve got 400-ish calories in that so that should be a breakfast replacement but if you’re replacing breakfast with it then absolutely brittany says doing keto shred your keto shred program i heard in the group no cinnamon in intermittent fasting coffee because it mimics insulin you can do cinnamon uh 30 minutes prior to breaking your fast but you don’t need to really be having it in the morning uh it’s not going to hurt you though it won’t break it fast so someone was probably just extrapolated from some of my videos before all good no you’re okay to have cinnamon in your coffee with intermittent fasting guys can you please make sure to hit that thumbs up button i know we’ve got close to a thousand people on this broadcast which is great and i would love it if you guys can smash that thumbs up button it just helps get this video out um just to recap because we have so many people coming in here i’ve gone going over the 10 rules of clean keto and the first one was monounsaturated fats have as many of those as you can rule number two was low omega-6s high omega-3s number three was eat more macadamia nuts number four was going to be make the diet colorful okay number five was eating almonds or nuts that are low in phytates and oxalates you can do a google search for that number six was eat 30 of your protein coming from fish number seven was going to be hard aged cheeses like parmesan and stuff like that number eight was going for the free ranged organic eggs number nine is going to be one that you probably already know which is more grass-fed grass-finished meat be very careful when you look at labels at the grocery store because they will say grass-fed but it doesn’t mean that their grass finished just to recap on how this works when a cow goes to harvest okay there’s a certain price that they’re going to pay there’s three stages there’s cow calf so basically like when a cow was born it’s on a pasture and it’s in just calf with mom that’s like the first six months then it gets sold to sort of an intermediary farmer this intermediary farmer’s job is to take care of this cow and raise it until it’s old enough to sell to final harvest so what they’ll do in this intermediary category is they will generally if it’s grass-fed they’ll give it grass pellets but they won’t actually feed it real grass it won’t be on pasture it’ll be grass pellets okay then when it goes to the final stage what will happen is they will pump it full of corn and grain and soy and it will fatten it up to get as much money as they possibly can at market and it’s standard protocol and it’s somewhat normal and accepted the downside is they can still label that as grass fed because when it was at the intermediary farming situation it was able to be eating grass pellets so you really want to look for grass-fed grass finished because that means that the final stage before it goes to harvest they’re still eating grass and they’re still happy cows okay new zealand beef is really good to go with too so high quality red meat is going to make it clean keto leaner cuts of meat with your fats coming from other sources so rather than going for a high fat cut of meat go for a leaner cut like a fillet or a flank or something like that and then add the fats from maybe some butter or some ghee or some plant oils like macadamia nut oil or maybe even some avocado oil things like that wasn’t designed to be a plug or anything but big thank you to butcherbox as well because they’re sponsored the challenge so this whole challenge not this video per se but the challenge this whole four week weight loss challenge that i’m doing that the link is down below for that video with the meal plan they sponsored that whole challenge so there’s a link for butcher box which will get the meat delivered to your doorstep and that stuff is grass-fed grass finish so highly recommend you check them out there’s a link down below and thank you butcherbox for supporting always this channel they’ve been a huge help for the last three years the last one is kind of a fun one don’t be afraid to make homemade versions of your favorite condiments and foods i tend to make my own mayonnaise when i have time since lockdown and all that stuff i’ve had more time at home so yes i’m enjoying making my own mayonnaise stuff like that so if you want i have a fun mayonnaise recipe you can type in thompson mayonnaise on youtube and it’ll probably pop up let’s ask final up some questions here um cheap aged cheese jl i’ll give you a little spoiler alert tomorrow in the costco video the costco cheese video i talk about this cool parmesan cheese that they have that has a designation of being true authentic italian aged parmesan it’s like six bucks for a big wheel of it that’s the kind of cheese you want to be leaning into uh what can i eat for breakfast no eggs i’m tired of eggs try doing some turkey uh or ground chicken that’s like maybe eight percent fat and seasoning it with like oregano and breakfast seasonings and make it taste like some good old-fashioned like breakfast sausage bobby k says i’ve never seen grass finished anywhere what about 100 grass fed and is there any effect on your gut or overall health if i alternate keto to standard mediterranean keto diet or diet weekly that’s a good question 100 grass fed generally does not mean that it’s grass finished um but it’s so hard to tell because there’s a lot of ambiguity there so i hate to comment on that because they’re changing the regulations constantly now in regards to your question about going keto and then switching to mediterranean there’s no record or evidence of it shifting because there’s not enough evidence on people going on and off keto anyway but as far as the gut diversity goes there’s a lot of evidence that shows when you go on keto it gets more limited and then when you go off keto it expands which means that balancing on and off keto might be a great way to keep your gut flora healthy and happy and diverse so i think that’s a good idea can i please do more cooking on youtube i would love to you know i would love to i should probably just do a separate channel for cooking because every time i do a cooking video it tanks just so you know like the way youtube works if a video goes out and it doesn’t perform well like it’s not well received it tanks the channel for about a week so if you ever wonder like why you don’t see some of my videos it will be because a video didn’t perform well because i did maybe a cooking video or something slightly off-brand and then it will tank the channel for about a week until it comes back so it’s a risk when i do those just giving you insight into how it works it’s frustrating but it’s a lot like how the tv rating system works too so anyhow does a cheat meal or cheat day have a long-term effect on weight loss um yes and no uh chi i wouldn’t recommend doing a cheat day i would recommend either doing a cheat meal or taking a few days off of your diet but not cheating and going overboard a lot of evidence that shows that it restores leptin and does some positive things there um say do i recommend pork belly pork belly is good i wouldn’t recommend it as like something you have regularly but it’s definitely not bad let’s see what books would you recommend to learn more about the science of keto uh jake there’s a great book called the ketogenic bible written by dr ryan lowery who’s a good friend of mine i recommend that book how can i know the right quantity of protein for my body uh at minimum one gram or at minimum one gram per kilogram of body weight which doesn’t sound like much it’s not but that’s at minimum i would try to aim more to like two if you’re training or possibly even three grams of protein per kilogram i talk about in a lot of other videos goat cheese tracy spoiler alert yes there’s lots of goat cheese in tomorrow’s video where i’m at costco doing that does putting keto electrolyze powder in the water break a fast if it has mct yes hi thomas do you have an omad meal plan or where can i find a plan online or a book et cetera d19 i don’t have an omad meal plan i do have on my website thomasdelaur.com i do make some custom plans now and then it’s really bandwidth dependent um so if you go to my website thomasalar.com and you go and you click on the tab that says custom plans um it’ll give you the information and you actually you end up emailing my assistant and kind of explaining why you want a custom plan and then she kind of vets them out and then i bet them out too so there’s just a lot of demand so i don’t do it a whole lot so that’s probably the only way that you could get a plan per se but i put a lot of stuff for free on youtube so like the keto shred and everything like that all those meal plans totally free i’m just i’m not in the business of making meal plans so i try not to push it heavily but occasionally i do um how is that on keto you lose a lot of inches but pounds are hard to go down um that’s tough to say you know you could have a redistribution of muscle mass more muscle density things like that that’s not uncommon guys i’m gonna have to hop off amber just texted me and she’s making some uh we got some jicama tortilla shells so you’re like oh it’s awesome so basically the trader joe’s has these jicama shells where they’re taco shells made from jicama and then we shred some chicken put a little guacamole on them have kind of a makeshift taco night even though we’re here keto guys don’t forget to hit that thumbs up button thank you as always for being here uh mike thank you so much for the super chat and thank you thank you for saying thank you please please please please please please please promise me you guys are going to lock in tomorrow at the costco cheese video and even more importantly wednesday when i spill the beans on my entire lab work and show you my lipid profile my testosterone levels everything so you know where i’m at and also some interesting stuff showing my glucose being a little bit high that i might even be pre-diabetic but spoiler alert i was diabetic when i was overweight so i always have issues with my glucose anyway um yeah you guys are awesome thank you as always and i will see you tomorrow morning with the costco video

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